Global Recall of Onewheel Electric Skateboards Following Four Fatalities


Global Recall of Onewheel Electric Skateboards Following Four Fatalities

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Global Recall Initiated for All Onewheel Electric Skateboards Worldwide Following Four Fatalities

In response to four tragic fatalities involving riders of Onewheel electric skateboards, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a sweeping recall of all 300,000 Onewheel devices sold in the United States. The CPSC cited the risk of crashes leading to severe injuries as the reason for the recall.

Future Motion, the manufacturer of Onewheel skateboards, clarified that the recall applies to customers worldwide, not just those in the United States. A spokesperson for the UK government expressed its intention to investigate the matter and take prompt action if deemed necessary.

For UK customers, Future Motion has provided options on its website, including a software update or a $100 (£82) store credit, depending on the skateboard’s make and model. Recall requests can be submitted via a link on Future Motion’s website.

The CPSC’s recall notice highlighted four reported deaths linked to Onewheels between 2019 and 2021, along with significant injuries like traumatic brain injuries, concussions, paralysis, upper and lower body fractures, and ligament damage. The four fatalities were attributed to head trauma, with evidence indicating that in at least three of these cases, the riders were not wearing helmets.

Both Future Motion and the CPSC strongly advocate the use of protective gear while riding, including helmets and knee pads.

According to legal documents filed by Future Motion in September, the company is currently facing 31 lawsuits in the United States from individuals alleging that they fell due to the Onewheel stopping or shutting off unexpectedly. The filings noted that no cases related to the electric skateboards have yet been adjudicated in court.

The recall encompasses all models of Onewheel electric skateboards, including the original Onewheel, Onewheel+, Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel Pint, Onewheel Pint X, and Onewheel GT models.

It’s important to note that electric-powered devices like e-skateboards and e-scooters are legal for use on private property, but their use on public roads, sidewalks, and cycle lanes with privately owned devices is typically prohibited.


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