A compelling skateboarding montage showcasing the vibrant spirit of Parisian streets.


A Compelling Skateboarding Montage Showcasing The Vibrant Spirit Of Parisian Streets

“Experience the essence of Paris, one of the world’s premier skateboarding cities, through Sebastien Rolando and Tom O’Reilly’s latest edit, skillfully curated by Valentin Ferreira. Filming credits also go to Augustin Giovannoni & Johnny Wilson, adding depth to this exceptional project.

The cast includes some of the finest talents: Filip Aiha, Sauvageon, Alastair Pathe, Auguste Bouznad, Samy Sebaoui, Hugo Fernandes, Marcel Aiha, Vincent Touzery, Roman Gonzales, Manuel Schenck, Aurelien Barcelo, Sengo Prevost, Leo Breuillac, and Stanley Pradel. This is an assembly of the new generation of skateboarders who epitomize the heart and soul of the sport.

Enhancing the experience is a perfectly matched soundtrack that complements the breathtaking visuals. It’s not just a skateboarding video; it’s an artistic masterpiece.

And if you’re yearning for a taste of adventure, don’t miss the thrilling cliff jumping sequences. Before embarking on your next European journey, hit play on this edit and perhaps discover some never-before-skated gems along the way.




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