India's Monsoon Adventure Racing: Conquering Goa Beyond Beaches in Asia Series


India’s Monsoon Adventure Racing: Conquering Goa Beyond Beaches in Asia Series

When most seek shelter from the Goan monsoon, 20 intrepid teams from India and beyond ventured into the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary for a daring mission: conquer 60 KM and 130 KM courses to secure a spot in the Asia Regional Championships 2023, Philippines. The weather department’s yellow alert only heightened the adventure. Adventure Racing is not just a sport; it’s a test of mettle, an exploration of limits, and a pursuit of excellence, as Akshata from Team Shershah, Bangalore, attests.

The backdrop of the race was the enchanting Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, marked by relentless rain. This wet start to a grueling race held the promise of representing India at the prestigious AR Asia Regional Series in the Philippines.

Santosh Gowda of Team SkyRunners, Bangalore, expressed, “It’s a new terrain and experience, a chance to know Goa beyond its beaches.”

From the starting flag, teams faced challenges across the Western Ghats, running through lush trails, scaling steep slopes, cycling through breathtaking landscapes, trekking to grassy plateaus, and immersing themselves in Goan culture. As fatigue set in, the competitors braved tougher terrain.

Keith from Team Wild, UAE, believes “India’s future in adventure racing is bright.

The journey culminated in Palolem, South Goa, with Team Shershah emerging victorious. They earned their place in the coveted Adventure Racing Asia Regional Series, a 350KM-3 days non-stop course in the Philippines, marking a historic milestone.

Despite the Goan monsoon’s attempts to deter them, these adventurers proved that adventure racing knows no bounds. ‘Goa Beyond Beaches’ reaffirms that the adventure is about savoring every step and conquering oneself, not just about reaching the destination or beating others.


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