Will India vs Pakistan World Cup Clash Smash Digital Viewership Records?


Will India vs Pakistan World Cup Clash Smash Digital Viewership Records?

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With India’s opening match drawing 2.5 crore concurrent viewers on Disney+ Hotstar, all eyes are now on the October 14 showdown between India and arch-rival Pakistan. These matches always captivate cricket fans worldwide, offering high-pressure situations and thrilling gameplay.

The intense rivalry between India and Pakistan in men’s cricket has spanned decades, and their encounters have consistently kept viewers glued to their screens. The ICC Men’s World Cup opener for India already set a high bar with 2.5 crore concurrent viewers, leaving cricket enthusiasts eager to see what the India vs Pakistan match will bring in terms of viewership.

The last peak viewership for this rivalry was during the ICC World Cup 2019, with over 5 crore concurrent users streaming the match on Disney+ Hotstar. The semi-final clash between India and New Zealand during the same tournament also recorded 2.5 crore viewers.

This year has witnessed significant cricket events on digital platforms, such as the IPL and Asia Cup, which garnered substantial viewership. The India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 match on September 11 reached an all-time high, clocking 2.8 crore concurrent users on Disney+ Hotstar. Additionally, the IPL 2023 finale match between CSK and Gujarat Titans achieved a staggering 3.2 crore concurrent viewers.

As the world eagerly anticipates the upcoming clash between these arch-rivals in the men’s cricket world cup on October 14, the question remains: will it shatter all previous viewership records?

Past digital viewership highlights of India vs Pakistan matches include.

Asia Cup 2023: A record-breaking 2.8 crore concurrent users tuned in, setting a new digital viewership record for any India match.

T20 World Cup 2022: Over 1.8 crore viewers watched the India vs Pakistan match on Disney+ Hotstar.

Asia Cup 2022: India and Pakistan faced off twice, with viewership of 2.5 crore and 2.7 crore during the respective games on Disney+ Hotstar.

ICC World Cup 2019: The India-Pakistan match drew over 5 crore digital-only users to Disney+ Hotstar, establishing a significant benchmark in digital viewership.




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