What is Pat Cummins' ODI bowler ranking

Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc, stalwarts of the Australian cricket team, have shared a remarkable journey together, spanning over a decade. However, a unique and extensive conversation unfolded during Australia’s final training session ahead of their World Cup opener in Chennai, leaving cricket enthusiasts intrigued.

The dialogue commenced after both pacers, Cummins and Starc, bowled several deliveries to Mitchell Marsh and Steve Smith during the net practice session. Notably, Cummins took the lead in this cricketing discourse. The focus of their exchange revolved primarily around tactics and strategies, with Australia’s captain offering suggestions to Starc.

But soon, the senior fast bowler, Starc, assumed control of the discussion. For the next 20 minutes, he animatedly held court, gesticulating wildly as he set up imaginary field placements. The conversation encompassed various recommendations regarding the lines and lengths the Aussies should target at different phases of the opposition innings. The discussion even delved into Starc demonstrating different grips on the cricket ball, possibly describing his array of variations. Cummins interjected with his thoughts intermittently, but he mainly seemed like an eager student, absorbing all the information, especially with coach Andrew McDonald’s input.

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Fast forward to a training session in Lucknow, just a day before Australia’s second World Cup match against South Africa. Cummins bowled a brief spell off a short run-up on a side pitch, overseen by assistant coach Daniel Vettori behind the stumps. Afterward, Cummins engaged in a less animated conversation, this time with Josh Hazlewood, who remained seated. Marcus Stoinis soon joined them, shifting the conversation towards power-hitting.

Cummins’ eagerness to tap into the knowledge of those with more experience in the format is understandable, especially as it has evolved significantly over the years. Each time Cummins returns to ODI cricket, he encounters a different landscape, making it challenging to assess his standing in this format.

Cummins is already on the path to becoming a Test cricket hall of famer, and he’s had his moments in T20s, securing lucrative IPL deals. However, Cummins’ position as a one-day bowler remains a topic of debate, given the limited sample size.

In his 20 ODIs since the last World Cup, Cummins has taken 30 wickets at an average of 31.90, with a best of 4/35 against Sri Lanka. These statistics, while decent, don’t provide a definitive assessment of his ODI prowess.

Cummins acknowledges that the role in ODI cricket is dynamic and ever-changing. He finds satisfaction in adapting to the varying demands, whether it’s delivering in the death overs, maintaining pressure, or taking wickets.

The physical demands of ODIs also set them apart, with bowlers covering significant distances in a single game. Despite the challenges, Cummins relishes the format and its unpredictability.

While Cummins is a formidable threat in any version of the game, ODIs present a unique challenge, and it seems he is continually adapting to its evolving nature. As this World Cup unfolds, fans and pundits alike will be keen to determine where Pat Cummins, the ODI bowler, truly stands, as he continues to discover it for himself.




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