Sunil Gavaskar Criticizes Rohit Sharma's Sluggish Footwork for World Cup Disappointment


Sunil Gavaskar Criticizes Rohit Sharma’s Sluggish Footwork for World Cup Disappointment

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Sunil Gavaskar has analyzed Rohit Sharma’s underwhelming performance in the ICC World Cup against Australia, attributing it to slow footwork. In the crucial clash, three of India’s top four batters, including Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan, and Shreyas Iyer, failed to score a single run, marking a historic occurrence in ODI history.

Despite Rohit Sharma’s impressive showing in the final ODI against Australia before the World Cup, where he scored 81 off 57 balls, he faced an early setback in the low-scoring encounter against Josh Hazlewood.

Gavaskar expressed concern about Rohit Sharma’s performance in the World Cup and pointed out that his slow footwork leaves him vulnerable to incoming deliveries. He mentioned Rohit’s remarkable track record, including five hundreds and a couple of half-centuries in the previous tournament, and urged him to recapture his 2019 form for India to secure a strong start to their campaign.

Rohit Sharma is determined to improve his performance in India’s upcoming match against Afghanistan at the Arun Jaitley Stadium. Gavaskar highlighted the unpredictability of the tournament, stating that no team can be considered a favorite after their first match. He emphasized the excitement and potential thrill of the competition.


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