Shoaib Akhtar Hardik's Respectful Farewell to Rohit & Kohli Key in India's Post-World Cup Shift

Shoaib Akhtar: Hardik’s Respectful Farewell to Rohit & Kohli Key in India’s Post-World Cup Shift

Akhtar Suggests: Hardik Should Lead Respectful Transition for Rohit and Kohli During Phase-Out

After an ODI World Cup, India anticipates a transition phase. As fans recover from the final’s heartbreak, selectors must focus on the future. Coach Rahul Dravid’s reported departure and the upcoming 2027 ODI World Cup prompt scrutiny—Rohit Sharma at 40 and Virat Kohli at 39 then. Can BCCI expect peak performance from both at that stage? Though undeniably talented, a four-year stretch might strain these Indian cricket icons. Immediate decisions await the board and selectors.

India faces the T20 World Cup next June, barely time for a format shift, especially for a team without a confirmed head coach or captain. While Hardik Pandya led India in T20Is for a year, his role in the forthcoming World Cup remains uncertain.

The inclusion of Rohit and Kohli raises queries. They haven’t played a T20I since the 2022 World Cup, possibly due to focus on the recent ODI World Cup. Rohit hinted at T20 World Cup aspirations, given his impressive leadership in the 50-over tournament, warranting a chance at securing an ICC trophy.

Akhtar Praises Rohit Sharma as India’s Best Opener, Urges Respectful Transition for Kohli & Rohit in Cricket’s Shift

Shoaib Akhtar lauds Rohit as unparalleled in the opener role, emphasizing their longevity in cricket. He highlighted Hardik Pandya’s potential role as captain in a potential transition phase. Drawing parallels with Dhoni’s handling of Tendulkar and Kohli’s respect for Dhoni, Akhtar stresses the importance of Pandya respectfully managing the phase-out of these legends.

Regarding Hardik’s fitness and potential captaincy, the Ajit Agarkar-led selection committee faces a challenge due to his susceptibility to injury. While Suryakumar Yadav leads in the ongoing T20Is against Australia, Hardik’s recovery timeline raises doubts about his leadership in the upcoming South Africa T20Is starting December 10


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