SA vs SL Head to Head: Record before World Cup 2023 Clash in Delhi

On October 7, the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi will witness the commencement of the ODI World Cup 2023, as South Africa and Sri Lanka lock horns in a highly anticipated match. What makes this encounter even more intriguing is the historical head-to-head record between the two teams in both World Cup matches and overall ODIs.

SA vs SL Head to Head in ODIs:

In the realm of One Day International cricket, South Africa enjoys a clear upper hand in their rivalry with Sri Lanka. Over a period of 31 years, these two teams have faced each other in 80 ODI matches, with the following statistics:

  • Total Matches Played: 80
  • Matches Won by South Africa: 45
  • Matches Won by Sri Lanka: 33
  • No Result: 1
  • Tie: 1
  • Win Percentage (South Africa): 56.25%
  • Win Percentage (Sri Lanka): 41.25%

SA vs SL Head to Head in World Cup:

In the prestigious ODI World Cup, South Africa maintains its dominance over Sri Lanka. The two teams have clashed six times in World Cup history, producing the following results:

  • Total Matches Played: 6
  • Matches Won by South Africa: 4
  • Matches Won by Sri Lanka: 1
  • No Result: –
  • Tie: 1 (decided by the D/L method)
  • Win Percentage (South Africa): 66.66%
  • Win Percentage (Sri Lanka): 16.66%

SA vs SL Head to Head in India:

Their encounters on Indian soil have been limited, with just two matches played. South Africa has emerged victorious on both occasions:

  • Total Matches Played in India: 2
  • Matches Won by South Africa: 2
  • Matches Won by Sri Lanka: –
  • No Result: –
  • Tie: –
  • Win Percentage (South Africa): 100.00%
  • Win Percentage (Sri Lanka): 00.00%

As the teams gear up for their clash in Delhi, these historical statistics paint a clear picture of South Africa’s historical supremacy in ODIs and World Cup encounters against Sri Lanka. However, in cricket, anything can happen on the day, making this showdown a must-watch event for fans of both nations.


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