Pakistan's Mohammad Rizwan Dedicates 2023 Cricket World Cup Win to Gaza's Brothers and Sisters


Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan Dedicates 2023 Cricket World Cup Win to Gaza’s Brothers and Sisters

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Mohammad Rizwan emerged as Pakistan’s standout performer in their Cricket World Cup 2023 victory over Sri Lanka. He dedicated his team’s record-breaking win to the “brothers and sisters in Gaza” amidst the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis. Rizwan’s brilliant 131 and Abdullah Shafique’s maiden ODI century helped Pakistan chase down a historic target of 345. While Rizwan’s contribution was praised, some on social media criticized his involvement in global politics, suggesting that Indian cricket stars would not make such statements.

Rizwan responded to the criticism, saying, “This was for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Happy to contribute to the win. Credits to the whole team and especially Abdullah Shafique and Hassan Ali for making it easier. Extremely grateful to the people of Hyderabad for their amazing hospitality and support throughout.”

However, some users suggested that a century or a win wouldn’t directly help those in Gaza and recommended that Rizwan and the entire Pakistani team donate their earnings from the World Cup, including match fees, awards, and endorsements, to Palestinians in need.

The Israel-Palestine crisis has resulted in a high death toll, with over 1,200 people killed in Israel and approximately 900 in Gaza. Israel has recovered the bodies of around 1,500 Hamas operatives within its territory.

Recent Israeli airstrikes targeting Hamas positions in Gaza have led to further casualties, with at least 30 people killed. Israel’s military reported that it destroyed Hamas’ “advanced detection systems” used to spot military aircraft.

Hamas, in response to Israel’s actions, threatened to execute one hostage for every unannounced bomb dropped on a Palestinian home in Gaza. They currently hold 150 hostages, including children, and have warned of the dire humanitarian consequences of Israel’s total siege on Gaza, including a cut-off of the water supply.


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