Logan van Beek Achieves World Cup Dream After Unfulfilled New Zealand Pursuit


Logan van Beek Achieves World Cup Dream After Unfulfilled New Zealand Pursuit

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The match against Pakistan held a special significance for Logan van Beek, marking the completion of a circle in his cricketing journey. When Pakistan toured the Netherlands in August 2022, there were moments where it appeared the Dutch team might secure victories. In those crucial matches, van Beek had the opportunity to lead his side to victory, but unfortunately, they fell short, resulting in a 3-0 series loss.

This experience served as a turning point for van Beek. He decided to focus on improving his batting skills to not only take his team close to victory but also to cross the finish line. However, in the World Cup match against Pakistan, van Beek had a challenging task as he entered the crease at number nine with his team requiring over 120 runs. Despite battling cramps, van Beek displayed his batting prowess by scoring a brisk 28 runs off run-a-ball, contributing to the Dutch team’s efforts in their World Cup campaign, even though they suffered an 81-run loss.

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The ODI Super League played a pivotal role in the Netherlands’ journey to the World Cup, allowing them to compete against top teams globally and assess their standing in the cricketing world. This experience provided the Dutch team with belief and taught them how to handle crucial situations and emerge victorious.

Logan van Beek, speaking about the ODI Super League experience, mentioned, “The Super League experience played a massive part in why we are here. Yes, we did not win many matches; we were close. We had a number of opportunities to win matches. One, they give us the belief that we can get ourselves into a match, the next part was learning how to win those situations – get ourselves in the game and then follow through and actually win those matches.”

Reflecting on past encounters with Pakistan in 2022, van Beek recalled the opportunities he had to secure victories for his team. He acknowledged the disappointment of not being able to finish those matches, which fueled his determination to improve his batting, especially in the latter stages of ODIs.

Van Beek elaborated on his focus, stating, “A lot of my focus has been around batting from around the 30-over mark. The last five overs are straightforward, that’s what I have been doing for the last 13 years, also bowling. Come in at around 30th over when we’re in a little bit of trouble and navigate through that time to then set myself up better in the last five overs.”

He also emphasized the importance of adopting a winning mentality and adapting to various situations, which are essential aspects of his game plan.

Van Beek had the opportunity to showcase his finishing skills in the World Cup Qualifier against the West Indies, where he played a crucial role in a remarkable chase of 375. He smashed 28 runs off 14 deliveries during the normal time and then powered his way to 30 runs against Jason Holder in the Super Over, followed by taking a couple of wickets. This performance further underlined his ability to impact crucial moments in the game.

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Looking ahead to the World Cup, van Beek is determined to make his mark, especially in matches against New Zealand and India. The New Zealand game holds personal significance for him due to his connections with the country, and the game against India is a dream come true, given the excitement of playing in India.

Van Beek’s cricketing journey is enriched with familial connections to the sport, with several family members having played cricket at different levels. His pursuit of playing for New Zealand in the World Cup was a long-held dream, but circumstances led him to represent the Netherlands instead. Now, he is thrilled to be a part of the World Cup and aims to contribute significantly to his team’s success over the nine games.

Van Beek concluded, “Now that I know I can do it, it’s pretty cool to have that opportunity over the nine games.” His versatile skills with both bat and ball make him a key figure in the Netherlands’ quest to make it to the semi-finals of the World Cup.




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