Lockie Ferguson: Reflecting on the Privilege of a Special Cricket Career


Lockie Ferguson: Reflecting on the Privilege of a Special Cricket Career

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As the World Cup resumes from where it left off, New Zealand’s bowler believes his team can draw lessons from the 2019 final and aim for a better outcome.

With Kumar Dharmasena set to umpire the opening World Cup match between England and New Zealand, it marks a reunion of sorts for the teams involved in the dramatic 2019 final at Lord’s. For the players who experienced that unforgettable day, it stirs mixed emotions of pride and disappointment, but it also serves as a reminder of the standard of performance they aim to surpass in the upcoming tournament. Lockie Ferguson, reflecting on his personal triumph in the 2019 World Cup, treasures the memories but remains focused on the present and future. Despite the defeat, the Black Caps were praised for their sportsmanship, a testament to the Kiwi way of playing the game.

New Zealand’s track record in cricket has been consistently impressive, despite experiencing defeats in high-profile matches. They reached the finals of the past two 50-over World Cups, the semi-finals of the two preceding ones, and made it to two semi-finals and a final at the past three T20 World Cups. Despite their smaller population compared to the city of Ahmedabad, where they face England, their ambition remains high. Lockie Ferguson, reflecting on their exceptional group of players, emphasizes their determination to win every tournament they enter. He acknowledges that their approach, centered on teamwork, their unique culture, and the enjoyment factor, may sound repetitive but is the key to their success.

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Ferguson’s own journey has evolved since 2019, transitioning from a junior member of the team to a leader who recently captained New Zealand in a tour of Bangladesh. He has played across the globe in various leagues, constantly adapting to different teams and tournaments. Despite the challenges, he remains passionate about playing cricket and recognizes the privilege of his career. While some players prioritize family and franchise cricket over the national team, Ferguson is committed to his role with the Kiwis, appreciating the sense of family and camaraderie within the squad. As he prepares for another training session, he looks forward to spending time with his loved ones.




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