I Was Rested Too Much: Mahmudullah Reflects on His Playing Time

Bangladesh’s Mahmudullah expressed that he may have had an excessive amount of rest before returning to the national ODI squad for the ICC World Cup. The veteran batter re-entered the ODI team during the series against New Zealand after six months in the wilderness following his exclusion after the home series against England earlier in the year.

Despite the national selection panel terming his absence as ‘rest,’ many believed that Mahmudullah’s career was nearing its end, as the team management aimed to develop young talent for the World Cup.

However, due to the repeated failures of the younger players, Mahmudullah was recalled to the team but was initially placed below No. 6 in the batting order until the South Africa match. He responded with a remarkable century at the Wankhede Stadium, making a powerful statement.

Reflecting on his absence from the national team, Mahmudullah commented, “I can’t say much about that period. There are many things I want to discuss, but this isn’t the right time for it.” He continued, “I don’t know. Perhaps Allah gave me the strength to persist. I focused on maintaining my fitness and working hard. All I can say is that I wanted to contribute to the team and would have liked to contribute more to secure a victory.

I believe I had an excessive amount of rest, but that wasn’t within my control; it was the team management’s decision,” Mahmudullah stated. He emphasized that his primary concern is to perform his role earnestly for the benefit of the team.

Mahmudullah also shared that he harbors no ill feelings about batting down the order, as the team management chose to place him at number eight instead of his preferred position. He acknowledged the various ups and downs he has experienced in his career and affirmed his adaptability.

When discussing his century, Mahmudullah revealed, “I didn’t specifically target a hundred; I was focused on my batting. I simply batted and instructed Mustafiz to stay with me to ensure we complete 50 overs, which was crucial for the run rate. My objective was to bat deep and contribute to the team’s score.”

He expressed his desire to dedicate the century to his family and extended his gratitude to those who supported him during the challenging last three months, acknowledging both his supporters and critics.



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