I Had Been Overly Rested: Mahmudullah.


I Had Been Overly Rested: Mahmudullah.

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Mahmudullah, the veteran cricketer from Bangladesh, expressed his view that he may have been given an extended break before his return to the national ODI team, competing in the ongoing ICC World Cup. After a six-month hiatus following his exclusion from the squad following the home series against England earlier in the year, Mahmudullah made his comeback during the home series against New Zealand.

While the national selection panel categorized his absence as ‘rest,’ many speculated that Mahmudullah’s international career was approaching its end, given the team’s focus on nurturing young talent for the World Cup.

With the youngsters struggling to deliver consistent performances, the national team management eventually recalled Mahmudullah. However, he batted lower down the order until the South Africa game. At the Wankhede Stadium, Mahmudullah marked his return with a remarkable performance, securing his fourth ODI century to make a powerful statement.

Reflecting on his absence from the national team, Mahmudullah said, “I can’t comment on that period (when I was out of the national team). I have a lot I’d like to say, but this isn’t the right time.” He continued, “I don’t know. Perhaps Allah gave me the strength to keep going. I made sure to maintain my fitness and put in hard work. All I can say is that I wanted to contribute to the team, and I wish I could have contributed more to help us win.”

Regarding the extended rest he received, Mahmudullah acknowledged that it wasn’t within his control, as it was a decision made by the team management. He emphasized his commitment to doing his job sincerely for the benefit of the team.

Despite batting lower in the order and being assigned the number eight position instead of his preferred role, Mahmudullah expressed no hard feelings. “I’ve experienced numerous ups and downs throughout my career. It’s not a problem to bat lower in the order,” he explained.

He went on to share his approach to his recent century, saying, “Yesterday, the coach informed me that I’d be batting at No. 6. I just went out there to play my game, not aiming for a century. I simply focused on my batting. I advised Mustafiz to hang in there, aiming to stay at the crease for 50 overs, considering the run-rate. I aimed to contribute to the team’s score.” Mahmudullah concluded by dedicating his century to his family and expressing gratitude to those who supported and even opposed him during this crucial phase of his career. “I’d like to dedicate it to my family and to those who supported and prayed for me over the past three months. I want to thank those who stood by me, as well as those who didn’t,” he said.



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