Embarking on the fresh Orange era alongside Edwards and Cook.


Embarking on the fresh Orange era alongside Edwards and Cook.

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Scott Edwards rarely appears without a smile, be it during practice, drills, tosses, interactions with teammates, conversations with opposition members, moments in the dressing room, or interviews.

“I’m probably not the most boisterous captain out there,” Edwards tells Cricbuzz, once again with a grin.

Even in the midst of tense moments during their World Cup Qualifiers campaign, he maintained a “reasonably calm” demeanor as his team secured remarkable victories on their path to India. “I had a feeling we were going to get the job done. We might not have accomplished it, but I remained quite relaxed… if it was destined to be, we would win those games, and if it wasn’t, well, it wasn’t meant to be,” he states simply.

Such composure and quiet confidence are typically associated with seasoned leaders. However, Edwards, at just 27, assumed the captaincy role a mere year ago, filling in for Pieter Seelaar who retired due to back troubles. Back then, Edwards was the vice-captain when he was unexpectedly thrust into leadership during the ODI series against a formidable England team. It wasn’t the most auspicious start for Edwards, as England secured resounding victories. Nonetheless, it served as a valuable learning experience that would shape his leadership skills in the months to come.

A few months prior to Edwards taking on the captaincy, there was a shakeup in the leadership structure. Ryan Cook was appointed as the interim head coach after the regular coach, Ryan Campbell, suffered a heart incident during a family vacation in England. Campbell later stepped down, and Cook assumed the role of full-time head coach. The partnership between Cook and Edwards marked the beginning of a new chapter for the Netherlands cricket team.

“The decision to appoint Scott as the captain after Pieter Seelaar’s sudden situation involved input from several individuals. During my interim role, we deliberated on this with Ryan and other coaches. Scott was seen as a willing and capable leader. His initial challenges with the tough England series notwithstanding, as we approached the Qualifiers, he began to imprint his own style and approach to leadership,” Cook reflects in a conversation with Cricbuzz.

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The connection between him and me grew over time. I’ve gained extensive insights from him, both about him and the game of cricket. He possesses remarkable cricketing intelligence, a deep understanding of the game, and a clear vision of how he intends to approach it. His authenticity as a person is undeniable, and he instills belief in his teammates, which in turn makes him highly credible. He consistently delivers for his team when they need him most, showcasing an incredible work ethic and setting an exemplary standard. He’s always ready to lead by example when the situation demands.

This commitment to lead by example was on full display last Tuesday. After two initial losses in their 2023 World Cup campaign, led by Edwards, the Netherlands found themselves up against South Africa in Dharamsala. While there was a glimmer of hope that they could replicate their giant-killing feat from the 2022 T20 World Cup, that hope seemed to fade when the Dutch team was struggling at 140/7 in the 34th over of a match reduced to 43 overs per side. At this point, Edwards, with a score of 33 off 41 balls, still believed in the potential of his team to post a competitive total. He also had confidence in his lower-order teammates. Roelof van der Merwe and Aryan Dutt contributed fiery twenties, and Edwards himself remained unbeaten at 78 runs from 69 balls. This collective effort allowed the Netherlands to set a challenging total of 245/8 on the board.

Despite his relatively limited experience in mainstream captaincy, Edwards exudes confidence as a leader. Building trust with his teammates is a crucial attribute of leadership. Reflecting on his understanding of his players and how they have contributed to his growth as a captain, Edwards states, “I feel I have a good grasp of what’s required on the field. It’s the off-field aspects that can be more challenging, but I take them in stride, and I’m genuinely enjoying my role as captain.” Edwards emphasizes the importance of fine-tuning his approach to get the best out of each player. He acknowledges that while he has learned from various sources, he values the guidance of experienced individuals within the team who have captained in county cricket and various parts of the world.

One of Edwards’ strongest pillars of support is his coach, with whom he shares a deep connection rooted in statistics, match-ups, and analytics. Messages are relayed seamlessly during matches from the team management to the captain through vice-captain Max O’Dowd. This synchronized approach allowed the Netherlands to dismantle the South African batting order, reaffirming that their T20 World Cup victory against South Africa was not a fluke.

Cook, the coach, holds Edwards in high regard. He believes that their partnership brings out the best in each other and that Edwards is a highly respected leader within the group. Cook notes Edwards’ meticulous approach to analysis and preparation, making him the most detailed captain he’s encountered. This analytical depth, combined with Edwards’ confidence in his role, has had a positive influence on the team’s playing style.

Edwards reciprocates the appreciation for his head coach, acknowledging the significant impact of Ryan on the team and on Edwards personally. Ryan’s support has made the transition into the captaincy role smoother for Edwards. They both lead the team together, spending extensive time analyzing and building their relationship to ensure they are aligned, which the players recognize. Edwards praises Ryan for his leadership, which has contributed to the team’s successes in the past 12 months.

The Cook-Edwards partnership, supported by the entire team and support staff, has been instrumental in the Netherlands’ remarkable progress in international cricket over the past year. Their ability to defeat South Africa on two occasions within a year, especially in World Cup matches, is a testament to their impact and effectiveness.



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