Babar Azam silences the buzz surrounding 'the winning streak'.

Every streak must come to an end, even the legendary Undertaker’s WrestleMania run. Pakistan, on the cusp of their 22nd attempt to end their World Cup drought against arch-rivals India, hopes that their losing streak doesn’t persist. As frustrating as this record may be, Pakistani captains throughout generations have grappled with questions about this elusive victory.

During a press conference in Ahmedabad, Babar Azam, the current captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, faced the inevitable question about this 7-0 losing streak against India. He composed himself and responded, “I believe there is no point in dwelling on the past. Our focus should be on what lies ahead. Streaks are meant to be broken. Tomorrow, we’ll give our best, and anything can happen on the day. I have full faith in my team’s performance in the upcoming matches.

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Despite another journalist’s persistence, Babar handled the questioning with humor when asked if the situation had become so dire that families were praying for the losing streak to end. He quipped, “I don’t know about that, but all the calls we are getting are for tickets only.”

The Pakistan team received unexpected support in Hyderabad, but in Ahmedabad, they anticipate a predominantly pro-India crowd. However, Babar assured that the crowd’s bias wouldn’t unnerve his team, emphasizing the significance of the match: “India-Pakistan is a high-intensity game. I’ve told the boys to give themselves the best chance to win. Execute your plans, keep your belief. Ahmedabad is a massive stadium, and this is a great opportunity to perform in front of a big audience.”

He brushed off the pressure of playing against a crowd supporting the opposition, citing their experience in front of large crowds in other international stadiums. Babar expected the same kind of support for Pakistan in Ahmedabad if their fans were allowed.

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Regarding the specifics of the upcoming contest, Babar acknowledged the loss of young fast bowler Naseem Shah to injury but expressed confidence in Shaheen Afridi’s ability to step up. Although Afridi’s recent form hasn’t been exceptional, Babar praised him as their best bowler and a big-match performer. He dismissed concerns about Afridi’s wicketless streak in recent matches, stating, “We totally believe in him, and he believes in himself.”

Babar Azam is focused on breaking Pakistan’s losing streak against India, maintaining a positive outlook, and believing in his team’s ability to perform in high-pressure situations. The India-Pakistan clash remains a significant event, and the team is prepared to face a partisan crowd in Ahmedabad with confidence in their abilities.


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