Aussies 'shouldn't point fingers at' Ashes aftermath or cricket calendar for World Cup surprise.


Aussies ‘shouldn’t point fingers at’ Ashes aftermath or cricket calendar for World Cup surprise.

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Former World Cup champion Brendon Julian dismisses an oversaturated cricket calendar and potential Ashes fatigue as excuses for Australia’s dismal start in the ODI World Cup. After disheartening losses to India and South Africa, Australia currently occupies the bottom of the tournament table.

In a crucial match against Sri Lanka, Australia hopes to rekindle their chances of making a comeback. Julian, drawing parallels to the 1999 World Cup, believes the current team can turn things around by having key players step up and seize pivotal moments, similar to how Steve Waugh and Shane Warne did in ’99.

Julian mentions that the team seems to have lost its “rhythm” and needs to navigate the ebbs and flows of the 50-over format better. He points out that they are not reading the game situations effectively and suggests that it may require senior players like Mitch Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Steve Smith, or Marnus Labuschagne to make significant contributions.

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The intense cricket schedule, including an Ashes campaign, Test series against India, the World Test Championship Final, and multiple white-ball series, is no excuse for their lackluster performance, according to Julian. He believes that players should not blame fatigue, as they have limited rest periods and often choose to play in the IPL.

Julian also notes that England, another strong team, has faced early setbacks in the tournament, and it’s unclear whether this is related to the Ashes series and a demanding workload.

Australia’s path to World Cup success, Julian suggests, requires a combination of luck, belief, and smarter gameplay. They must adapt their batting strategies to the match situation, showing more restraint when needed instead of constantly pursuing high-scoring extravagance. In summary, he emphasizes that Australia must read the game situations better and grind out results, instead of trying to dominate like “millionaires” with lofty run targets.

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