Argentina Women's Cricket Team's astonishing feat 427 runs in 20 overs, with a stunning 52 in just one over, setting global records.


Argentina Women’s Cricket Team’s astonishing feat: 427 runs in 20 overs, with a stunning 52 in just one over, setting global records.

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Argentina’s women’s cricket team made history in their first T20I against Chile. They set an astonishing record, scoring 427/1 in 20 overs, led by Lucia Taylor (169) and Albertina Galan (145), who built a record-breaking partnership of 350 runs. Chile struggled and was bowled out for just 63, handing Argentina a 364-run victory. This game stands as the highest total in T20I history.

Argentina surpassed Bahrain’s women’s team, who had scored 318/1 against Saudi Arabia in March 2022, and Uganda’s record of 314/1 against Mali in June 2019.

In a recent match, Nepal’s men’s team set the highest total in men’s T20I history with 314/3 against Mongolia, surpassing Afghanistan’s 278/3 against Ireland in 2019.

This remarkable game also saw Chile’s Florencia Martinez concede 52 runs in a single over, which included 17 no-balls.

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Key Highlights

  • Highest individual score: Lucia’s 169
  • First triple-century partnership in T20I: Lucia and Albertina’s 350 runs
  • Fastest team century in terms of overs: Lucia’s 10.2 overs
  • Most no-balls in an innings (64) and most extras in an innings (73)
  • Most runs conceded in one over: Florencia Martinez’s 52 runs
  • Most runs conceded in an innings: Constanza Oyarce’s 92

Jessica Miranda was the sole wicket-taker for Chile, conceding 64 runs in her four-over spell and scoring 27 runs for her side. Argentina’s Constanza Sosa, Alison Stocks, Mariana Martinez, Albertina Galan, and Julieta Cullen each took a wicket.

Both teams will face off again in the second T20I of the three-match series on Sunday.


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