2023 World Cup: Indian Astrologer Returns With Positive Forecasts After 2011 Success Prediction


2023 World Cup: Indian Astrologer Returns With Positive Forecasts After 2011 Success Prediction

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The eagerly awaited 2023 ODI World Cup has arrived, setting cricket enthusiasts worldwide abuzz with excitement. Ten teams vie for the coveted trophy in a thrilling 45-day showdown. Amidst this cricket extravaganza, Indian fans are fervently hoping for Rohit Sharma’s squad to secure an ICC title, a feat last accomplished in 2013. While the internet is alive with predictions and well-wishes, one forecast stands out, courtesy of an Indian astrologer with a history of accurate predictions.

Anirudh Kumar Mishra, the astrologer in question, made a bold statement on the micro-blogging site ‘X’: “Based on my calculations, India will clinch the World Cup this time.” Anirudh asserts that his earlier prediction of India’s 2011 World Cup victory was no coincidence, emphasizing, “I predicted India’s World Cup win in 2011, well before joining Twitter, approximately 1.5 months prior to the final. Although I initially decided not to make predictions for this World Cup, due to overwhelming demand, I decided to make an exception.

Unsurprisingly, this post quickly went viral, eliciting reactions from all corners. One confident fan remarked, “Let’s bookmark this and revisit it after the World Cup.

Another admirer commended Anirudh’s courage, conviction, and deep study, stating, “This is remarkable for making such a prediction in a public forum.” A third voice simply expressed, “Fingers crossed.”

However, in the internet age, no prediction goes unquestioned. Anirudh had previously shared a screenshot of his accurate 2011 prediction on Facebook.

While many showered him with accolades, some skeptics highlighted a less successful prediction regarding India’s victory in the T20 World Cup in 2021—a prophecy that did not materialize as Australia claimed the trophy.




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