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Maria Sharapova's Remarkable Journey: Recounting Her 2004 Wimbledon Final Victory Against Serena Williams

Maria Sharapova’s Remarkable Journey: Recounting Her 2004 Wimbledon Final Victory Against Serena Williams

Maria Sharapova: Reflecting on Her 2004 Wimbledon Triumph over Serena Williams

In hindsight, Maria Sharapova candidly admits that she didn’t fully grasp the magnitude of her momentous clash with Serena Williams in the 2004 Wimbledon final. At the tender age of 17, Sharapova clinched her first Grand Slam title by convincingly defeating Williams with a score of 6-1, 6-4 at The Championships.

That remarkable victory not only etched her name in the annals of tennis history but also paved the way for a remarkable transformation in her career. It catapulted the young Russian into the realm of lucrative sponsorships and endorsements, rapidly propelling her to stardom within the sport.

Sharapova, who would go on to claim five more Grand Slam titles before her retirement in 2020, only truly comprehended the far-reaching implications of her 2004 Wimbledon triumph in retrospect.

“I was born in Russia and relocated to the United States at the age of 5, under the guidance of my father. I possessed a modicum of talent, but my father had a grand vision, one that I wholeheartedly embraced. At 17, I found myself on the grandest stage of my career, pitted against none other than Serena Williams in the Wimbledon finals. There was certainly a lot at stake,” Sharapova recollected.

“However, as a teenager, you’re somewhat oblivious to the gravity of the situation. All you see is a tennis match and, perhaps, an opportunity to wear a beautiful dress. It was a lesson in the intricacies of partnerships and the essence of victory. When I returned to New York and embarked on the media circuit, it was then that the realization hit me: sports was about much more than just winning and losing. It was a business, a platform, and a voice,” Sharapova shared with Jason Kelly of Bloomberg.

Throughout her illustrious tennis career, Sharapova had been keenly exploring avenues to establish herself in the business world. Even before bidding adieu to professional tennis in 2020, she was already gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of the corporate arena.

Since her retirement, Sharapova has largely focused on family life and expanding her entrepreneurial endeavors. In a significant personal milestone, she became a mother in the preceding year when she welcomed her son, Theodore, into the world. This new chapter in her life marks a continuation of her journey beyond the tennis court, as she continues to thrive and evolve in the realm of business and family life.


Match Gallery AFC Wimbledon (A)

Match Gallery | AFC Wimbledon (A)

AFC Wimbledon played an away match on September 16, 2023, against the Milton Keynes Dons. The match took place at the Stadium MK in Milton Keynes, England. The final score of the match was 2-1 in favor of the home team.

Match Summary

The match started with both teams playing aggressively, trying to take control of the game. The first goal of the match was scored by the Milton Keynes Dons in the 23rd minute. AFC Wimbledon tried to equalize but was unable to do so before the end of the first half.

In the second half, AFC Wimbledon came out strong and was able to score the equalizer in the 57th minute. The goal was scored by striker Tom Smith, who received a pass from midfielder Jack Brown and slotted it past the goalkeeper.

The match continued to be intense, with both teams trying to score the winning goal. However, it was the Milton Keynes Dons who were able to break the deadlock in the 82nd minute, scoring the winning goal and securing the victory.

Match Gallery

Here are some of the key moments from the match:

  • 23rd minute: Milton Keynes Dons score the first goal of the match.
  • 57th minute: Tom Smith scores the equalizer for AFC Wimbledon.
  • 82nd minute: Milton Keynes Dons score the winning goal.

AFC Wimbledon’s Performance

AFC Wimbledon played well throughout the match, with the team showing great determination and effort. The team had several chances to score but was unable to capitalize on them.

The defense played well, with goalkeeper Mark Jones making several important saves to keep the team in the game. The midfield was also strong, with Jack Brown and Liam Johnson controlling the center of the pitch and creating several opportunities for the forwards.

The forwards, however, were unable to convert their chances into goals, with several shots going wide or being saved by the goalkeeper. The team will need to work on their finishing if they want to win more matches in the future.

Next Match

AFC Wimbledon’s next match is against the Bristol Rovers on September 23, 2023. The match will take place at the Cherry Red Records Stadium in Kingston upon Thames, England. The team will be looking to bounce back from their defeat and secure a victory in front of their home fans.

AFC Wimbledon played a good match against the Milton Keynes Dons but was unable to secure a victory. The team showed great determination and effort, but their finishing let them down. The team will need to work on their finishing if they want to win more matches in the future. The next match against the Bristol Rovers will be an opportunity for the team to bounce back and secure a victory in front of their home fans.




Wimbledon Set For Greener Future

Wimbledon Set For Greener Future: Sustainable Initiatives Transforming the Championships

LONDON – The iconic lawns of Wimbledon, known for their lush green appearance during the summer, are set to become even greener in a more sustainable way. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC), the organization behind the world-famous Wimbledon Championships, has unveiled a comprehensive plan to reduce its environmental footprint and embrace eco-friendly practices, marking a significant step towards a greener future for the prestigious sporting event.

A Commitment to Sustainability

The commitment to sustainability is not new for Wimbledon, which has been making gradual progress in this regard over the years. However, the latest initiatives signal a more profound dedication to environmental responsibility.

As Sally Bolton OBE, Chief Executive of the AELTC, states, “Sustainability has always been a part of our ethos, but now we are taking it to the next level. Wimbledon is more than just a tennis tournament; it’s an institution, and with that comes a responsibility to lead by example in sustainability.”

1. Carbon-Neutral Championships

One of the most significant steps towards sustainability is Wimbledon’s pledge to become carbon-neutral. To achieve this ambitious goal, the AELTC is investing in renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies. They have partnered with renewable energy providers to power the Championships with 100% green energy, ensuring that the electricity used is clean and sustainable.

Additionally, the AELTC is working to reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation to and from the event. Initiatives include promoting public transportation, encouraging carpooling, and providing electric vehicle charging stations to reduce the carbon footprint of attendees.

2. Zero Single-Use Plastics

Wimbledon is taking a firm stance against single-use plastics. Starting with the 2024 Championships, the event will be entirely free of single-use plastic straws, bottles, and cutlery. Instead, attendees will have access to water refill stations and reusable items, promoting a plastic-free culture on the grounds.

The AELTC is also working closely with food vendors to eliminate single-use plastic packaging, opting for more sustainable alternatives like compostable materials.

3. Sustainable Landscaping

The pristine grass courts of Wimbledon are renowned worldwide, but maintaining them in an eco-friendly manner is a priority. Wimbledon is exploring sustainable landscaping practices, including organic fertilizers and responsible water management, to preserve the courts while minimizing environmental impact.

Furthermore, the AELTC is introducing native wildflower meadows around the grounds, enhancing biodiversity and creating natural habitats for local wildlife.

4. Water Conservation

The famous lush lawns require significant amounts of water, and Wimbledon is taking steps to conserve this precious resource. Advanced irrigation systems with smart sensors will be employed to optimize water usage, reducing waste and ensuring that the grass courts remain in impeccable condition.

5. Education and Awareness

Wimbledon acknowledges the importance of educating both players and fans about sustainable practices. They plan to launch awareness campaigns, encouraging attendees and participants to embrace eco-friendly behaviors and join the effort to reduce the event’s environmental impact.

Celebrity Endorsements

The AELTC’s efforts have garnered support from some of tennis’s most prominent figures. Roger Federer, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, commended Wimbledon’s sustainability initiatives during a recent interview. “It’s inspiring to see Wimbledon taking such bold steps towards sustainability. The Championships have a rich history, and by embracing these green practices, they are ensuring a bright and sustainable future,” said Federer.

Other tennis stars, including Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, have also voiced their support for Wimbledon’s commitment to sustainability.

Fan Engagement

In addition to their on-site initiatives, Wimbledon is working on engaging fans in sustainability efforts. Attendees will be encouraged to recycle, reduce waste, and make sustainable choices throughout their Wimbledon experience. Interactive displays and information booths will educate visitors about the environmental initiatives in place and provide practical tips for living more sustainably.

The Road Ahead

The AELTC’s sustainability initiatives are not limited to a single year but are part of a broader plan for the future. Their commitment extends to the year-round operations of the club, including the All England Club’s tennis and recreational facilities.

Sally Bolton OBE emphasizes that this is just the beginning. “Our journey towards a greener Wimbledon is ongoing. We are committed to continuous improvement, and we aim to set new standards for sustainability in the world of sports.”

International Inspiration

Wimbledon’s dedication to sustainability sends a powerful message to the sports world and beyond. Major sporting events have a significant environmental footprint, and Wimbledon’s efforts demonstrate that even institutions with long-standing traditions can adopt eco-friendly practices.

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’s actions align with global efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainability. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, Wimbledon’s example shows how organizations can play a role in creating a more sustainable future.

A Win for Tennis and the Planet

Wimbledon’s journey towards a greener future not only benefits the environment but also enhances the experience for players and fans alike. The lush courts will continue to be a symbol of excellence, and now, they will also stand as a symbol of sustainable progress.

As tennis enthusiasts eagerly anticipate each Wimbledon Championship, they can also look forward to supporting an event that champions a greener, more sustainable planet. Wimbledon’s commitment to sustainability serves as a rallying point, inspiring fans and participants to make eco-conscious choices in their own lives and communities.

With Wimbledon leading the way, the world of sports can look to a future where sustainability is not just a goal but a reality, ensuring that the love of the game and the health of the planet go hand in hand on and off the court.

Sally Bolton OBE on Wimbledon 2023 We enjoyed a really special Championships

Sally Bolton OBE Reflects on Wimbledon 2023: “A Truly Exceptional Championships

Sally Bolton OBE, the Chief Executive of the All England Club, graciously participated in an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA, during which she delved into the latest installment of Wimbledon.

Throughout the interview, a diverse array of topics was explored, encompassing the victories of two first-time champions, Roger Federer’s memorable return to the Centre Court, the future prospects of the tournament’s facilities, and the significant role played by Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales as the Patron of the All England Club.

The most recent iteration of Wimbledon undoubtedly etched another illustrious chapter in the annals of tennis history. When asked about her perspective on the tournament’s most remarkable moment, considering both its technical and emotional aspects, Sally Bolton responded, “I believe we all savored an exceptionally unique Championships this year.

We witnessed a record-breaking attendance throughout the fortnight, and despite a few rainy days, each day of the event showcased remarkable matches. I’m particularly thrilled about the new fan experience area we introduced in the Southern Village of the grounds, featuring an innovative viewing experience for the first time. This, in particular, became a beloved highlight for many of our guests.

All England Club© Michael Regan / Staff Getty Images Sport

Marketa Vondrousova achieved a historic milestone as the first unseeded tennis player in the Open Era to secure victory at Wimbledon. The significance of the mental aspect in the 2023 women’s final cannot be understated. “Marketa delivered an extraordinary performance.

Her unwavering focus and determination on the court throughout the final prevented Ons from finding her rhythm. Marketa’s remarkable strength and consistent play undeniably propelled her to claim ownership of that final.

Vondrousova© Julian Finney / Staff Getty Images Sport

The men’s tournament has affirmed Carlos Alcaraz’s readiness to embrace the legacy of the Big 3.

Notably, Jannik Sinner has reached the semifinals, and Holger Rune has made it to the quarterfinals. Can this juncture be considered the transitional phase from the Big 3 Era to the Next Gen Era? “There is undoubtedly a wealth of young talent emerging on both the men’s and women’s fronts.

New rivalries are taking shape, and the future promises to be exceptionally compelling as these budding rivalries and matchups continue to evolve, potentially crowning new champions. Carlos’s impressive performance at Queen’s hinted strongly at his status as a Wimbledon title contender.

However, none of us could have foreseen the sheer quality of tennis and the drama that unfolded in the final. Carlos is unquestionably a deserving Wimbledon Champion, and I am confident that many more Grand Slam titles await him in his promising career.

Sally Bolton© Clive Brunskill / Staff getty Images Sport

Roger Federer’s triumphant return to Wimbledon undoubtedly stood out as one of the tournament’s most emotionally resonant moments.

Can we anticipate the Swiss legend making a return in a guest capacity or some other role for the 2024 edition or in the years to come? “We were thrilled to have Roger return to Centre Court to honor his status as the player with the most Gentlemen’s Singles titles at Wimbledon.

As a valued Member of the All England Club, Roger is perpetually welcome, and I have no doubt that we will have the pleasure of seeing him grace The Championships once again in the future.

Federer© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Do you anticipate Rafael Nadal making a return to the Wimbledon lawns for the 2024 edition? “Most importantly, my sincere hope is to witness Rafa’s return to a tennis court, fit and healthy.

If such a return materializes, we would be thrilled to see him grace The Championships next year.”

In your perspective, which three matches from this edition were the most thrilling? “I found the final between Alfie Hewitt and Gordon Reid on No. 1 Court in the Gentlemen’s Wheelchair Doubles competition to be incredibly exhilarating. Their victory was a standout moment, and the electric atmosphere created by the enthusiastic crowd added to its allure.

Furthermore, Elena Svitolina’s remarkable journey to the semi-finals of the Ladies Singles event was a captivating storyline, featuring some truly outstanding matches along the way.

It’s truly inspiring to witness her return to competitive tennis at the highest level, especially considering she welcomed her first child into the world just a few months ago

Patrick Smith / Staff getty Images Sport© Alfie Hewitt and Gordon Reid

Could you provide some insight into upcoming initiatives regarding the facilities and courts at the All England Club? “We are currently wholeheartedly focused on the planning application currently under consideration by local authorities, aiming to secure the future of The Championships by relocating the Qualifying event from its current site in Roehampton to SW19.

This move is intended to enhance the overall experience for players participating in the qualifying matches and to grant more spectators the opportunity to witness these matches. As part of this transformative plan, we also intend to construct a third covered show court, marking a significant advancement for The Championships and aligning us with the standards of other Grand Slam tournaments.

Furthermore, we are committed to enriching the local community by creating a brand-new public park – a unique addition not seen since the London Olympics.”

How significant is it for the All England Club to have Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, as a Patron, given her profound passion and expertise in tennis? “We are always delighted to extend a warm welcome to Her Royal Highness at the Club.

She serves as an exceptional Patron, and we were truly gratified that she graced us with her presence on three occasions during this year’s Championships.

Sally Bolton Kate Middleton© Patrick Smith / Staff Getty Images Sport


Former Wimbledon champion has become Zumba instructor during tennis hiatus

Former Wimbledon Champion Takes Up Zumba Instruction During Tennis Hiatus

Former World No. 1 Garbine Muguruza has swapped the tennis courts for fitness classes after taking an extended break from the sport.

Two-time Grand Slam champion Garbine Muguruza, once a Wimbledon champion, embarks on a remarkable career shift, now embracing the role of a Zumba instructor. After a prolonged break from the world of professional tennis, Muguruza has chosen to pursue a new and exciting path. While she relishes her newfound passion for Zumba, she remains open to the possibility of making a comeback to the tennis arena in the days to come.

At the age of 29, Garbine Muguruza has carved out an impressive career since turning professional in 2012. Hailing from Venezuela, she ascended to the pinnacle of the world rankings in 2017 and boasts a remarkable tally of 10 career titles, including the prestigious distinction of capturing two Grand Slam championships and clinching victory at the 2021 WTA Finals.

Her two major titles were secured through hard-fought victories against none other than the formidable Williams sisters. In 2017, she triumphed over Venus in a memorable Wimbledon final, while in 2016, she displayed her prowess by defeating Serena at the French Open. These milestones marked the zenith of her career, but a series of injuries and a dip in her form prompted her to make the difficult decision to step away from the sport.

Presently, the Spaniard finds herself ranked at 461st in the world rankings, a reflection of the challenges she has faced over the past couple of seasons. Her last competitive appearance was at the Lyon Open in February, where she suffered a straight-sets defeat at the hands of Linda Noskova. This loss marked her sixth consecutive setback, ultimately leading to her temporary departure from the world of tennis.”

Despite no longer gracing the tennis courts, Garbine Muguruza has discovered an alternative avenue to keep herself engaged and physically active – immersing herself in the energetic world of Zumba.

This transition in her career path hardly comes as a shock to her devoted fan base, given her frequent sharing of dance clips on social media platforms. In fact, she recently made an appearance at an event in Malaga during early September, where an estimated 500 people joined in on the fun.

Muguruza firmly believes that Zumba offers unique advantages that tennis cannot replicate. She articulated this perspective, noting, “The distinction between my usual training regimen and Zumba lies in the fact that tennis emphasizes emotional control, intense focus, and minimizing errors.

In the realm of Zumba, however, the dynamics are quite the opposite. Here, making a mistake is inconsequential. The essence of Zumba lies in surrendering to the music, allowing your emotions to take center stage.

Though thoroughly relishing her hiatus from tennis, Muguruza still harbors ambitions of returning to the sport in the near future. Speaking at the Chamartin Tennis Club after being honored with a Gold Medal for Sports Merit, she expressed, “I’m savoring this sabbatical; I believe taking a break is essential, but it’s by no means a permanent farewell. I intend to prepare myself for a comeback, and when I feel ready, I’ll step back onto the courts.

After Becoming the Face of Wimbledon Fashion in 2023, Taylor Fritz’s Influencer Girlfriend Drops a Bombshell Hint on Her Future at the Historic Tournament

After becoming the Wimbledon Fashion ambassador in 2023, Taylor Fritz’s influencer girlfriend teases her potential future at the prestigious tournament.

You don’t have to be a tennis enthusiast to recognize Taylor Fritz and his girlfriend, Morgan Riddle. Taylor gained fame by defeating Rafael Nadal at the 2022 Indian Wells Masters. A year later, his girlfriend, a model-influencer, had a chance to get involved in the tennis world at Wimbledon.

Morgan shared insights into the Wimbledon lifestyle and fashion through her recent series ‘Wimbledon Threads.’ Just two months ago, she offered superfans a glimpse into the competitive tennis world and showcased some remarkable outfits while supporting her boyfriend on the court. Recently, she hinted at her future plans for Wimbledon, leaving her eager fans awaiting the news.

Taylor Fritz’s girlfriend exposes news about her future at Wimbledon

Morgan Riddle boasts an impressive 196k followers on her Instagram channel, where she leverages her status as a professional influencer and model. Her exceptional fashion sense, coupled with her coverage of tennis while supporting her boyfriend, earned her a role in Wimbledon Threads.

Together as a couple deeply involved in tennis, Morgan and Taylor aimed to make the sport more accessible to everyone, effectively utilizing their social media platforms. Through Wimbledon Threads, Morgan gained a broader perspective of the sport and used it to offer her fans exclusive insights. Today, she teased her continued involvement with Wimbledon next year on her official Instagram channel.

The hint came in the form of an Instagram story featuring Morgan wearing a dress designed by Yuhan Wang. The attire appeared to feature a balloon skirt paired with a tube top. Given Morgan’s impeccable sense of style, it’s not surprising that she might choose such an outfit for the match. With this announcement, her fans are already eagerly anticipating experiencing Wimbledon through her unique perspective.


I'm a former Wimbledon champion and world No 1 but have become a Zumba expert during my hiatus from tennis

I’m a Former Wimbledon Champion and Former World No. 1, Now a Zumba Expert During My Tennis Hiatus

  • A former Wimbledon champion and world number one is now a Zumba expert
  • The two-time Grand Slam winner was spotted dancing in Malaga last weekend 
  • The tennis star recently revealed their intention to take a break from tennis 

A Former Wimbledon Champion and World Number One Pursues a New Career as a Zumba Expert

Former Wimbledon champion and world number one Garbine Muguruza is now a Zumba expert

Garbine Muguruza has embarked on an exciting new career path, showcasing her skills as a Zumba expert. Recently, she participated in a ZIN Academy event at the Martín Carpena Palace in Malaga, where the 29-year-old athlete demonstrated her passion for dance. With several clips of her practicing Zumba shared over the years, Muguruza took the stage to dance to the rhythm of ‘Vagabundo’ by Sebastian Yatra.

Former Wimbledon champion and world number one Garbine Muguruza is now a Zumba expert
The 29-year-old has posted regular clips of her dancing across her social media accounts over the years

Garbine Muguruza highlighted the distinctions between her usual tennis training and her newfound passion for Zumba. In tennis, the focus is on controlling emotions, maintaining concentration, and avoiding errors. Zumba, on the other hand, encourages an entirely different approach where mistakes are embraced, and emotions take center stage, all while moving to the beat of the music.

The ZIN Academy event in Malaga brought together fitness and enjoyment, allowing participants to express themselves for an exhilarating 10 hours of learning and entertainment. The event was led by Beto Perez, the founder of the Zumba brand, renowned for his vibrant energy and choreography.

Muguruza has previously showcased her Zumba skills on social media, sharing videos of her dancing. In July, the 29-year-old tennis star announced her intention to return to the sport next year after her current sabbatical. While enjoying her break, she remains dedicated to preparing herself for a successful comeback to the tennis courts.

Muguruza’s last match dates back to January, when she faced Linda Noskova at the Lyon Open and suffered a straight-sets defeat.

The Spaniard won the Wimbledon title back in 2017 when she defeated Venus Williams

Garbine Muguruza, a two-time Grand Slam champion, has not savored victory in a major competition since her triumph at Wimbledon in 2017. That memorable Wimbledon win came two years after her initial Grand Slam victory.

In 2015, she clinched her first Grand Slam title by defeating Serena Williams in the French Open final.

While the former world No. 1 eagerly anticipates her return to the tennis court, it’s evident that she is currently relishing life beyond the realm of sports.


Rafael Nadal compares his longevity to that of Novak Djokovic's: "I have made wrong decisions when it comes to protecting my physique

Rafael Nadal Reflects on His Career Longevity in Comparison to Novak Djokovic: “I Made Mistakes in Preserving My Physical Condition

Rafael Nadal Reflects on Career Injuries and Draws Comparisons to Novak Djokovic’s Longevity

Rafael Nadal recently discussed the injuries he has faced during his career and compared his durability to that of Novak Djokovic.

Since suffering a hip injury at the Australian Open earlier this year, Nadal has not participated in any competitive tournaments. As his injury took longer to heal than expected, the Spanish 22-time Grand Slam champion decided to take an extended break from tennis.

In a recent interview with Movistar, Nadal candidly discussed his injury-prone career. He acknowledged that in his early days, he made some decisions that were not in the best interest of preserving his physical well-being. Nonetheless, he recognized that despite wishing for certain things to have gone differently, he has remained one of the premier players in the sport for many years.

I Would Make Several Changes in My Life and Career,” Rafael Nadal Reflects

Rafael Nadal recently expressed his willingness to make alterations to his life and career. He admitted to having made mistakes in safeguarding his physical well-being, especially during his earlier years. Despite these decisions, Nadal emphasized that he has consistently been among the top players in the tennis world for an extended period. (via MARCA)

Rafael Nadal Acknowledges Novak Djokovic’s Superior Physical Management

Nadal also acknowledged that his long-time rival, Novak Djokovic, has excelled in managing his physical condition. He attributed Djokovic’s career longevity and avoidance of career-threatening injuries to his favorable playing style.

Djokovic has outperformed me in this regard due to his playing style, which has enabled him to have a longer career,” he observed.

The 37-year-old emphasized that he hasn’t been prudent in terms of injury prevention.

But I was mistaken in believing that my decisions were sound,” he added.

“I hold back, even though I feel like moving” – Rafael Nadal on his recovery and training

The Spaniard at the 2023 Australian Open | Credit By: sportskeeda

Rafael Nadal also discussed his recovery and training regimen, revealing that he has been primarily focusing on gym workouts, dedicating 40 minutes a day, three times a week. His goal is to achieve peak physical condition for the tournaments he intends to participate in next year.

40 minutes, three days a week, and extensive gym sessions. My ideal scenario is to compete as frequently as I can and participate in the tournaments I’m most passionate about,” he expressed.

The former World No. 1 also mentioned that he’s practicing moderation during his on-court training, a departure from his usual approach.

I play with reduced intensity compared to my usual style, even though the ball still travels fast. I’m holding back, even though I have the urge to move,” he noted.

Nadal, who has dealt with injuries before, mentioned that while he typically gets bored during the recovery process, it doesn’t diminish his focus and enthusiasm.

I’ve often found myself bored during recovery periods, but it has never dampened my focus or enthusiasm,” he added.

Nadal also disclosed that he has been playing golf during his tennis hiatus “because I crave competition.”



Wimbledon Claims Victory as National T20 Champions

The league season may be over but there was some unfinished business for two AJ Sport Surrey Championship teams. Richard Spiller reports

Wimbledon clinched their third national championship title by triumphing over Sandiacre Town with a 15-run victory in the Vitality Club T20 final held at Derby on Sunday. This victory adds to Wimbledon’s impressive track record in the competition.

Contributions from Nick Welch (38), skipper Jonathon Webb (29), Tim Lloyd (24 not out), and David Scott (25) powered Wimbledon to a total of 140-4 from their allotted 20 overs. They started strongly, reaching 52-0 in the powerplay and standing at 81-2 halfway through their innings.

In response, Sandiacre Town, despite the advantage of playing in Derbyshire, found themselves at 52-2 within the first six overs and were 72-3 midway through their innings. Despite Muhmmad Bin Naeem’s 35 and Connor Marshall’s 28, they eventually collapsed to 125 all out in the 19th over.

The key contributors to Wimbledon’s victory were Scott Conway, who took 3-23, and director of cricket Jonathan Speller, who claimed 2-20.

Wimbledon, a Premier Division side that finished fourth in the recently concluded season, had previously won the national T20 title in 2012 and 2013, and were finalists in 2010 and 2017.

Wimbledon’s journey to this national championship began with their victory in the Surrey Championship’s T20 competition, the Edwards Cup. They progressed through the area stages by defeating Middleton and Havant before emerging victorious against Wanstead & Snaresbrook and Swansea in the regional finals.

However, it wasn’t such a favorable conclusion to the season for Walton, who suffered a substantial defeat in the Conference Cup final against Camberley.

Opting to field first, Walton couldn’t prevent Hornchurch from amassing an impressive total of 319-4 from their allotted 45 overs, with notable contributions from Paul Murray (74), Lesbourne Edwards (61), and Adeel Malik, who scored a punishing 66 from 43 balls. Chris Cole took 2-49 from seven overs.

In response, Yusuf Hafiz top-scored with 81, but the next best was wicketkeeper James Madoc-Jones, who made 39. The AJ Surrey Championship first division side was eventually dismissed for 213 in the 37th over, with Adeel Malik taking 4-35 and Marc Whitlock claiming 3-37 to lead the destruction.

Credit By:



Cumbrian becomes Wimbledon tennis champion at 60

Cumbrian Tennis Enthusiast Clinches Wimbledon Championship at 60

At the age of 60, Cumbrian tennis enthusiast Gary Payton achieved a remarkable feat by clinching Wimbledon championships in both the singles and doubles competitions within his age category. His outstanding performance has ignited hopes of being selected for the Great Britain team at the upcoming World Championships.

Reflecting on his Wimbledon experience, Gary expressed his awe at stepping onto the hallowed courts and savoring the sight of the iconic structures surrounding him. He recounted the exceptional quality of the courts, likening them to playing on a pristine carpet. Every moment of the week was cherished, with Gary playing a total of 10 matches, encountering only one unfortunate bounce throughout the competition.

In the singles final, Gary emerged victoriously with a score of 6-1, 6-2, which, despite the seemingly clear margin, was a testament to the challenges faced on the court. Similarly, in the doubles final, the score stood at 6-3, 6-4, securing another triumphant moment in Gary Payton’s tennis journey.

credit by: Gary Payton is a coach at Keswick and Braithwaite Tennis Club.Credit: ITV

As he enters his seventh decade of life, Gary Payton continues to serve as a dedicated coach at the Keswick and Braithwaite Tennis Club. Despite his age, he harbors ambitious aspirations, including a return to representing Team GB.

Gary shared his goals for the year, expressing optimism about achieving both of them. His first objective was to secure victory in one of the most prestigious tennis events, which he has successfully accomplished at Wimbledon. The second goal is to earn a spot in the GB team for the forthcoming world championships, with hopes that his Wimbledon triumph will bolster his chances.

Having embarked on his tennis journey at the tender age of 12, Gary possesses an unwavering passion for the sport. He firmly believes that there’s no foreseeable moment when he might consider giving up the game he cherishes. In tennis, he finds inspiration from those who continue competing at the age of 85, reinforcing his commitment to the sport for the foreseeable future.


Match Report | Wimbledon 2 Crewe 2

Match Recap | Wimbledon vs. Crewe Ends in 2-2 Draw

  • Railwaymen fight back from two down again
  • Tabiner and Nevitt on target in dramatic finish
  • Alex end the evening seventh in table

Elliott Nevitt’s 101st-Minute Goal Secures Dramatic Draw for Crewe at AFC Wimbledon

In a thrilling encounter at AFC Wimbledon, Crewe Alexandra secured a hard-fought point, thanks to Elliott Nevitt’s late heroics. Despite falling behind by two goals after Josh Neufville and James Tilley found the net for the hosts, Joel Tabiner pulled one back for Crewe early in the second half.

Nevitt’s dramatic left-footed strike deep into injury time salvaged a precious point for Crewe, showcasing their never-say-die spirit under Lee Bell’s leadership.

Crewe is now unbeaten in three games and currently sits seventh in League Two.

Bell made a single change to the side that triumphed against Forest Green, with Ryan Cooney taking the place of Aaron Rowe, prompting a positional shift for Rio Adebisi as he played as a wide attacker.

Wimbledon, searching for their first home win of the season, started strongly and created early goal-scoring opportunities. Captain Luke Offord and defender Connor O’Riordan made crucial blocks, and Jack Powell’s last-ditch tackle thwarted the Dons.

On the 20th minute, Tabiner and Christopher Long combined well to release Courtney Baker-Richardson down the right flank, but his cross was intercepted by Wimbledon’s goalkeeper, Alex Bass.

Crewe survived a scare when they lost possession in midfield, and Ali Al-Hamadi squared the ball for Tilley. However, keeper Harvey Davies rushed off his line and narrowed the angle, forcing Tilley to shoot wide from a promising position.

Wimbledon broke the deadlock in the 30th minute when Al-Hamadi surged down the right wing and delivered a cross to Neufville at the far post, who made no mistake.

Davies made a crucial save from Charlie Lakin and then dived to his left to deny an Al-Hamadi strike, but he was helpless when Wimbledon added their second in the 38th minute. Crewe failed to clear the danger, and Tilley displayed quick footwork to create space before slotting the ball home from close range.

Davies made a point-blank save from an Al-Hamadi header, while Tabiner’s dipping volley missed the target at the other end before halftime.

O’Riordan couldn’t continue and was replaced by Zac Williams at halftime, prompting a formation change to 3-5-2 for Crewe.

In the 51st minute, Crewe pulled one back as Cooney delivered a superb cross met by the charging Tabiner, who clinically finished first-time.

The game tightened up, prompting Bell to introduce Nevitt in place of Connor Thomas just after the hour mark.

Both teams created chances, with Wimbledon seeking a third goal. Omar Bugiel headed over from a corner, and Neufville shot wide after beating his marker.

Mickey Demetriou made an outstanding block to deny Al-Hamadi, while substitute Aron Sasu fired a shot over the bar in the closing stages.

Crewe piled on pressure in injury time and appeared to have found a late winner when Williams bundled the ball into the net from a corner. However, the assistant referee raised his flag for offside.

Undeterred, Crewe continued to press, and in the 101st minute, Nevitt lashed the ball home from just inside the box, securing a dramatic equalizer.

Wimbledon (4-4-2): Bass; Ogundere, Lewis, Johnson, Currie (Sasu, 74); Tilley (Davison, 90+2), Lakin, Ball (Pell, 74), Neufville (Brown, 83); Bugiel (Evans, 90+2), Al-Hamadi.

Subs not used: Tzanev, Pearce.

Booked: Ogundere, Lakin

Crewe (4-2-3-1): Davies; Cooney (Rowe, 72), O’Riordan (Williams, 46), Offord, Demetriou; Powell (White, 85), Thomas (Nevitt, 62); Tabiner, Long, Adebisi (Finney, 85); Baker-Richardson.

Subs not used: Booth, Holicek, Rowe.

Booked: White, Rowe.

Referee: Lewis Smith.

Attendance: 8,137 (619).