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Romain Allemand: French Freestyle Sensation's Quest for a Snowboarding Career Dream - A Rising Star's Inspirational Journey!

Romain Allemand: French Freestyle Sensation’s Quest for a Snowboarding Career Dream – A Rising Star’s Inspirational Journey!

In a conversation with, Romain Allemand, the 16-year-old French snowboard freestyle rider from La Plagne, shares his admiration for Shaun White, the importance of happiness, and his Olympic aspirations.

Scaling great heights with effortless twists and turns in the air, Allemand’s career mirrors his soaring movements. Despite achieving significant milestones, such as winning gold in Big Air at the European Youth Olympic Festival and securing a spot in France’s snowboard freestyle 2023/24 World Cup team, Allemand remains grounded.

“I don’t get worked up,” he emphasizes, highlighting his calm demeanor. “I’m always trying to be grounded, please people, and bring joy.”

For Allemand, joy is a central theme in his journey—a feeling of freedom, love, and happiness that he discovered at the age of five when he first stepped onto a snowboard. His passion for doing tricks and experiencing the thrill of competition has been a constant fascination.

As his career continues its upward trajectory, Allemand remains focused on spreading joy and staying true to his values, drawing inspiration from the legendary Shaun White and driven by his Olympic dreams.

There’s no point in being negative

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His drive to explore and push boundaries emerged early, yielding swift rewards in local competitions. Each win validated Romain Allemand’s affinity for the sport, reinforcing that he was on the right trajectory.

“As I achieved results in small competitions and expanded my horizons, my passion for snowboarding grew,” reflects Allemand. Yet, amidst his development, he retained a profound connection to the joy of snowboarding—an aspect he still deems crucial.

The French athlete emphasizes the enduring importance of happiness in his journey. Recalling the challenges of his early phase, he underscores the significance of maintaining a positive mindset: “When I couldn’t snowboard well initially, I was always in a bad mood. Being happy is paramount to delivering my best performance.”

Acknowledging the impact of negativity on his abilities, Allemand emphasizes the correlation between his mood and performance. For him, the lesson is clear: “There’s no point in being negative.”

Romain Allemand: I always try to do sports

With an exciting future on the horizon, Romain Allemand envisions big dreams and draws inspiration from legendary figures in the sports world. Foremost among his idols is the iconic snowboarder Shaun White, a three-time Olympic champion celebrated for his perfect 100 scores in halfpipe and a remarkable skateboarding career.

Allemand firmly declares his admiration for White, emphasizing the breadth of White’s achievements and his status as a legend in the sport. Much like his idol, Allemand embraces a diverse sporting palette beyond the mountains. In the off-season, the French snowboarder takes to kitesurfing along the picturesque Cote d’Azur, a pursuit he inherited from his father.

Explaining his foray into kitesurfing, Allemand draws parallels between the two activities, noting the thrill of performing tricks in the air and the shared camaraderie of scoring points with friends. The sport resonates with him, offering a sensation akin to flying.

Away from the snowy slopes, Allemand finds joy in the water during summer months, often venturing to new locales like Spain with friends. This passion for movement extends beyond specific sports, as Allemand reveals an aversion to sitting still. Always seeking activity, he values trying new things and staying active, whether in the mountains or by the sea. For Allemand, the idea of remaining idle is simply not an option, as he enthusiastically shares, “I find it difficult to stay at home and do nothing on my sofa. So really, I always try to do sports or move around because otherwise, I get too bored.

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Olympic dreams of the future

With a strategic focus on competing solely in the European segments of the World Cup this season to prioritize training, Romain Allemand demonstrates unwavering dedication to his future goals.

His immediate aspirations involve securing a spot in the Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024, paving the way for his ultimate objective—qualification for the Olympic Winter Games in Milano Cortina 2026.

Inspired by watching the Olympic Games and World Cups, Allemand expresses a deep desire to be part of these prestigious events. He finds immense joy in the diversity of snowboarding styles and skill levels showcased in these competitions, fueling his determination.

Beyond the competitive arena, Allemand envisions a straightforward yet profound vision: to turn his passion for snowboarding into a livelihood. Dreaming of a future where he can make a living doing what he loves, he envisions a life filled with constant snowboarding, travel, and the pursuit of his passion—a dream that encapsulates his essence.

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Discover the Latest Thrills: Explore What's New This Season at Vermont's Premier Ski Areas!

Discover the Latest Thrills: Explore What’s New This Season at Vermont’s Premier Ski Areas!

As the offseason sweeps across New England, ski areas and resorts are bustling with activity, bringing forth an array of enhancements, from multimillion-dollar lifts to tantalizing additions to cafeteria menus. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what skiers and riders can anticipate at their preferred winter havens in Vermont:

Sugarbush Mountain Resort, in an October revelation, unveiled a $12.6 million investment in capital improvements set to unfold through the upcoming summer. The standout feature is the replacement of the Heaven’s Gate Triple with a cutting-edge fixed-grip quad. This upgrade includes a slight realignment aimed at reducing wind exposure and innovative slatted seat backs, minimizing the likelihood of wind-related delays. The new lift is slated for completion in time for the 2024-25 season. Additionally, Sugarbush dedicated $3 million over the summer to bolster its snowmaking infrastructure, ensuring optimal conditions for winter enthusiasts.

At Killington, known for its late-season prowess, the resort is gearing up for another bid at a prolonged ski season. Recent offseason efforts focused on enhancing snowmaking capabilities, with the replacement of substantial pipeline sections and the integration of additional low-energy snow guns. The resort is also introducing a Prinoth Bison X groomer and winch to its technical grooming fleet. The winch, a pivotal addition, enhances Killington’s snowmaking precision by providing accurate snow depth readings and ensuring targeted snow delivery where it’s needed most. With these upgrades, Killington is poised to offer an exceptional skiing experience in the upcoming season.

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Making Trick for Choosing Between Skiing and Snowboarding – Perfect for Snow Sports Beginners!

Making Trick for Choosing Between Skiing and Snowboarding – Perfect for Snow Sports Beginners!

In the past, choosing between skiing and snowboarding meant committing to one sport for life, as the two activities were often seen as rivals. However, the dynamics have shifted, and these sports now peacefully coexist, with enthusiasts from both sides sharing the slopes harmoniously. Some avid riders even maintain a versatile quiver of skis and snowboards, selecting their equipment based on prevailing conditions.

For those embarking on their snow sports journey, committing to either skiing or snowboarding initially is key to ensuring steady progress and the ability to explore diverse terrains. But how does one make this crucial decision? Is it a matter of selecting the sport that appears more stylish or easier, or simply following the crowd? Interestingly, there exists a valuable trick to help you navigate this decision and provide the perfect launchpad for your skiing or snowboarding adventure.

How to choose between skiing and snowboarding

The determining factor in choosing between snowboarding and skiing surprisingly lies in your accustomed mode of travel, often shaped by your childhood experiences. Here’s a guide on how to make the decision:

Snowboarding — If your upbringing involved skateboarding, the familiarity of moving forward while facing sideways makes snowboarding a more intuitive choice. The sideways orientation aligns seamlessly with your past experiences.

Skiing — Although it may seem more natural to face the direction of travel, this can feel quite foreign unless you’re accustomed to it. If your childhood memories involve rollerblading, the transition to skiing becomes more effortless, thanks to the shared similarities in movements.

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Is skiing or snowboarding easier?

There is a commonly acknowledged perception that while the fundamentals of skiing are easier to grasp, mastering the sport poses a greater challenge. Conversely, snowboarding tends to be perceived as initially more challenging but becomes easier to master over time.

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The appeal of skiing often lies in the body position it entails, although, as discussed earlier, individual preferences may vary. One common hurdle for beginners is the notion that in skiing, each foot enjoys independent movement with control over a separate ski, whereas in snowboarding, both feet are affixed to a single board. Until beginners acclimate to the concept of foot separation in snowboarding, achieving complete control over the board can prove to be a formidable challenge.

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Edmonton Oilers secure a narrow 4-3 victory against the Seattle Kraken, with

Edmonton Oilers secure a narrow 4-3 victory against the Seattle Kraken, with

Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane orchestrated a remarkable comeback, delivering a natural hat trick, including the overtime clincher, in a 4-3 triumph over the Seattle Kraken on Wednesday. Kane leveled the score with just 46 seconds remaining in regulation.

With three consecutive victories, the Oilers, now under new head coach Kris Knoblauch, are striving to recover from their early-season struggles. Knoblauch expressed satisfaction with the team’s resilience, bouncing back from a challenging second-period performance.

Zach Hyman set up Kane’s overtime heroics, patiently waiting for a Seattle defender to make a move before delivering the puck. Connor McDavid and Evan Bouchard, with three assists, also contributed to Edmonton’s offensive efforts. Goalie Stuart Skinner made 33 saves.

For the Kraken, Jared McCann, Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, and Alexander Wennberg found the net, but it wasn’t enough to halt their losing streak. Goalie Joey Daccord made 28 saves in the effort.

Despite the Oilers’ triumph, the Kraken believed they had opportunities to secure more goals. Wennberg acknowledged the team’s overall strong performance but lamented the tough ending.

The Oilers managed to avoid an own-goal early in the third period, and Kane’s redirection of Evan Bouchard’s shot, along with a late equalizer, sealed the dramatic comeback.

Edmonton’s resilience in the face of adversity pleased defenseman Darnell Nurse, emphasizing the team’s ability to rise when confronted with challenges.

In injury news, the Oilers placed Mattias Janmark and Dylan Holloway on long-term injured reserve, while Raphael Lavoie, Adam Erne, and Philip Broberg were recalled. Connor Brown is expected to be ready for the upcoming road trip.

Looking ahead, the Kraken will host the New York Islanders, while the Oilers embark on a four-game road trip starting with a matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday.


Team USA's Natalia Grossman Secures Gold In Sport Climbing's Debut At Continental Games

Team USA’s Natalia Grossman Secures Gold In Sport Climbing’s Debut At Continental Games

The conclusion of sport climbing’s continental premiere was charged with emotion, with Natalia Grossman prevailing over her close companion Brooke Raboutou in Santiago, Chile.

Natalia Grossman clinched the gold at the 2023 Pan American Games on October 24, securing a spot for the Paris 2024 Olympics. The victory was poignant for the American athlete as she triumphed over her long-time friend and compatriot Brooke Raboutou on the climactic last day of the sport climbing’s continental premiere.

The stakes were high as both contenders vied for the coveted Olympic quota, resulting in an emotional moment when the final results were announced.

Find the full list of Team USA’s medal winners at the Pan American Games 2023 and the complete overall medal table of the Pan American Games Santiago 2023.

Describing her win as “bittersweet,” Grossman expressed mixed feelings about the achievement, acknowledging the unique circumstance of having only one qualifying spot. “Obviously if it were any other competition, we’d be so psyched to be one and two, but having only one spot, it’s a bittersweet feeling,” she shared with, standing beside her close friend Raboutou who secured the silver medal.

The gold marked the final climbing title awarded at the games, completing a clean sweep for the United States.

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Under the backdrop of the snow-capped Andes mountains, the serene afternoon sky gave way to technical difficulties as the stadium lights faltered, causing a delay in the competition. Amidst the flickering lights and audible concern from the audience, Canada’s Rebecca Frangos managed to finish her run, navigating the lead wall with determination.

Reflecting on the delay, Grossman remarked, “I think it actually helped me because I was able to refuel and rest. By the time I got on the wall, all the carbs had kicked in and I was like, let’s go.”

With precise movements and remarkable composure, she scaled the wall, coming agonizingly close to completion before eventually falling, concluding with a final score of 88.1.

Raboutou made a valiant effort to bridge the 14.9 point gap from her competitor following the boulder segment, yet even with a commendable score of 96, she couldn’t stage a comeback.

The boulder phase commenced the day with Grossman showcasing her prowess. Gliding through boulders two and three effortlessly, the 22-year-old displayed a veteran’s finesse, conquering both on her initial attempt in less than ninety seconds before acknowledging the crowd with a beaming smile.

She stood as the sole contender to conquer the first three boulders, narrowly missing the mark on the fourth, thus concluding her flawless streak.

Alejandra Contreras, a local from Santiago, secured the sixth spot in both the boulder and lead categories and garnered immense support from the audience. The spectators cheered enthusiastically, brandishing the Chilean flag and waving posters emblazoned with her name in bold red, white, and blue letters.

The National Olympic Committees (NOCs) retain exclusive authority for the selection of athletes to represent their respective delegations at the Olympic Games. Participation in the Paris Games hinges on the NOCs’ decision to include them in their roster for Paris 2024.

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Exciting Snowboarding Films Night: Join Us at Strait Slice This Thursday

Exciting Snowboarding Films Night: Join Us at Strait Slice This Thursday

PORT ANGELES — Get ready for an adrenaline-packed evening as Strait Slice proudly presents a snowboarding extravaganza featuring films from two of the most influential women snowboarders in the world, Jamie Anderson and Mary Rand. Join us at 7 p.m. this Thursday for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Both Anderson and Rand will be in Port Angeles to meet their fans and sign autographs. Anderson, a distinguished two-time Olympic gold medalist hailing from Lake Tahoe, Calif., is sponsored by GNU, a leading snowboard brand based in Sequim and affiliated with Mervin Manufacturing, one of the world’s largest snowboard manufacturers.

The main event of the evening is Anderson’s film, “Reflections,” a thrilling cinematic journey that promises to captivate audiences. Kicking off the excitement is Rand’s “Giant Beasts, Tiny People,” an awe-inspiring film set in the majestic mountains above Haines, Alaska. This remote location boasts some of the most extreme and breathtaking terrains worldwide. Rand, originally from Rhode Island and now a resident of Port Angeles, is renowned for her global travels during winters, exploring the world’s extreme terrains as a prominent member of the Vans global team.

Adding a musical touch to the evening is the talented 17-year-old singer and songwriter, Flora Sullivan, who will be performing her original songs live.

To add to the excitement, we’ll be holding a raffle where attendees can win free snowboards and other exciting prizes. This event is suitable for all ages and is designed to be family-friendly. In the event of rain or inclement weather, fret not – we have an alternate venue arranged. Stay updated by checking out Strait Slice’s Facebook or Instagram @StraitSlice.


Mastering Snowboard Halfpipe: Winter Sports Skills & Techniques for Students

Mastering Snowboard Halfpipe: Winter Sports Skills & Techniques for Students

Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport that has garnered immense popularity. Among its most exciting events is the halfpipe, a U-shaped snow structure where riders perform acrobatic maneuvers in mid-air.

Teaching students about snowboarding halfpipe is an excellent way to introduce them to this thrilling sport. Here are some key tips to guide your teaching approach:

Master the Basics: Before diving into technical aspects, ensure students grasp the fundamentals of snowboarding. Teach them how to balance, control speed, turn, and stop. Emphasize proper snowboarding gear for safety.

Introduce the Halfpipe: Once the basics are mastered, introduce students to the halfpipe—a U-shaped structure formed by two walls. Let them explore, understanding the wall incline and approaches.

Teach Jumps and Tricks: When students are comfortable on the halfpipe, progress to jumps and tricks. Start with basic tricks like ollies, 180s, and grabs, gradually advancing to 540s, 720s, and flips. Encourage practice and safety awareness.

Prioritize Safety: Stress the importance of safety. Ensure students wear helmets, wrist guards, and knee pads. Establish behavioral guidelines for the halfpipe, such as line etiquette and no horseplay.

Encourage Practice: Like any skill, practice is crucial. Allow students ample time to gain confidence on the halfpipe. Encourage persistence and gradual progression as their skills improve.


Bishop's Stortford Resident Joins Record-Breaking Team in Support of Snowsport UK

Bishop’s Stortford Resident Joins Record-Breaking Team in Support of Snowsport UK

A resident from Bishop’s Stortford played a pivotal role in a remarkable achievement as part of an eight-member team that shattered a world record on Monday. Duncan White, a software developer, contributed his skills to the team’s quest to surpass the milestone of skiing the farthest distance using seated equipment.

Their ambitious endeavor unfolded on the 180-meter long slope, which happens to be the longest indoor real snow slope in the UK. The team’s objective was to ski a total of 44 kilometers within an eight-hour timeframe, equating to an impressive average of 38 runs per hour.

This extraordinary record-breaking accomplishment took place at the Chill Factore in Manchester on Monday, September 25th. The primary goal of this feat was to generate vital funds for Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK), a charity that enables individuals like Duncan to pursue their passion for skiing.

After an accidental fall at the age of 20, Duncan experienced a devastating complete spinal cord injury. Consequently, he now utilizes a wheelchair for his daily mobility needs. However, Duncan’s enduring passion for skiing, which was a significant part of his life before the accident, led him to explore sit skiing shortly after his unfortunate injury.


Norwegian Ski Brand Stereo Makes US Debut & Unveils New Lineup

Norwegian Ski Brand Stereo Makes US Debut & Unveils New Lineup

Stereo Skis Makes Grand Entrance into US Skiing Market: Premium Norwegian Brand Aims for Sustainable High-Performance Dominance

Stereo Skis, established in 2008, hails from Norway, striving to be a global leader in crafting top-tier, eco-friendly skis. For a decade, the company honed its expertise, amalgamating supreme materials and methods, prioritizing durability and performance. 2023 ushers in their US debut, eagerly awaited across 18 locations in the West, Midwest, and New England.

“We’re thrilled to launch our revamped website and embrace our 15 new dealers into the Stereo Family. Our legacy and sustainability tale resonate deeply with the US ski community. We’re excited about fostering partnerships and kindling enthusiasm for our high-performance skis.

– Doug McCaffrey, Head of US Sales and Operations

Stereo Skis secured a coveted accolade when Backcountry Magazine named their touring model, Wolf MK5, as the Editor’s Choice in their Gear Guide. This achievement positions Stereo Skis as a brand to watch in the US market. Their vision spans the next 3-5 years, aiming to expand their US presence, increase retail partnerships, and unveil strategic brand collaborations and an ambassador initiative in the 2023/24 ski season.

Stereo’s 2023/24 ski collection encompasses piste, freeride, race, and touring skis, tailored for elite performance. Targeting the premium ski market, prices range from $900 to $1300. These skis are proudly crafted in Åre, Sweden, with every step of production powered by renewable energy.


The 2023 Class of U.S. National Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Revealed!

The 2023 Class of U.S. National Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Revealed!

The U.S. National Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum, an independent entity not affiliated with U.S. Ski & Snowboard, has unveiled its prestigious Hall of Fame Class of 2023. The induction ceremony will take place at the Snowsports History Celebration in March, hosted in Park City, Utah.

This illustrious class features remarkable individuals such as two-time Olympic medalist freestyle moguls skier Shannon Bahrke, snowboarding trailblazer Jeff Brushie, and Olympic champion Billy Demong.

The mission of the U.S. National Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum is to honor and celebrate the outstanding athletes, pioneers, and visionaries who have made significant contributions to skiing and snowboarding worldwide. The museum, located in Ishpeming, Michigan, at the birthplace of organized skiing in the United States, serves as a testament to their remarkable stories and historic memorabilia.

Here are the distinguished 2023 inductees, with acknowledgments to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame:

Ross Anderson – Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ross Anderson, a Native American speed skier, holds the record as the fastest American on skis, reaching a remarkable speed of 154.060 mph in 2006 at Les Arcs, France. His skiing journey began in Durango, Colorado, where he excelled as both a ski racer and ski jumper. He transitioned to speed skiing in 1994, eventually becoming a prominent figure on the U.S. Speed Skiing Team, securing a bronze medal at the 2005 World Championships, and earning eight national championships.

Shannon Bahrke – A proud native of Reno, Nevada, Shannon Bahrke stands as one of only five women to achieve multiple Olympic medals. Renowned for her iconic pink hair and vibrant presence in moguls skiing, Bahrke claimed Olympic silver at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and, despite injuries, returned to win Olympic bronze in 2010. Throughout her 12-year career with the U.S. Ski Team, Bahrke clinched the 2003 World Cup title, achieved 27 World Cup podium finishes with seven victories, and secured six U.S. titles. She participated in three Olympics and represented the U.S. on six World Championship teams.

Jeff Brushie – Hailing from Burlington, Vermont, Jeff Brushie enjoyed an incredibly successful competitive career, earning a place among the most accomplished American snowboarders. During an era predating the X Games and Olympic recognition, Brushie thrilled audiences worldwide, becoming one of the most commercially successful pro snowboarders of his generation. His impressive record includes over 20 major contest victories, including three world championship titles. In the 1990s, Brushie’s crossover appeal brought snowboarding into the mainstream media spotlight through MTV and ESPN, influencing future stars such as Shaun White.

Billy Demong – A native of Vermontville, New York, Billy Demong left an enduring legacy as both an athlete and team leader. Demong made history by winning the first gold medal for an American nordic skier, inspiring Team USA to an unprecedented four medals at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. Raised in the Olympic region of Lake Placid, Demong drew inspiration from the 1980 Games. Over a 16-season international racing career, he claimed Olympic gold and silver, four World Championship medals (including one gold), and 21 World Cup podium finishes, with nine wins.

Jake & Dave Moe – Siblings Jake and David Moe, originating from Seattle, Washington, played a pivotal role in the skiing landscape when they introduced “POWDER Magazine” to the world in 1971. Under their mantra “Powder to the People,” the Moe brothers revolutionized skiing journalism, offering a fresh and independent perspective on the sport. Their publication featured captivating photos and narratives that transformed the direction of skiing, encouraging skiers to embrace independence on the slopes. Serving as publisher and editor, the Moe brothers continued their mission for nearly 50 years.

Les Otten – A visionary resort developer, Les Otten significantly impacted the entire skiing industry with his innovative approaches. His journey began as a ski instructor during college, eventually leading to ownership of nine ski areas and the establishment of American Ski Company as a publicly traded resort leader. Otten’s hallmark was his commitment to improving various aspects of skiing. He revolutionized teaching techniques to simplify sport entry, prioritized snowmaking quality, and recognized the potential of shaped skis early on. His pioneering efforts reshaped the skiing industry we know today.

Mike Porter – With a career spanning half a century, Mike Porter left an indelible mark as one of the world’s most influential ski educators. He served on the PSIA National Alpine Team as both a member and, eventually, its longest-standing head coach. Porter also played a crucial role in founding the American Teaching System, contributing to the global recognition of PSIA-AASI. His extensive research in ski racing fostered collaboration among coaches and instructors, further enhancing the sport.

Hank Kashiwa – Following his victory at the 1975 World Pro Skiing Championship, Olympic ski racer Hank Kashiwa channeled his success and passion into a thriving career in the ski industry. Together with his brother Bucky, he founded Volant, which became the largest American ski manufacturer, known for its innovative stainless-steel cap design. After the sale of Volant to Atomic, Hank continued to make significant contributions to the industry, particularly in his role leading marketing efforts for Montana’s Yellowstone Club, the world’s first private ski and golf community, now boasting 875 families in its membership.

These remarkable individuals, each leaving a lasting impact on the world of skiing and snowboarding, will be honored at the 2023 Snowsports History Celebration in Park City, Utah, as they join the prestigious ranks of the U.S. National Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum.


Colorado Silverton Mountain Welcomes New Owners to Lead

Colorado Silverton Mountain Welcomes New Owners to Lead

Silverton Mountain, a popular ski destination in Colorado, is entering a new era as it welcomes its new proprietors, Andy Culp and Brock Strasbourger, CEO and President of Heli Adventures Inc, respectively. The previous owners, Aaron and Jen Brill, who have nurtured the ski destination for the past 24 years, expressed their gratitude to the guests, community, and dedicated staff who have been an integral part of their journey.

In a heartfelt message, the Brills shared their mixed emotions of excitement and nostalgia as they hand over the reins of Silverton Mountain to the capable hands of the new owners. The Brills will now redirect their focus towards their family while continuing their adventures in Alaska.

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Silverton Mountain, a ski destination in Colorado, is getting new owners. Aaron and Jen Brill, who have owned and nurtured the mountain for the past 24 years, expressed their gratitude to the guests, community, and employees who have been a part of their lives. They are emotional and excited about the future of Silverton Mountain and are going to focus on family. The new owners, Andy Culp CEO and Brock Strasbourger President of Heli Adventures Inc, have a strong passion for skiing and Silverton and promised to keep the amazing team in place. They look forward to continuing to provide that special Silverton Mountain experience well into the future.

Aaron and Jen Brill will still be guiding in Alaska and will continue to own and operate @silvertonmountainguides (SMG AK), where they provide the premier Alaska heli-skiing experience from October through May each season since 2008.

Andy Culp and Brock Strasbourger are the new owners of Silverton Mountain in Colorado[1][2]. They both have a passion for skiing and a deep affection for Silverton, and they have pledged to carry forward the legacy of this remarkable mountain. They have reassured Silverton’s dedicated team of employees that their positions will remain secure under the new leadership, ensuring the continuation of the distinctive Silverton Mountain experience for years to come.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Jen Brill, the previous owners of Silverton, will continue to own and operate Silverton Mountain Guides (SMG AK), where they have been providing premier Alaska heli-skiing experiences from October through May since 2008. They are bidding adieu to their cherished Silverton, but they are not fading away from the adventure scene entirely. They will still be guiding in the pristine wilderness of Alaska.

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Argentinian Resort: Buried in Unprecedented Snow, People Measurement Impossible

Argentinian Resort: Buried in Unprecedented Snow, People Measurement Impossible

Las Leñas, a ski resort in Argentina, was hit with an unexpected meteorological event. The initial forecast predicted one meter of snowfall within 24 hours, but the actual accumulation remains uncertain due to the nearly impassable conditions for measurement. An official report eventually emerged, revealing that the base received a formidable one-meter snow deposit, while the summit was inundated with an astonishing 2.5 meters of snow[1]. Despite this awe-inspiring snowfall, the eagerly anticipated moment when enthusiasts can hit the slopes remains uncertain. The reason lies in the sky-high avalanche danger that these extraordinary conditions have generated, underscoring the awe-inspiring power of nature’s fury.

Key points:

  • Las Leñas, a ski resort in Argentina, experienced an unexpected meteorological event.
  • The initial forecast predicted one meter of snowfall within 24 hours, but the actual accumulation remains uncertain due to the nearly impassable conditions for measurement.
  • An official report revealed that the base received a formidable one-meter snow deposit, while the summit was inundated with an astonishing 2.5 meters of snow.
  • Despite the snowfall, the ski resort remains closed due to the sky-high avalanche danger that these extraordinary conditions have generated.

Las Leñas is a ski resort located in the Argentine Andes, in Mendoza, Argentina. Here are some key features of the resort:

  • Terrain: Las Leñas offers a wide range of terrain suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.
  • Snowfall: The resort is known for its reliable snowfall during the ski season, which typically runs from June to October.
  • Facilities: The resort features modern lift systems, various accommodation options, on-site amenities, and a vibrant après-ski scene.
  • Location: Accessible by road from Buenos Aires or Mendoza, Las Leñas is renowned for its stunning mountain scenery and is a top destination for winter sports enthusiasts in South America.

However, visitors should be aware of the potential challenges posed by weather conditions and avalanche risks.

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Launching a Streaming Service for Independent Snowboard Movies A Promising Venture or a Potential Flop

Launching a Streaming Service for Independent Snowboard Movies: A Promising Venture or a Potential Flop?

Snowboard movies are an essential part of snowboarding culture, and they are highly valued by its passionate fan base. Recently, a new company called Airtime has emerged with the mission to promote an independent movie streaming service catering to this dedicated audience. According to their mission statement, Airtime is a streaming service that provides access to compelling independent ski and snowboard content. The goal of Airtime is to create a single platform to access independent outdoor films, which are the heart and soul of the industry. Airtime aims to provide financial compensation and a platform for film crews and athletes who are creating action sports content.

In summary, Airtime is a new company that aims to promote independent ski and snowboard content through a streaming service. They believe that independent outdoor films are the heart and soul of the industry and want to provide a platform for film crews and athletes to showcase their work while also providing financial compensation. This new venture has the potential to be a promising addition to the snowboarding culture, and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.

Airtime is a platform that aims to change the way the skiing and snowboarding industries operate by creating a dedicated platform for films that directs dollars back to the athletes and creators who deserve greater opportunities for compensation[1]. However, the operational details, pricing structure, and its ability to deliver captivating content beyond amateur productions remain unclear.

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The ski and snowboard industry is changing, and the future of ski resorts is uncertain due to fuel costs, global warming, and water shortages. However, AI rewriters are becoming increasingly popular for content creation, including AI content rewriter tools that can help avoid plagiarism issues by rewriting entire paragraphs and blog articles.

Brands in the snowboarding industry are changing their strategies and entering policy debates as climate change continues to upend the snowfall calendar.


The 13-Year-Old Ukrainian Snowboarder with Real Olympic Potential: Meet Dima Luchkin

The 13-Year-Old Ukrainian Snowboarder with Real Olympic Potential: Meet Dima Luchkin

  • Dima Luchkin is a 14-year-old snowboarder from Ukraine who has exceptional talent for his age.
  • Dima and his family have moved to Innsbruck, Austria, seeking refuge from the war-torn Ukraine.
  • Dima has the potential to become the first Ukrainian snowboarder to gain international recognition.
  • Burton’s web series, MY TURN, features Dima and his family’s story, highlighting not only his snowboarding skills but also the peace the sport has brought to their lives amidst adversity.
  • Dima has participated in events such as WRT Livigno’23, WRT overall’23, and ValleyRalley Final’23, and is sponsored by Burton Europe and Anon Optics.

Dima Luchkin is a 14-year-old snowboarder from Ukraine who has exceptional talent for his age. He and his family have moved to Innsbruck, Austria, seeking refuge from the war-torn Ukraine. Dima has the potential to become the first Ukrainian snowboarder to gain international recognition. Burton’s web series, MY TURN, features Dima and his family’s story, highlighting not only his snowboarding skills but also the peace the sport has brought to their lives amidst adversity. Dima has participated in events such as WRT Livigno’23, WRT overall’23, and ValleyRalley Final’23, and is sponsored by Burton Europe and Anon Optics

The Luchkin family’s journey began with their escape from Ukraine, which was a difficult and uncertain experience. However, their connections in the snowboarding community ultimately led them to Innsbruck, Austria, where they found a welcoming community and a place to call home. Through interviews with Dima’s family, Selema Masekela uncovers the resilience and courage that has defined their journey. Their story is a testament to the power of sport, the bonds of family, and the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to be defined by the challenges life throws their way.

The Luchkin family’s story reminds us that even in the most challenging circumstances, the pursuit of passion and the embrace of a loving community can lead to a brighter, more promising future. For Dima Luchkin, this pursuit of passion might just take him to the pinnacle of snowboarding success, all while carrying the hopes and dreams of his war-torn homeland on his snow-covered shoulders.

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St. Louis Fundraiser: $1M Raised for U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team

St. Louis Fundraiser: $1M Raised for U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team

For the seventh consecutive year, the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team celebrated its annual fundraising event in St. Louis, Missouri. This remarkable occasion was graciously hosted by Ron Kruszewski, the CEO of Stifel Financial Corporation, alongside his partner, Amanda Perkins. Each year, this fundraiser becomes a staple in St. Louis, drawing a substantial gathering of several hundred generous donors committed to providing vital support to the U.S. Team’s athletes. The event held on September 23, 2023, achieved a remarkable milestone by raising a record-breaking sum of over $1 million.

The theme for this year’s fundraiser was “Mikaela’s Roadhouse,” an homage to the legendary skier Mikaela Shiffrin. To add a touch of uniqueness to the event, the hosts, Ron Kruszewski and Amanda Perkins, embraced the theme by donning head-to-toe black leather outfits, reminiscent of a high-end motorbike gang. The venue’s decor was a sight to behold, with a prominent Route 88 sign gracing the surroundings, symbolizing Mikaela Shiffrin’s astonishing achievement of 88 World Cup victories.

Mikaela Shiffrin (left) with the hosts Ron Kruszewski and Amanda Lewis. | Picture: Mikaela Shiffrin Instagram

The evening glittered with star power as it featured an impressive lineup, with country sensation Dierks Bentley taking center stage. Joining him were none other than the illustrious U.S. Alpine Team athlete and two-time Olympic champion, Mikaela Shiffrin, alongside the 2022 world champion, Hanna Faulhaber, and the celebrated two-time Olympic medalist, Alex Ferreira, both hailing from the esteemed Stifel U.S. Freeski Team.

The event drew the presence of numerous prominent figures from the world of St. Louis sports. Notable players from the St. Louis Blues, the Cubs, and the Cardinals graced the occasion, adding to the star-studded ambiance.

As a delightful surprise for the audience, Mikaela Shiffrin even shared the stage with Dierks Bentley for a captivating rendition of “I’ll Be the Moon.

The Route 88 decorations at Mikaela’s Roadhouse. | Picture: Mikaela Shiffrin Instagram

What an extraordinary event unfolded in St. Louis this year! I honestly couldn’t have imagined it surpassing the greatness of last year’s gathering. My heartfelt congratulations go out to Ron Kruszewski, Amanda Lewis, and the entire Stifel Financial team for achieving the remarkable feat of raising over $1 million! A heartfelt thank you goes to the St. Louis community for their unwavering support once more.

The St. Louis Event: A Vital Fundraiser for U.S. Ski & Snowboarding

St. Louis plays host to the grandest annual fundraiser for U.S. Ski & Snowboarding, an event of paramount importance. Every dollar generated during this gathering will be dedicated to supporting the U.S. Ski & Snowboard teams. It’s worth noting that the United States does not receive federal funding for its snowsport athletes, necessitating alternative means of financial support. Much of this backing comes from generous corporate sponsorships and the success of fundraising initiatives. The impressive achievement of raising $1 million is poised to make a substantial impact, bolstering the prospects of U.S. athletes as they prepare for the upcoming 23/24 World Cup season.

Infograph on Athlete Funding in the USA. | Picture:


Laurentian Ski Hill receives funding, launches strategic plan

Laurentian Ski Hill Secures Funding and Initiates Strategic Plan

The Laurentian Ski Hill Snowboarding Club has initiated a three-year strategic plan, aiming to foster new collaborations and transform into a year-round destination. This endeavor has received substantial support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF).

Recently, the Laurentian Ski Hill Snowboarding Club expressed its deep gratitude for the generous $72,300 grant from the Resilient Communities Fund, provided by the OTF.

As a non-profit organization, Laurentian Ski Hill is committed to adopting innovative strategies and establishing partnerships that will facilitate the sustainable growth of this vital community asset over the long term. Thanks to the OTF funding, the ski hill has been able to hire additional staff, craft a comprehensive three-year strategic plan, and invest in new equipment and supplies.

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli noted, ‘COVID-19 has posed significant challenges for many not-for-profit organizations in the tourism, culture, sport, and recreation sectors. We take pride in the fact that our government has stepped up to support Laurentian Ski Hill’s recovery through the Resilient Community Fund. Financial assistance from the Ontario government has played a crucial role in enabling the ski hill to develop both a strategic and tourism plan, as well as acquire equipment to enhance their rental shop.’

The Laurentian Ski Hill Snowboarding Club is celebrating its 98th year of operation, representing an invaluable part of our community. It plays a pivotal role in our local economy as a premier tourism attraction within the Nipissing District. The objective is to build upon this legacy and continue nurturing the organization with the collaborative efforts of the Board of Directors, dedicated staff, community partners, and volunteers. This collective effort aims to ensure the ski hill’s long-term viability while creating a recreational haven that will enrich our region for generations to come.

Brad Gavan, president of Laurentian Ski Hill Snowboarding Club, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, ‘The funding received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation is a significant leap forward in increasing our human resources capacity and formulating a three-year strategic plan. This plan will enable us to offer an expanded range of services and products to the community and visitors throughout the year.’

The OTF, an agency of the Government of Ontario, is recognized as one of Canada’s foremost granting foundations, with a 40-year history of supporting projects and partnerships in Ontario communities. Last year alone, OTF invested over $110 million in 1,022 community initiatives and collaborations, which included contributions to the Government of Ontario’s Community Building Fund.

The Laurentian Ski Hill Snowboarding Club operates as a non-profit organization overseen by a dedicated Board of Directors. Nestled in North Bay, this winter destination offers 1.5 kilometers of slopes, a 106-meter vertical drop, a terrain park, and a licensed cafe, providing skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts with a thrilling experience. Additionally, the ski hill offers rentals, group and private lessons, programs, camps for kids, school initiatives, and much more. For additional details, please visit


Thredbo Resort Announces Closing Day "Two Weeks Ahead of the Regular Schedule

Thredbo Resort Announces Closing Day “Two Weeks Ahead of the Regular Schedule

Thredbo Resort, a renowned Australian ski destination, made an announcement on September 17th, stating that it would cease skiing and riding operations as of September 18th.

In the caption:

“The time has arrived, and we are officially concluding the winter 2023 skiing and snowboarding season, wrapping it up two weeks earlier than anticipated🤍⛄️

Mother Nature certainly kept us on our toes, but this season brought us countless magical moments! None of this would have been possible without our incredible staff and guests! It’s our people who make Thredbo truly special, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you 🌟

Starting tomorrow, the ski lifts won’t be in operation for skiing and snowboarding access. However, the Kosciuszko Chairlift will continue to run, providing access for backcountry exploration, snowshoeing, and scenic adventures in the meantime.”

Although not explicitly mentioned in the post, the early closure is likely due to a shortage of snow. Thredbo’s web cameras currently reveal extensive areas of grass interspersed with small patches of snow. Today, the Kosciuszko Chairlift remained open for “backcountry, snowshoeing, and scenic adventures.

Thredbo Resort Photo Cradit:
Thredbo Resort Photo Cradit:

In spite of occasional fleeting snowfall, Thredbo faced significant challenges during the Australian winter due to low snowfall and unseasonably warm temperatures. The resort had to delay its season opening, pushing back the commencement of winter operations from the originally scheduled date of June 10th.

Meanwhile, other Australian resorts, including Hotham, Mt. Buller, Mt. Baw Baw, and Selwyn, have already concluded their winter operations. However, the nation’s largest resort, Perisher, remains open.

When examining Australia’s seasonal temperature and precipitation data, the early closures become understandable. The past winter marked Australia’s warmest on record, and elevated areas of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, where several Australian ski resorts are located, experienced snow depths that haven’t been so low in 17 years.

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Thredbo Resort Announces Closing Day “Two Weeks Earlier Than Usual”