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New Dover Skatepark at Guppey Park: Skaters 'Just Ecstatic' About the Latest Addition

New Dover Skatepark at Guppey Park: Skaters ‘Just Ecstatic’ About the Latest Addition

DOVER — In a significant milestone for the city, the eagerly anticipated 10,700-square-foot skatepark at Guppey Park is now fully constructed and operational. Skateboarders, bicyclists, and scooter enthusiasts, both local and from distant areas, are flocking to the park to experience its new offerings.

The expertly crafted skatepark, a brainchild of the renowned Arizona-based architectural firm Pillar Design Studios, stands proudly as the replacement for the worn-down river skatepark. Gary Bannon, the city’s recreation director, revealed that the skatepark quietly debuted over the Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend before the official launch.

To mark this momentous occasion, the city has planned an official grand opening event scheduled for this Saturday, October 21, starting at noon. This celebration will coincide with the much-anticipated Ryder Street Co. Skate Jam, a charitable event benefiting the Dover Children’s Home. However, there is a possibility of rescheduling both events owing to anticipated inclement weather.

Bannon enthusiastically shared, “Riders have been expressing their sheer delight upon visiting and utilizing the new park. The positive feedback has been overwhelming, leaving us with the conviction that we have truly hit the mark with this project.

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Artisan Concrete from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, spearheaded the construction of the illuminated skatepark, which initiated in June. Overall, the project costs around $600,000, covering various aspects such as contracts, lighting setup, and additional site enhancements.

Bannon mentioned that a few final additions, like landscaping, fine-tuning the drainage system, and the installation of a picnic shelter, are still underway for the facility.

Weather permitting, the Guppey Park skatepark is accessible from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily.

Since its inauguration, the skatepark has attracted enthusiasts from distant locations, with skaters even making the journey from as far as Portland, Maine, drawn by the appeal of its illuminated night sessions.

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From my perspective, witnessing the happiness and diverse experiences of numerous individuals is truly fulfilling,” he expressed. “Our real treasure lies not in the concrete itself, but in the lives and unity this project has fostered.”

After persistent grassroots campaigns, the Dover City Council finally sanctioned the skatepark’s design, engineering, and construction through an August 2021 vote, marking a significant milestone for the city.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring city of Portsmouth, skateboard enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the launch of a massive 20,000-square-foot skatepark along Route 33.


Caps Bring Back G Clay Stevenson as Charlie Lindgren Injured in Practice

Caps Bring Back G Clay Stevenson as Charlie Lindgren Injured in Practice

The Washington Capitals have brought up goaltender Clay Stevenson from their AHL affiliate Hershey, following Charlie Lindgren’s early exit from Monday morning’s practice due to an undisclosed injury. Lindgren is currently listed as day-to-day, and Stevenson is expected to serve as backup to Darcy Kuemper when the Capitals face the Calgary Flames in their second game of the season.

Lindgren started the Capitals’ season opener last Friday, making 31 saves but allowing four goals in a 4-0 loss to rival Pittsburgh. Over his career, spanning eight seasons with the Montreal Canadiens (2015-20), St. Louis Blues (2021-22), and the Capitals, he holds a record of 28-24-5 with a .906 save percentage and a 2.91 goals-against average.

Stevenson, a 24-year-old, joined Washington as an undrafted player out of Dartmouth in 2022 and has yet to make his NHL debut.

In a corresponding move, the Capitals have placed defenseman Joel Edmundson on long-term injured reserve (LTIR). Edmundson, who underwent hand surgery in late September, was already on injured reserve and will now need to miss a minimum of 10 games to start the season.


2023 Street League Skateboarding Sydney: Chloe Covell and Felipe Gustavo Secure Thrilling Wins

Chloe Covell and Felipe Gustavo Secure Thrilling Wins

An Emotional Triumph for Gustavo at Last

Felipe Gustavo experienced a surge of emotions as he claimed the top spot on the podium, a surprise to even himself after some mixed scores in the preceding three rounds.

As the competition neared its climax, Nyjah Huston held second place, with his compatriot, Chris Jordan, not far ahead in the lead.

Jordan’s impressive score of 9.0 elevated him to the top, leaving Huston requiring an 8.0 to surpass him. However, the renowned American skateboarder, recovering from a bout of food poisoning, landed awkwardly, placing him in third position.

Next up was the seasoned skateboarder, Gustavo, who needed an 8.5 to secure victory. In a heart-pounding moment, he executed a flawless nollie flip frontside noseslide that prompted his fellow skaters, including Leal and Huston, to rush to him in celebration before the score was even revealed.

With the Brazilian flag clutched in one hand, the 2018 world bronze medalist couldn’t contain his joy as he knelt on the ground, ultimately receiving an 8.8 for a winning total of 35.4, a mere 0.4 points ahead of Jordan.

Even Olympic champion Horigome Yuto finished behind in fifth place.

An emotional Gustavo shared his feelings after the victory, saying, I dream about this every day of my life. I knew it was coming close, everybody always rooted for me, everybody wanted me to win, but it wasn’t my time but God’s time. I worked so hard for this, and I am so thankful… everybody from my hometown, we did,” he added, tapping the trophy.

The SLS Championship comprises three legs, with skaters vying for a chance to qualify for the Super Crown World Championship in Brazil at the end of the year.

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Global Recall of Onewheel Electric Skateboards Following Four Fatalities

Global Recall of Onewheel Electric Skateboards Following Four Fatalities

Global Recall Initiated for All Onewheel Electric Skateboards Worldwide Following Four Fatalities

In response to four tragic fatalities involving riders of Onewheel electric skateboards, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a sweeping recall of all 300,000 Onewheel devices sold in the United States. The CPSC cited the risk of crashes leading to severe injuries as the reason for the recall.

Future Motion, the manufacturer of Onewheel skateboards, clarified that the recall applies to customers worldwide, not just those in the United States. A spokesperson for the UK government expressed its intention to investigate the matter and take prompt action if deemed necessary.

For UK customers, Future Motion has provided options on its website, including a software update or a $100 (£82) store credit, depending on the skateboard’s make and model. Recall requests can be submitted via a link on Future Motion’s website.

The CPSC’s recall notice highlighted four reported deaths linked to Onewheels between 2019 and 2021, along with significant injuries like traumatic brain injuries, concussions, paralysis, upper and lower body fractures, and ligament damage. The four fatalities were attributed to head trauma, with evidence indicating that in at least three of these cases, the riders were not wearing helmets.

Both Future Motion and the CPSC strongly advocate the use of protective gear while riding, including helmets and knee pads.

According to legal documents filed by Future Motion in September, the company is currently facing 31 lawsuits in the United States from individuals alleging that they fell due to the Onewheel stopping or shutting off unexpectedly. The filings noted that no cases related to the electric skateboards have yet been adjudicated in court.

The recall encompasses all models of Onewheel electric skateboards, including the original Onewheel, Onewheel+, Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel Pint, Onewheel Pint X, and Onewheel GT models.

It’s important to note that electric-powered devices like e-skateboards and e-scooters are legal for use on private property, but their use on public roads, sidewalks, and cycle lanes with privately owned devices is typically prohibited.


Recall Issued for Onewheel Electric Skateboard Following Four Fatalities Associated with the Product

Recall Issued for Onewheel Electric Skateboard Following Four Fatalities Associated with the Product

Recall Notice: Onewheel Self-Balancing Electric Skateboards by ‘Future Motion’

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a recall notice for Onewheel, the self-balancing electric skateboards produced by ‘Future Motion.’ The CPSC has identified a potential safety issue with these boards related to their balancing functionality when the weight limit is exceeded, which poses a significant risk of crashes.

Tragically, the CPSC recall notice links at least four fatalities and numerous injuries to these skateboards.

As a result of this safety concern, a recall has been initiated, affecting a total of 300,000 Onewheel boards. The manufacturer, ‘Future Motion,’ has indicated that some models can be updated to include weight limit warnings for users. However, it is important to note that certain models will need to be disposed of entirely due to the inability to address the safety issue through updates.


Chris's Remarkable Stroll Along the Boardwalk Culminates in an Unexpected Encounter with a Photographer's Tumble.

Chris’s Remarkable Stroll Along the Boardwalk Culminates in an Unexpected Encounter with a Photographer’s Tumble.

On the sunny afternoon of Saturday, September 23, 2023, Santa Cruz Skateboards threw an epic 50th-anniversary celebration at the iconic Santa Cruz boardwalk. The event was a whirlwind of excitement, featuring a sensational, free Dinosaur Jr. concert that had everyone grooving, and of course, an abundance of heart-pounding skateboarding action.

One of the standout moments of the day was when Chris “Cookie” Colbourn took center stage during the skate sessions. With finesse and style, Cookie executed a jaw-dropping, spellbinding grind along a beautifully long handrail. Little did anyone know, a photographer was stationed right at the end of that rail, capturing the electrifying moment. Check out the incredible clip below!

The grind was nothing short of impressive, with an explosive landing that left spectators in awe. It’s still a mystery why the photographer chose to stand right in the landing zone. Perhaps she had doubts about Cookie’s ability to conquer the entire rail. Nevertheless, the good news is that everyone emerged unscathed from the encounter, and true to his character, Cookie was the first to check on her well-being.

Photographer mishap aside, this clip remains the crowning glory of the Santa Cruz 50th birthday bash, a testament to the enduring spirit of skateboarding.

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A compelling skateboarding montage showcasing the vibrant spirit of Parisian streets.

A Compelling Skateboarding Montage Showcasing The Vibrant Spirit Of Parisian Streets

“Experience the essence of Paris, one of the world’s premier skateboarding cities, through Sebastien Rolando and Tom O’Reilly’s latest edit, skillfully curated by Valentin Ferreira. Filming credits also go to Augustin Giovannoni & Johnny Wilson, adding depth to this exceptional project.

The cast includes some of the finest talents: Filip Aiha, Sauvageon, Alastair Pathe, Auguste Bouznad, Samy Sebaoui, Hugo Fernandes, Marcel Aiha, Vincent Touzery, Roman Gonzales, Manuel Schenck, Aurelien Barcelo, Sengo Prevost, Leo Breuillac, and Stanley Pradel. This is an assembly of the new generation of skateboarders who epitomize the heart and soul of the sport.

Enhancing the experience is a perfectly matched soundtrack that complements the breathtaking visuals. It’s not just a skateboarding video; it’s an artistic masterpiece.

And if you’re yearning for a taste of adventure, don’t miss the thrilling cliff jumping sequences. Before embarking on your next European journey, hit play on this edit and perhaps discover some never-before-skated gems along the way.


Official praises China's athletes for surpassing expectations at Hangzhou Asian Games.

Official praises China’s athletes for surpassing expectations at Hangzhou Asian Games.

Halfway through the Hangzhou Asian Games, Chinese athletes are poised to capture over 180 gold medals, far surpassing expectations. Zhang Xin, the delegation’s Secretary General, expressed immense pride in China’s performance, asserting their dominance on the medal tally.

As of Saturday, China had secured 107 gold medals, maintaining a substantial lead. Notably, they set two world records, seven Asian records, and 16 Games records, alongside numerous season-best finishes. Veterans like Ma Long, Ye Shiwen, Zhang Liang, and Sun Peiyuan extended their remarkable careers, while promising young talents like Huang Yuting, Cui Chenxi, and Yuan Liying shone bright.

China also secured seven Paris 2024 Olympic quotas and Olympic A Standards in 11 swimming events. Zhang Xin emphasized that the Chinese athletes’ high morale would propel them to more outstanding achievements in sports such as weightlifting, diving, canoe sprint, table tennis, and badminton.

With the halfway mark passed, the delegation’s exceptional performance has far exceeded earlier predictions, making them a dominant force at the Hangzhou Asian Games. The total gold medal count is now expected to surpass 180.


Salem's Skateboarding Championships Attracts Elite Competition

Salem’s Skateboarding Championships Attracts Elite Competition

Salem, Oregon Hosts World Slalom Skateboarding Championships at Bush’s Pasture Park

SALEM, Ore. (KPTV) – Bush’s Pasture Park in Salem is gearing up to host the World Slalom Skateboarding Championships, commencing this Friday.

Juanita Savoy-Nash, a Salem resident, expressed her enthusiasm for attending the upcoming skateboarding races. Her granddaughters have been involved in slalom skateboarding for several years now.

“(They) started this when they were just two years old,” Savoy-Nash shared. “They would zip through the house on skateboards, and their parents didn’t mind. It was something entirely new to me.”

This event has drawn participants from 14 different countries to Bush’s Pasture Park.

“They engage in various activities,” remarked Savoy-Nash. “Skateboarding is just one of them, but it’s truly fascinating. It adds excitement to an otherwise ordinary day.”

Among the talented skaters competing this weekend is Orion Lehrmann from San Diego. Since his introduction to such events in 2019, he has been striving to ascend the ranks.

“My ultimate goal is to become a world champion someday,” Lehrmann declared. “If not today, I’m determined to make it happen in the future.”

Skaters who achieve top times in this competition secure a spot in the World Skate Games. Given that this competition recognizes slalom skateboarding, Lehrmann envisions a future where it might become an Olympic sport.

“It’s unquestionably on the rise right now,” he affirmed. “People are enthusiastic about it, and there’s a concerted effort to promote the sport.”

Savoy-Nash intends to continue enjoying the skills displayed by these skateboarders throughout the weekend.

“I’m fascinated by their board positioning, their arm movements, and their body language,” she observed. “It’s truly remarkable to watch them in action.”

The races will take place at the soapbox derby course in Bush’s Pasture Park on both Saturday and Sunday.


Has Alex Gumm been found or is he still missing Is he alive or has he vanished

Has Alex Gumm been found or is he still missing? Is he alive or has he vanished?

In February 2018, 24-year-old musician Alex Gumm embarked on a spiritual journey to Kauai, Hawaii, where he lost contact with people, raising concerns. Friends speculated he sought sanctuary while exploring his religious and spiritual path. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Disappeared: Lost in Paradise’ delves into his disappearance, interviewing family members for insights.

THE MYSTERY OF ALEX GUMM: Born on June 27, 1993, to Sally McLaren and Ben Gumm, Alexander “Alex” McLaren Gumm grew up in North Berwick, Maine, before relocating to New Hampshire in the White Mountains. As a child, he dabbled in skateboarding and graffiti art, immersing himself in graffiti books for hours.

Later, Alex shifted his focus to music, mastering the piano, drums, and guitar. He composed songs and performed with local bands, gaining recognition as a talented musician. He ventured to Los Angeles, adopting the alias Albert Johnsun, aspiring to become a professional artist.

In Los Angeles, he had a job, a girlfriend, and was part of multiple music groups. However, his behavior became erratic as he yearned for something deeper. He believed he was a descendant of Lemurian aliens and that music could transport him to another world. In 2015, he embarked on a spiritual journey, exploring various religions and adopting a strict vegan lifestyle.

Returning to his hometown in 2017, he isolated himself, meditating in a secluded part of his parents’ Victorian mansion, later working as a food truck driver and taking a vow of silence. On February 20, 2018, he informed his parents of his intent to move to Kauai, Hawaii, to spend time with others and explore his spirituality.

The day before leaving, he dramatically changed his appearance with a buzz cut. His parents picked him up and dropped him at a bus depot in Dover, New Hampshire. From there, he journeyed to Kauai, checking into the Kauai Beach House hostel on Kuhio Highway. His last known contact was at the hostel on February 24. Concerned about his lack of communication and financial activity, his parents reported him missing to the Kauai Police Department.

THE SEARCH FOR ALEX GUMM: His sudden disappearance was marked by his phone going to voicemail and then silence. His parents discovered his last transaction was for a room at the Kauai Beach House hostel. A hostel guest posted his photo on Facebook, drawing attention to his disappearance, prompting his parents to contact the Kauai police.

The Facebook post went viral, gaining media coverage from the New York Post and the UK’s Daily Mail. Private investigator Toomas Fujiuchi joined the search. Alex’s internet search history hinted at plans to live off-grid. He was reportedly sighted in various locations, including a homeless camp in Salt Pond, Eleele, where he declined seafood chowder, emphasizing his plant-based diet.

Another potential sighting occurred near Polihale State Park in August 2018. In spring 2019, he was allegedly seen shopping for camping gear at Kauai Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Despite these sightings, friends and family believed his actions stemmed from personal choice rather than foul play.

CONTACT FOR ASSISTANCE: To report any information about Alex Gumm’s whereabouts, contact Ben Gumm and Sally McLaren at or Ian Davis at The mystery of Alex Gumm’s journey continues, leaving loved ones eager to know if he is still alive, driven by his own choices.


The 59-year-old Montreal Skateboarder Shatters Stereotypes

The 59-year-old Montreal Skateboarder Shatters Stereotypes

Skateboarders in Montreal are breaking stereotypes at skateparks, as people of all ages and backgrounds are taking up the sport. Constantinos Gray, a 59-year-old skateboarder, recently got back on a board after 42 years and spoke to CTV National News about the freedom and nostalgia it brings him.

Other older skateboarders are also joining in, with the Old Man’s Skateboarding Club in Columbia Valley being an example of a group of older skateboarders shredding stereotypes.

Skateboarding has also faced societal stereotypes for decades, with skateboarders being labeled as slackers and troublemakers. However, this image is changing as more people take up the sport and show that skateboarders can also be successful business professionals[5]. Female skateboarders, such as Annie Guglia in Montreal, are also breaking stereotypes and becoming role models for others. Overall, skateboarding is a sport that is breaking down barriers and bringing people together.

Skateboarding has been a popular sport since the 1960s and 70s. Many skateboarders, like Gray, started at a young age and continue to enjoy the sport as they get older. Skateboarding has evolved over the years, with most boarding now taking place in skateparks rather than on the streets.

Despite the changes, the camaraderie among skateboarders remains strong, with multiple generations enjoying the sport and trying to pull off tricks. Skateboarding provides a unique feeling of being light and free, which can be addictive. Skateboarding is not just a hobby for young people, as many older individuals are reconnecting with the sport they used to love.

Credit by: / Constantinos Gray. (CTV National News)


Ben Gravy and Jacob Szekely Surf Last of Hurricane Lee, Skate with Bam Margera

Ben Gravy and Jacob Szekely Surf Last of Hurricane Lee, Skate with Bam Margera

Ben Gravy, a self-proclaimed novelty wave surfer, has been collaborating with Jacob “Zeke” Szekely to surf the waves kicked up by Hurricane Lee on the East Coast. In his latest YouTube post, Gravy and his team try to make the most of the swell before it fades into history. They scored some super fun conditions before the swell made its way back out to sea[1]. Gravy describes this week as one of his most fun weeks at home in a long time. To top it off, Bam Margera joins them for a skate session. Gravy says that the viewers should come for the perfect overhead, spitting hurricane barrels and stay for the one-month sober Bam Margera skating FDR. He also mentions that this is probably some of the best footage he has seen of Bam in years.

To summarize, Ben Gravy and Jacob Szekely have been surfing the waves kicked up by Hurricane Lee on the East Coast. In his latest YouTube post, Gravy and his team try to make the most of the swell before it fades into history. Bam Margera also joins them for a skate session.


Amidst criticism for their proposal to substitute the skate park with tennis courts, Bolton Valley postpones the shutdown.

Amidst criticism for their proposal to substitute the skate park with tennis courts, Bolton Valley postpones the shutdown.

“I believe it will have a significant impact on many families’ lives this winter,” expressed Miri Mahar, a resident of Bolton who, along with her daughter Scout, has been using the privately owned skate park for nearly five years since its inception.

For years, Bolton has been home to one of just two indoor skate and bike parks in Vermont. However, when Bolton Valley Resort recently unveiled its plan to close the park and replace it with tennis and pickleball courts, the response was swift and impassioned.

“We knew that there were going to be some disappointed individuals,” acknowledged Lindsay DesLauriers, the resort’s president and CEO. “But we did not anticipate the intensity of the reaction.”

In response to the fallout, resort officials have decided to postpone the park’s closure, which was originally scheduled for October 1.

DesLauriers admitted, “I acknowledge that we did not handle the engagement process well, starting with our staff, regarding this decision. We are committed to rectifying that.” She mentioned plans to meet with staff and engage with the broader community, adding, “Right now, we are suspending a firm closing date. We want to navigate through these discussions before establishing a specific date.”

News of the closure had already spread before the resort’s official announcement on September 19, with a petition created three days prior gathering nearly 1,600 signatures by Thursday evening.

The petition argues, “The skatepark is a vital place for skateboarders in Vermont, as it is the only indoor skatepark besides Talent, and we believe it serves a much larger audience than tennis courts.”

Comments have since flooded the resort’s social media channels.

Miri Mahar, a Bolton resident, shared her concerns, stating, “I think it will drastically affect many families’ lives this winter. It’s a popular spot for families to bring their children, especially when the ski lifts are closed. It’s also frequented by families visiting during winter vacations or February breaks.”

Scout recently celebrated her fourth birthday at the skate park.

“It’s where she learned to ride her bike and started to learn skateboarding,” Mahar added, noting that she accompanies her daughter on rollerblades. She also mentioned her initial concerns about her young daughter playing among adult skateboarders and BMX bikers, but they always look out for her and even guide her.

“It’s an amazing community. They’re so kind to her and teach her how to do things,” she said.

Built over two former tennis courts, the skate park is situated in the sports center at Bolton Valley Resort and is accessible to anyone with a season or day pass. According to the resort’s website, a day pass costs $30 for adults and $20 for children aged 6-15.

photo credit by (

Some people on social media have argued that replacing a skate park with tennis and the fast-growing pickleball amounts to socioeconomic discrimination. DesLauriers disagreed and explained that Bolton Valley was making a decision based on what makes the most economic sense for the resort.

She noted the challenge of being a small business in a competitive industry and the need to balance viability with being a valuable community resource. However, she emphasized the resort’s appreciation for the skateboarding community at Bolton Valley.

Nick Mallow, who manages Bolton Valley’s sports center, shared that he and his friends grew up skateboarding in the area. They were excited when Talent Skatepark opened in Burlington, and even more so when the park’s bowl, a central feature with sloped edges, was relocated to Bolton in 2018.

Although discussions about repurposing the skate park for tennis courts have been ongoing for several years, Mallow expressed his surprise as an employee upon hearing about the recent closure announcement.

“I think that increasing marketing efforts and hosting more skate events could help generate more revenue for the skate park,” he suggested, adding that he is willing to assist with the transition.

Colin Brown, a former employee at the Bolton skate park and a skateboarder for over 30 years, designed some of the park’s features. He highlighted the facility’s significant use, especially during the winter, when it can attract between 10 and 30 skateboarders on a busy weekend.

photo credit by (

“There are plenty of places to play tennis and pickleball in the area. But when it comes to skateboarding, there’s only one place during the winter,” Brown emphasized. “Having this resource was crucial for the skate community.”

DesLauriers mentioned that the resort is exploring options to relocate some of the park’s features, particularly the iconic bowl, which is considered a part of Vermont’s skateboarding history.

“We are a complex business with many considerations, and we make decisions about directions every day. Different decisions require varying levels of engagement,” she stated. “We clearly misjudged this one.”


Nishiya gets maiden Paris Olympics qualifying win

Nishiya Secures First-Ever Qualifying Victory at Paris Olympics

Japanese Skateboarder Momiji Nishiya Clinches Victory at Fourth Paris Olympics Qualifier and Claims Maiden World Skateboarding Tour Win

Nishiya gets maiden Paris Olympics qualifying win
Tokyo Olympics skateboarding champion Momiji Nishiya of Japan (C) poses for a photo after winning the women’s street final at a Paris Olympics qualifying event in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Sept. 16, 2023, alongside compatriots Yumeka Oda (L) and Toa Sasaki, who finished second in the women’s and men’s events, respectively. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo

16-Year-Old Momiji Nishiya Triumphs at Paris Olympics Qualifier and Maiden World Skateboarding Tour Victory

In an impressive performance, 16-year-old Japanese skateboarder Momiji Nishiya secured victory at the fourth Paris Olympics qualifying event in the women’s street category. Not only did she claim this important win, but she also celebrated her maiden triumph on the World Skateboarding Tour.

Nishiya accumulated a remarkable total of 259.81 points during the event, surpassing her compatriot and runner-up, Yumeka Oda, who achieved a score of 249.77. American skateboarder Paige Heyn secured the third position with a score of 243.93. The event took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, where Nishiya’s exceptional skills shone through.

Tokyo Olympics skateboarding champion Momiji Nishiya of Japan competes en route to winning the women’s street final at a Paris Olympic qualifying event in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Sept. 16, 2023. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo

Nishiya clinched the title with her fifth and final attempt during the best trick phase, where she earned an impressive score of 86.91. This exceptional performance propelled her to the top of the leaderboard.

Expressing her joy and determination, Nishiya stated, “I’m really happy. I’d decided on winning this event. I could do it as my family, coaching staff, and many people cheered me on till the end. I’m really grateful.”

In the men’s event, Japan’s Toa Sasaki secured an impressive second place finish with a score of 270.53. However, it was American skateboarder Nyjah Huston who claimed victory with a score of 275.94. Giovanni Vianna of Brazil secured the third position with a score of 268.06, making it an exciting and competitive event for skateboarders worldwide.