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Romain Allemand: French Freestyle Sensation's Quest for a Snowboarding Career Dream - A Rising Star's Inspirational Journey!

Romain Allemand: French Freestyle Sensation’s Quest for a Snowboarding Career Dream – A Rising Star’s Inspirational Journey!

In a conversation with, Romain Allemand, the 16-year-old French snowboard freestyle rider from La Plagne, shares his admiration for Shaun White, the importance of happiness, and his Olympic aspirations.

Scaling great heights with effortless twists and turns in the air, Allemand’s career mirrors his soaring movements. Despite achieving significant milestones, such as winning gold in Big Air at the European Youth Olympic Festival and securing a spot in France’s snowboard freestyle 2023/24 World Cup team, Allemand remains grounded.

“I don’t get worked up,” he emphasizes, highlighting his calm demeanor. “I’m always trying to be grounded, please people, and bring joy.”

For Allemand, joy is a central theme in his journey—a feeling of freedom, love, and happiness that he discovered at the age of five when he first stepped onto a snowboard. His passion for doing tricks and experiencing the thrill of competition has been a constant fascination.

As his career continues its upward trajectory, Allemand remains focused on spreading joy and staying true to his values, drawing inspiration from the legendary Shaun White and driven by his Olympic dreams.

There’s no point in being negative

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His drive to explore and push boundaries emerged early, yielding swift rewards in local competitions. Each win validated Romain Allemand’s affinity for the sport, reinforcing that he was on the right trajectory.

“As I achieved results in small competitions and expanded my horizons, my passion for snowboarding grew,” reflects Allemand. Yet, amidst his development, he retained a profound connection to the joy of snowboarding—an aspect he still deems crucial.

The French athlete emphasizes the enduring importance of happiness in his journey. Recalling the challenges of his early phase, he underscores the significance of maintaining a positive mindset: “When I couldn’t snowboard well initially, I was always in a bad mood. Being happy is paramount to delivering my best performance.”

Acknowledging the impact of negativity on his abilities, Allemand emphasizes the correlation between his mood and performance. For him, the lesson is clear: “There’s no point in being negative.”

Romain Allemand: I always try to do sports

With an exciting future on the horizon, Romain Allemand envisions big dreams and draws inspiration from legendary figures in the sports world. Foremost among his idols is the iconic snowboarder Shaun White, a three-time Olympic champion celebrated for his perfect 100 scores in halfpipe and a remarkable skateboarding career.

Allemand firmly declares his admiration for White, emphasizing the breadth of White’s achievements and his status as a legend in the sport. Much like his idol, Allemand embraces a diverse sporting palette beyond the mountains. In the off-season, the French snowboarder takes to kitesurfing along the picturesque Cote d’Azur, a pursuit he inherited from his father.

Explaining his foray into kitesurfing, Allemand draws parallels between the two activities, noting the thrill of performing tricks in the air and the shared camaraderie of scoring points with friends. The sport resonates with him, offering a sensation akin to flying.

Away from the snowy slopes, Allemand finds joy in the water during summer months, often venturing to new locales like Spain with friends. This passion for movement extends beyond specific sports, as Allemand reveals an aversion to sitting still. Always seeking activity, he values trying new things and staying active, whether in the mountains or by the sea. For Allemand, the idea of remaining idle is simply not an option, as he enthusiastically shares, “I find it difficult to stay at home and do nothing on my sofa. So really, I always try to do sports or move around because otherwise, I get too bored.

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Olympic dreams of the future

With a strategic focus on competing solely in the European segments of the World Cup this season to prioritize training, Romain Allemand demonstrates unwavering dedication to his future goals.

His immediate aspirations involve securing a spot in the Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024, paving the way for his ultimate objective—qualification for the Olympic Winter Games in Milano Cortina 2026.

Inspired by watching the Olympic Games and World Cups, Allemand expresses a deep desire to be part of these prestigious events. He finds immense joy in the diversity of snowboarding styles and skill levels showcased in these competitions, fueling his determination.

Beyond the competitive arena, Allemand envisions a straightforward yet profound vision: to turn his passion for snowboarding into a livelihood. Dreaming of a future where he can make a living doing what he loves, he envisions a life filled with constant snowboarding, travel, and the pursuit of his passion—a dream that encapsulates his essence.

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Discover the Latest Thrills: Explore What's New This Season at Vermont's Premier Ski Areas!

Discover the Latest Thrills: Explore What’s New This Season at Vermont’s Premier Ski Areas!

As the offseason sweeps across New England, ski areas and resorts are bustling with activity, bringing forth an array of enhancements, from multimillion-dollar lifts to tantalizing additions to cafeteria menus. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what skiers and riders can anticipate at their preferred winter havens in Vermont:

Sugarbush Mountain Resort, in an October revelation, unveiled a $12.6 million investment in capital improvements set to unfold through the upcoming summer. The standout feature is the replacement of the Heaven’s Gate Triple with a cutting-edge fixed-grip quad. This upgrade includes a slight realignment aimed at reducing wind exposure and innovative slatted seat backs, minimizing the likelihood of wind-related delays. The new lift is slated for completion in time for the 2024-25 season. Additionally, Sugarbush dedicated $3 million over the summer to bolster its snowmaking infrastructure, ensuring optimal conditions for winter enthusiasts.

At Killington, known for its late-season prowess, the resort is gearing up for another bid at a prolonged ski season. Recent offseason efforts focused on enhancing snowmaking capabilities, with the replacement of substantial pipeline sections and the integration of additional low-energy snow guns. The resort is also introducing a Prinoth Bison X groomer and winch to its technical grooming fleet. The winch, a pivotal addition, enhances Killington’s snowmaking precision by providing accurate snow depth readings and ensuring targeted snow delivery where it’s needed most. With these upgrades, Killington is poised to offer an exceptional skiing experience in the upcoming season.

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Making Trick for Choosing Between Skiing and Snowboarding – Perfect for Snow Sports Beginners!

Making Trick for Choosing Between Skiing and Snowboarding – Perfect for Snow Sports Beginners!

In the past, choosing between skiing and snowboarding meant committing to one sport for life, as the two activities were often seen as rivals. However, the dynamics have shifted, and these sports now peacefully coexist, with enthusiasts from both sides sharing the slopes harmoniously. Some avid riders even maintain a versatile quiver of skis and snowboards, selecting their equipment based on prevailing conditions.

For those embarking on their snow sports journey, committing to either skiing or snowboarding initially is key to ensuring steady progress and the ability to explore diverse terrains. But how does one make this crucial decision? Is it a matter of selecting the sport that appears more stylish or easier, or simply following the crowd? Interestingly, there exists a valuable trick to help you navigate this decision and provide the perfect launchpad for your skiing or snowboarding adventure.

How to choose between skiing and snowboarding

The determining factor in choosing between snowboarding and skiing surprisingly lies in your accustomed mode of travel, often shaped by your childhood experiences. Here’s a guide on how to make the decision:

Snowboarding — If your upbringing involved skateboarding, the familiarity of moving forward while facing sideways makes snowboarding a more intuitive choice. The sideways orientation aligns seamlessly with your past experiences.

Skiing — Although it may seem more natural to face the direction of travel, this can feel quite foreign unless you’re accustomed to it. If your childhood memories involve rollerblading, the transition to skiing becomes more effortless, thanks to the shared similarities in movements.

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Is skiing or snowboarding easier?

There is a commonly acknowledged perception that while the fundamentals of skiing are easier to grasp, mastering the sport poses a greater challenge. Conversely, snowboarding tends to be perceived as initially more challenging but becomes easier to master over time.

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The appeal of skiing often lies in the body position it entails, although, as discussed earlier, individual preferences may vary. One common hurdle for beginners is the notion that in skiing, each foot enjoys independent movement with control over a separate ski, whereas in snowboarding, both feet are affixed to a single board. Until beginners acclimate to the concept of foot separation in snowboarding, achieving complete control over the board can prove to be a formidable challenge.

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Edmonton Oilers secure a narrow 4-3 victory against the Seattle Kraken, with

Edmonton Oilers secure a narrow 4-3 victory against the Seattle Kraken, with

Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane orchestrated a remarkable comeback, delivering a natural hat trick, including the overtime clincher, in a 4-3 triumph over the Seattle Kraken on Wednesday. Kane leveled the score with just 46 seconds remaining in regulation.

With three consecutive victories, the Oilers, now under new head coach Kris Knoblauch, are striving to recover from their early-season struggles. Knoblauch expressed satisfaction with the team’s resilience, bouncing back from a challenging second-period performance.

Zach Hyman set up Kane’s overtime heroics, patiently waiting for a Seattle defender to make a move before delivering the puck. Connor McDavid and Evan Bouchard, with three assists, also contributed to Edmonton’s offensive efforts. Goalie Stuart Skinner made 33 saves.

For the Kraken, Jared McCann, Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, and Alexander Wennberg found the net, but it wasn’t enough to halt their losing streak. Goalie Joey Daccord made 28 saves in the effort.

Despite the Oilers’ triumph, the Kraken believed they had opportunities to secure more goals. Wennberg acknowledged the team’s overall strong performance but lamented the tough ending.

The Oilers managed to avoid an own-goal early in the third period, and Kane’s redirection of Evan Bouchard’s shot, along with a late equalizer, sealed the dramatic comeback.

Edmonton’s resilience in the face of adversity pleased defenseman Darnell Nurse, emphasizing the team’s ability to rise when confronted with challenges.

In injury news, the Oilers placed Mattias Janmark and Dylan Holloway on long-term injured reserve, while Raphael Lavoie, Adam Erne, and Philip Broberg were recalled. Connor Brown is expected to be ready for the upcoming road trip.

Looking ahead, the Kraken will host the New York Islanders, while the Oilers embark on a four-game road trip starting with a matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday.


Canadian swimming sensation Maggie Mac Neil secures her fourth gold medal at the Pan Am Games.

Canadian swimming sensation Maggie Mac Neil secures her fourth gold medal at the Pan Am Games.

Canadian swimmer Maggie Mac Neil secured her fourth gold medal at the Pan Am Games, adding to Canada’s impressive pool of medals in Santiago, Chile, on Tuesday.

Mac Neil, hailing from London, Ont., clinched the gold in the women’s 50-metre freestyle, sharing the victory with American Gabi Albiero, both clocking in at 24.84 seconds.

Expressing her joy, Mac Neil remarked, “I’m pleased with the tie for the win. Swimming freestyle internationally is still relatively new to me. Missing that extra wall really makes a difference. So I’m genuinely content with this.”

With this triumph, Mac Neil’s overall medal count from seven events rose to six, comprising four golds, one silver, and one bronze. Her four golds now match the record set by Jessica Deglau in 1999 for the most golds won by a Canadian swimmer at the Pan Am Games. Additionally, her six total medals tie the all-time single-Games record held by four other swimmers (Deglau in 1999, Marianne Limpert, Joanne Malar in 1995, and Ralph Hutton in 1967).

Elsewhere in the games, Ottawa’s Julie Brousseau claimed the gold in the women’s 400 individual relay, triumphing in four minutes 43.76 seconds. Brousseau, in her senior national team debut, secured the lead at the 150-metre mark, ultimately fending off American Lucerne Bell (4:44.27) in a closely contested race.

Amidst other achievements, Canada’s women’s eight rowing team and Dorien Llewellyn of Innisfail, Alta., dominated the men’s overall water-ski competition, contributing further to Canada’s growing medal tally. The day’s successes also

included two gold medals in artistic gymnastics, along with silver and bronze triumphs in various events, bringing Canada’s total swimming medal count to an impressive 20 (eight gold, five silver, seven bronze) as the competition heads into its final day on Wednesday.

In racquetball, Coby Iwaasa of Lethbridge, Alta., and Samuel Murray of Baie-Comeau, Que., advanced to the men’s doubles gold-medal match before losing to Mexico’s Javier Mar and Rodrigo Montoya.

In rowing, the Canadian squad of Kendra Hartley (Calgary), Olivia McMurray (Red Deer, Alta.), Ailzée Brien (Sainte-Agathe, Que.), Parker Illingworth (Seattle), Abby Spiers (Victoria), Shaye De Paiva (Calgary), Abigail Dent (Kenora, Ont.), Leia Till (Potomac, Md.) and coxswain Kristen Kit (St. Catharines, Ont.) led at all 500-metre checkpoints and finished the 2,000-metre race in 6:10.7.

The United States was second in 6:14.17 and host Chile was third in 6:17.78.

This marks Canada’s third rowing medal at the Games. Dent and McMurray secured silver in the women’s coxless pair, while Hartley, Illingworth, Brien, and De Paiva claimed bronze in women’s quadruple sculls on Monday.

Kit, who was the coxswain when Canada won women’s eight gold for the first time in 29 years at the Tokyo Games, will also cox Canada’s boat in the mixed eight A final on Wednesday.

In water-skiing, Dorien Llewellyn earned his third medal of the Games by scoring 2,970.59 points across the slalom, tricks, and jump to secure the overall title. Tobias Giorgis of Argentina (2,689.09) finished second, and Martin Labra Thiermann of Chile (2,671.83 points) came in third.

Notably, Alannah Yip of North Vancouver, B.C., created history for Canada by capturing the country’s inaugural Pan American Games medal in sport climbing, as she clinched the bronze in the boulder and lead competition.

Despite narrowly missing the bronze in the boulder and lead, Sean McColl of Vancouver placed fourth overall in the men’s competition on Monday.

In gymnastics, Félix Dolci claimed gold in the floor exercise with a score of 14.233, earning his second gold and third overall medal in Santiago. His victory in the men’s all-around event on Monday marked the first time in 60 years that a Canadian secured this title.

Brazil’s Arthur Mariano secured the silver medal with 13.933 points, while Colombia’s Juan Larrahondo claimed bronze with 13.366 points.

On the track cycling front, Team Canada’s track cyclists set a high standard with two medals on the first day of racing at Velódromo Parque Peñalolén. The men’s sprint team, consisting of Nick Wammes (Bothwell, Ont.), James Hedgcock (Ancaster, Ont.), and Tyler Rorke (Baden, Ont.), displayed their winning prowess, setting the qualifying pace with a time of 43.829s. Subsequently, they went on to face Colombia in the gold-medal final, securing the top position with a time of 43.396s, narrowly surpassing Colombia’s 43.421s.

Emulating this success, the women’s sprint team, including Jackie Boyle (Toronto), Sarah Orban (Calgary), and Emy Savard (Saguenay, Que.), clinched bronze, beating Colombia with a time of 48.498s compared to Colombia’s 48.836s. Mexico secured the gold medal with a time of 47.134s, while the United States claimed silver with 48.001s.

These results contributed significantly to Canada’s medal count, as it heads into the final day of the competition with a total of 20 swimming medals, comprising eight gold, five silver, and seven bronze.


Team USA's Natalia Grossman Secures Gold In Sport Climbing's Debut At Continental Games

Team USA’s Natalia Grossman Secures Gold In Sport Climbing’s Debut At Continental Games

The conclusion of sport climbing’s continental premiere was charged with emotion, with Natalia Grossman prevailing over her close companion Brooke Raboutou in Santiago, Chile.

Natalia Grossman clinched the gold at the 2023 Pan American Games on October 24, securing a spot for the Paris 2024 Olympics. The victory was poignant for the American athlete as she triumphed over her long-time friend and compatriot Brooke Raboutou on the climactic last day of the sport climbing’s continental premiere.

The stakes were high as both contenders vied for the coveted Olympic quota, resulting in an emotional moment when the final results were announced.

Find the full list of Team USA’s medal winners at the Pan American Games 2023 and the complete overall medal table of the Pan American Games Santiago 2023.

Describing her win as “bittersweet,” Grossman expressed mixed feelings about the achievement, acknowledging the unique circumstance of having only one qualifying spot. “Obviously if it were any other competition, we’d be so psyched to be one and two, but having only one spot, it’s a bittersweet feeling,” she shared with, standing beside her close friend Raboutou who secured the silver medal.

The gold marked the final climbing title awarded at the games, completing a clean sweep for the United States.

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Under the backdrop of the snow-capped Andes mountains, the serene afternoon sky gave way to technical difficulties as the stadium lights faltered, causing a delay in the competition. Amidst the flickering lights and audible concern from the audience, Canada’s Rebecca Frangos managed to finish her run, navigating the lead wall with determination.

Reflecting on the delay, Grossman remarked, “I think it actually helped me because I was able to refuel and rest. By the time I got on the wall, all the carbs had kicked in and I was like, let’s go.”

With precise movements and remarkable composure, she scaled the wall, coming agonizingly close to completion before eventually falling, concluding with a final score of 88.1.

Raboutou made a valiant effort to bridge the 14.9 point gap from her competitor following the boulder segment, yet even with a commendable score of 96, she couldn’t stage a comeback.

The boulder phase commenced the day with Grossman showcasing her prowess. Gliding through boulders two and three effortlessly, the 22-year-old displayed a veteran’s finesse, conquering both on her initial attempt in less than ninety seconds before acknowledging the crowd with a beaming smile.

She stood as the sole contender to conquer the first three boulders, narrowly missing the mark on the fourth, thus concluding her flawless streak.

Alejandra Contreras, a local from Santiago, secured the sixth spot in both the boulder and lead categories and garnered immense support from the audience. The spectators cheered enthusiastically, brandishing the Chilean flag and waving posters emblazoned with her name in bold red, white, and blue letters.

The National Olympic Committees (NOCs) retain exclusive authority for the selection of athletes to represent their respective delegations at the Olympic Games. Participation in the Paris Games hinges on the NOCs’ decision to include them in their roster for Paris 2024.

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New Dover Skatepark at Guppey Park: Skaters 'Just Ecstatic' About the Latest Addition

New Dover Skatepark at Guppey Park: Skaters ‘Just Ecstatic’ About the Latest Addition

DOVER — In a significant milestone for the city, the eagerly anticipated 10,700-square-foot skatepark at Guppey Park is now fully constructed and operational. Skateboarders, bicyclists, and scooter enthusiasts, both local and from distant areas, are flocking to the park to experience its new offerings.

The expertly crafted skatepark, a brainchild of the renowned Arizona-based architectural firm Pillar Design Studios, stands proudly as the replacement for the worn-down river skatepark. Gary Bannon, the city’s recreation director, revealed that the skatepark quietly debuted over the Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend before the official launch.

To mark this momentous occasion, the city has planned an official grand opening event scheduled for this Saturday, October 21, starting at noon. This celebration will coincide with the much-anticipated Ryder Street Co. Skate Jam, a charitable event benefiting the Dover Children’s Home. However, there is a possibility of rescheduling both events owing to anticipated inclement weather.

Bannon enthusiastically shared, “Riders have been expressing their sheer delight upon visiting and utilizing the new park. The positive feedback has been overwhelming, leaving us with the conviction that we have truly hit the mark with this project.

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Artisan Concrete from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, spearheaded the construction of the illuminated skatepark, which initiated in June. Overall, the project costs around $600,000, covering various aspects such as contracts, lighting setup, and additional site enhancements.

Bannon mentioned that a few final additions, like landscaping, fine-tuning the drainage system, and the installation of a picnic shelter, are still underway for the facility.

Weather permitting, the Guppey Park skatepark is accessible from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily.

Since its inauguration, the skatepark has attracted enthusiasts from distant locations, with skaters even making the journey from as far as Portland, Maine, drawn by the appeal of its illuminated night sessions.

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From my perspective, witnessing the happiness and diverse experiences of numerous individuals is truly fulfilling,” he expressed. “Our real treasure lies not in the concrete itself, but in the lives and unity this project has fostered.”

After persistent grassroots campaigns, the Dover City Council finally sanctioned the skatepark’s design, engineering, and construction through an August 2021 vote, marking a significant milestone for the city.

Meanwhile, in the neighboring city of Portsmouth, skateboard enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the launch of a massive 20,000-square-foot skatepark along Route 33.


Exciting Snowboarding Films Night: Join Us at Strait Slice This Thursday

Exciting Snowboarding Films Night: Join Us at Strait Slice This Thursday

PORT ANGELES — Get ready for an adrenaline-packed evening as Strait Slice proudly presents a snowboarding extravaganza featuring films from two of the most influential women snowboarders in the world, Jamie Anderson and Mary Rand. Join us at 7 p.m. this Thursday for an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Both Anderson and Rand will be in Port Angeles to meet their fans and sign autographs. Anderson, a distinguished two-time Olympic gold medalist hailing from Lake Tahoe, Calif., is sponsored by GNU, a leading snowboard brand based in Sequim and affiliated with Mervin Manufacturing, one of the world’s largest snowboard manufacturers.

The main event of the evening is Anderson’s film, “Reflections,” a thrilling cinematic journey that promises to captivate audiences. Kicking off the excitement is Rand’s “Giant Beasts, Tiny People,” an awe-inspiring film set in the majestic mountains above Haines, Alaska. This remote location boasts some of the most extreme and breathtaking terrains worldwide. Rand, originally from Rhode Island and now a resident of Port Angeles, is renowned for her global travels during winters, exploring the world’s extreme terrains as a prominent member of the Vans global team.

Adding a musical touch to the evening is the talented 17-year-old singer and songwriter, Flora Sullivan, who will be performing her original songs live.

To add to the excitement, we’ll be holding a raffle where attendees can win free snowboards and other exciting prizes. This event is suitable for all ages and is designed to be family-friendly. In the event of rain or inclement weather, fret not – we have an alternate venue arranged. Stay updated by checking out Strait Slice’s Facebook or Instagram @StraitSlice.


Caps Bring Back G Clay Stevenson as Charlie Lindgren Injured in Practice

Caps Bring Back G Clay Stevenson as Charlie Lindgren Injured in Practice

The Washington Capitals have brought up goaltender Clay Stevenson from their AHL affiliate Hershey, following Charlie Lindgren’s early exit from Monday morning’s practice due to an undisclosed injury. Lindgren is currently listed as day-to-day, and Stevenson is expected to serve as backup to Darcy Kuemper when the Capitals face the Calgary Flames in their second game of the season.

Lindgren started the Capitals’ season opener last Friday, making 31 saves but allowing four goals in a 4-0 loss to rival Pittsburgh. Over his career, spanning eight seasons with the Montreal Canadiens (2015-20), St. Louis Blues (2021-22), and the Capitals, he holds a record of 28-24-5 with a .906 save percentage and a 2.91 goals-against average.

Stevenson, a 24-year-old, joined Washington as an undrafted player out of Dartmouth in 2022 and has yet to make his NHL debut.

In a corresponding move, the Capitals have placed defenseman Joel Edmundson on long-term injured reserve (LTIR). Edmundson, who underwent hand surgery in late September, was already on injured reserve and will now need to miss a minimum of 10 games to start the season.


Pushing Limits: Exploring the World's Most Extreme Sports

Pushing Limits Exploring the World’s Most Extreme Sports

Pushing Limits Exploring Extreme Sports Worldwide

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Throughout history, humanity has continuously sought to surpass physical limitations, from ancient gladiatorial contests to the contemporary Olympics. Yet, there exist extreme sports that redefine the boundaries of conventional physical activities. These ventures entail grappling with perilous terrains, extreme weather conditions, and demand unmatched courage and expertise. This piece delves into some of the most audacious sports practiced globally.

BASE Jumping

BASE (Building, Antenna, Span, Earth) jumping involves leaping from fixed objects like buildings, antennas, bridges, and cliffs, deploying a parachute to soften the landing. Notoriously perilous, this sport’s window for opening the chute is often a matter of seconds, leading to its prohibition in many countries due to high fatality rates.

Big Wave Surfing

Reserved for the most adept surfers, big wave surfing necessitates mastering ocean currents and weather patterns to ride waves surpassing 20 feet. Endangerment looms large from colossal waves and the possibility of prolonged submersion underwater.

Mountain Biking

Encompassing off-road cycling on rugged terrains and steep slopes, mountain biking demands exceptional balance, endurance, and dexterity in maneuvering through rocky paths and performing gravity-defying stunts.

Ice Climbing

Scaling frozen waterfalls and glaciers, ice climbing mandates significant upper body strength, technical proficiency, and specialized equipment like ice axes and crampons to navigate the icy precipices.

Free Solo Climbing

A high-stakes variant of rock climbing, free solo climbing involves ascending without safety gear, relying solely on physical prowess, balance, and coordination. Renowned climber Alex Honnold exemplifies the risks inherent in this sport.

Wingsuit Flying

An advanced form of skydiving, wingsuit flying demands extensive skydiving experience, physical aptitude, and mental acuity to glide at high speeds and low altitudes, all while averting potential equipment malfunctions.

Whitewater Rafting

Navigating tumultuous river rapids in rafts or inflatable kayaks, whitewater rafting hinges on effective teamwork, communication, and physical endurance to avoid hazards such as collision with rocks or being trapped underwater.

Bungee Jumping

An adrenaline-fueled leap from a great height tethered by an elastic cord, bungee jumping requires nerves of steel and the ability to withstand rapid acceleration and deceleration, despite the associated risks of equipment failure.

In Conclusion

Humanity’s pursuit of physical and adrenaline-driven challenges has continuously fostered the evolution of extreme sports. From BASE jumping to bungee jumping, these activities epitomize the quest to surpass physical limits, often at the cost of grave perils. Despite these risks, enthusiasts persist in their endeavor to redefine what is humanly possible, constantly seeking the ultimate thrill.


Latin American Fans Express Discontent with Football Viewing Expenses for the Affluent.

Latin American Fans Express Discontent with Football Viewing Expenses for the Affluent.

In soccer-crazed South America, where passion for the sport transcends social boundaries, the experience of watching stars like Lionel Messi has become unattainable for most, with ticket prices soaring.

During the September qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, devoted fans throughout the continent voiced their dissatisfaction with the steep costs of witnessing their favorite teams in action.

“For me, affording a ticket is simply impossible. It takes away from the enjoyment,” lamented Pablo Gonzalez, a 49-year-old university maintenance worker from the Colombian town of Barranquilla, where his national team was set to face Uruguay on Thursday.

The average ticket price for the match stands at $102, a significant sum in a country where the minimum monthly wage is $270. According to an AFP survey, these ticket prices rank as the second highest in the region for the qualifiers.

In Argentina, the victors of the 2022 World Cup, fans hoping to catch Messi in action were left disheartened as the football federation set ticket prices for Thursday’s match against Paraguay at an average of $120.

The nation is grappling with an annual inflation rate of 120 percent and poverty levels of 40 percent. Argentina’s football federation has rolled out a subscription program, offering privileged access to match tickets. The “Gold” category demands $14,000 for a three-year pass, accompanied by an array of perks.

“Even for me, it was quite a hefty expense to buy tickets for my entire family. It was a significant cost, just like it is for everyone else. But who am I to determine ticket prices? If it were up to me, I’d let people in for free,” remarked Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni during a press conference.

“What can I do? My hands are tied.” Some prices are turning “something as universally loved as football into an exclusive affair,” protested fan Candela Thompson to the state news agency Telam.

In Brazil, prices have surged over the past month, with ticket costs rising from an average of $63 to $97 for Thursday’s match against Venezuela in central Cuiaba. Chilean captain Arturo Vidal, celebrated for his humble beginnings, also voiced his discontent.

“The tickets are pricey. I’ve already spoken to the president of the football association to lower them a bit. We need a packed stadium,” Vidal stated on social media before a match against Colombia in September.

As per Chilean media reports, unlike in previous qualifiers, it took several days for tickets to sell out. In Uruguay, football authorities conceded they had made an error, as exorbitant prices resulted in thousands of vacant seats for a match against Chile in September.

“We made a mistake,” acknowledged Ignacio Alonso, the president of the country’s football association, in remarks to local media. “The evidence is that the stadium should have sold 40,000 tickets, but only managed to sell about 31,500.”

In light of the “backlash against the prices,” he made a slight reduction in ticket costs. The most affordable spots for a match against Brazil on October 17 are now priced at $22, which is $3 less than the previous game.


Ascendant Powerhouse: NiJaree Canady Emerges as Topeka's Titan

Ascendant Powerhouse: NiJaree Canady Emerges as Topeka’s Titan

In the midst of a scorching Topeka summer, sophomore pitcher NiJaree Canady found herself at her aunt’s house, unexpectedly conducting a motivational session for her cousin’s 14U baseball team. Though she had committed to an interview half an hour earlier, she was delayed by enthusiastic teenagers seeking wisdom from Stanford’s pitching ace.

After the session concluded, the kids clamored for autographs, a routine Canady had grown accustomed to. She set to work perfecting her signature, acknowledging that it used to be less than stellar.

The 2023 Women’s College World Series marked a resounding declaration to the softball world: Canady is a burgeoning superstar, and her journey has just begun. In her inaugural college softball season, she led the nation in earned run average (ERA) and strikeouts per seven innings, a feat unprecedented for a first-year player.

Armed with a Freshman of the Year accolade, Canady also steered the Stanford Cardinal to their first WCWS appearance in nearly a decade, facing off against the formidable, transfer-heavy powerhouse, Oklahoma.

Labeling her a prodigy isn’t far-fetched. But in the early days?

“For the first few years, I can’t recall being that good,” Canady confessed. “I had zero accuracy.”

Canady didn’t commence her diamond journey on the pitcher’s mound, but rather as the starting catcher for the local baseball team. Encouraged by her football coach, Canady enlisted alongside her younger brother, BJ Canady, who was two years her junior. Yes, that’s right: baseball team, football coach.

Bruce Canady, Canady’s father, adopted an unyielding approach to his children’s athletic pursuits. A former college football player at Washburn University, he instilled and nurtured a passion for sports in Canady and BJ.

“I hit a home run off her riseball once,” BJ Canady eagerly pointed out.

This drive didn’t originate from thin air — Bruce Canady served as the driving force behind the Canady siblings.

From handing six-year-old Canady and four-year-old BJ Canady defeats in Connect 4, to pitting them against each other in every conceivable scenario, Bruce Canady ensured his children possessed a competitive edge.

“They can’t play checkers together. I don’t know where they get it from,” he remarked. Katherine Canady, Bruce’s wife and the children’s mother, swiftly interjected, “Oh, I know. You should hear them when they play cornhole.”

According to Katherine Canady, “Bruce still practices outside to make sure they can’t beat him.”

This competitive fire eventually led Canady to softball, and she chose to compete with the Topeka Queens — a team she once played a different sport for on the same field. While she relished both baseball and softball, the six-foot pitcher ultimately committed to pursuing softball full-time.

Initially drawn to the catcher position, NiJaree Canady’s trajectory shifted when she witnessed an older pitcher in action at a local tournament. Encouraged by her dad, she decided to give pitching a shot, finding it intriguing and fun. Armed with a pink rubber ball, she honed her skills in the basement, tirelessly practicing.

While she excelled as a catcher, a pivotal moment occurred when Canady’s standout performance was overshadowed by her mound partner receiving MVP recognition. Fueled by a desire for recognition, she decided to switch positions.

Canady’s training expanded beyond her garage as she sought lessons from Roxy Moran, a respected pitching coach in Topeka. Moran quickly recognized Canady’s potential, predicting a lasting legacy in softball.

Moran, a former pitcher at California State University, Fullerton, noted Canady’s initial reliance on power. Together, they focused on refining the spin and fluidity of her pitches, propelling her to the next level. Moran’s unconventional teaching methods, including mental preparation and inventive phrases, proved instrumental.

Working closely with Canady, Moran diversified her pitching repertoire, introducing a curveball and screwball. Canady’s exceptional aptitude and unwavering determination led to rapid improvement.

Travel ball also played a significant role in Canady’s development. Since eighth grade, she competed with the Louisville Lady Sluggers, the nation’s top team. Initially challenged by older opponents, Canady’s tenacity drove her to excel.

Despite initial reservations, Canady embraced the competitive nature of travel ball. She navigated various age brackets, showcasing her talent and building confidence. Coach Jim Huecker recalled the intensity of NiJa’s schedule, highlighting her unwavering commitment.

By sophomore year, Canady’s growth and experience led to a remarkable transformation. The riseballs that once seemed insurmountable were now within her grasp. With Moran’s guidance, her fastballs and other pitches became formidable weapons.

Among her arsenal, Canady’s riseball emerged as her most potent weapon. A pitch she initially struggled with, it became a cornerstone of her repertoire, a testament to her relentless dedication.

After months of intense practice, Canady’s persistence paid off, solidifying her mastery of the riseball. Moran, who once grappled with the same pitch, didn’t need a clever analogy this time. Canady had conquered it through sheer determination and hard work.

In the ninth month of her intensive training under Roxy Moran, NiJa Canady considered relying on her formidable array of pitches, excluding the challenging riseball. Her dominance on the field was already apparent, earning her D1 offers from local powerhouses like KU and Mizzou. Yet, Moran posed a crucial question: “How good do you wanna be?”

Two weeks later, Canady achieved a breakthrough, mastering the riseball to a point where it soared over her father’s head, beyond his reach.

Canady’s final two years of high school were nothing short of spectacular. She secured the MVP title in a regional tournament as a junior and led her team to consecutive state championships with only one loss during that period.

Determined to make her mark on the biggest stage, Canady arrived at Stanford as the nation’s 11th ranked player. Pitching coach Tori Nyberg recognized her as a must-have player, attending nearly all of Canady’s games. Her selection of Stanford in her junior year defied the norm in softball recruiting, where decisions are often made as early as seventh grade.

Once at Stanford, Canady swiftly established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Her ability to strike out seasoned players in the first or second practice left her teammates in awe.

Aly Kaneshiro, the Golden Glove Award-winning catcher, attested to Canady’s intimidating presence on the mound. Despite her sweet nature off the field, Canady’s intensity on the mound was palpable.

Canady’s coaches universally praised her unyielding work ethic and determination. Whether she was having an exceptional day or facing challenges, she consistently gave her all.

Her coaches, from Roxy Moran to Jim Huecker, marveled at her unwavering commitment to improvement. She met each challenge head-on, rising to the occasion time and time again.

After a stellar performance in the 2023 World Series, Canady’s sights are set on the championship. With Stanford by her side, she’s poised to make her mark, aiming to win it all with the school that invested so much time and care in her.

Oklahoma, beware: NiJaree Canady is returning stronger than ever. If you’re not vigilant, she’ll surge past you with the determination that has defined her journey to greatness.


2023 Street League Skateboarding Sydney: Chloe Covell and Felipe Gustavo Secure Thrilling Wins

Chloe Covell and Felipe Gustavo Secure Thrilling Wins

An Emotional Triumph for Gustavo at Last

Felipe Gustavo experienced a surge of emotions as he claimed the top spot on the podium, a surprise to even himself after some mixed scores in the preceding three rounds.

As the competition neared its climax, Nyjah Huston held second place, with his compatriot, Chris Jordan, not far ahead in the lead.

Jordan’s impressive score of 9.0 elevated him to the top, leaving Huston requiring an 8.0 to surpass him. However, the renowned American skateboarder, recovering from a bout of food poisoning, landed awkwardly, placing him in third position.

Next up was the seasoned skateboarder, Gustavo, who needed an 8.5 to secure victory. In a heart-pounding moment, he executed a flawless nollie flip frontside noseslide that prompted his fellow skaters, including Leal and Huston, to rush to him in celebration before the score was even revealed.

With the Brazilian flag clutched in one hand, the 2018 world bronze medalist couldn’t contain his joy as he knelt on the ground, ultimately receiving an 8.8 for a winning total of 35.4, a mere 0.4 points ahead of Jordan.

Even Olympic champion Horigome Yuto finished behind in fifth place.

An emotional Gustavo shared his feelings after the victory, saying, I dream about this every day of my life. I knew it was coming close, everybody always rooted for me, everybody wanted me to win, but it wasn’t my time but God’s time. I worked so hard for this, and I am so thankful… everybody from my hometown, we did,” he added, tapping the trophy.

The SLS Championship comprises three legs, with skaters vying for a chance to qualify for the Super Crown World Championship in Brazil at the end of the year.

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  4. Governor-General to Inaugurate the FIPFA Powerchair World Cup 2023, Set to Commence in Sydney in 10 Days


Santa Cruz's surfing sensation, Nat Young, faces a disheartening outcome in Portugal.

Santa Cruz’s surfing sensation, Nat Young, faces a disheartening outcome in Portugal.

Santa Cruz’s Nat Young showcased his talent by delivering the second-highest scoring wave during his Round of 64 heat at the EDP Vissla Ericeira Pro, an event on the Challenger Series, hosted in Portugal this past Wednesday.

However, Young faced a significant challenge—he failed to secure a backup score. His impressive score of 6.77 was achieved on a single wave in the 30-minute heat, which featured waves ranging from 4 to 6 feet in height.

Young seized his opportunity midway through the heat, briefly elevating him to second place. In a last-ditch effort within the final 30 seconds of the heat, Young attempted to secure another ride, but Jabe Swierkocki, the heat winner with a score of 13.50 from Ventura, utilized his priority to take precedence over Young.

Unfortunately, Swierkocki’s final wave contribution, which scored a mere 1.93, did not significantly impact the outcome. Reflecting on the conditions, Swierkocki shared his insights during a post-heat interview with the WSL, stating, “Watching all the heats this morning, it has been pretty slow. Whoever has kinda had a quick start but made sure they got a good wave seemed to be making the heat, so that was the plan. I got a quick start and kinda waited and made sure if another good wave came, I was on it.”

Both Young and McGillivray were subsequently eliminated from the competition. Young finished tied for 33rd place, accumulating 700 points, while McGillivray tied for 49th place, earning 600 points.

This season has proven to be a disappointment for Young, who commenced the year on the Championship Tour but could not maintain his position past the midseason cut. He entered the Portugal event ranked at No. 31 on the Challenger Series with 6,200 points.

The top 10 surfers in the Challenger Series at the conclusion of the six-event season will secure advancement to the Championship Tour. Notably, American Cole Houshmand, with 24,020 points, and Australian Jacob Willcox, with 20,610 points, have already secured their spots on the Championship Tour for the upcoming 2024 season.


Global Recall of Onewheel Electric Skateboards Following Four Fatalities

Global Recall of Onewheel Electric Skateboards Following Four Fatalities

Global Recall Initiated for All Onewheel Electric Skateboards Worldwide Following Four Fatalities

In response to four tragic fatalities involving riders of Onewheel electric skateboards, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a sweeping recall of all 300,000 Onewheel devices sold in the United States. The CPSC cited the risk of crashes leading to severe injuries as the reason for the recall.

Future Motion, the manufacturer of Onewheel skateboards, clarified that the recall applies to customers worldwide, not just those in the United States. A spokesperson for the UK government expressed its intention to investigate the matter and take prompt action if deemed necessary.

For UK customers, Future Motion has provided options on its website, including a software update or a $100 (£82) store credit, depending on the skateboard’s make and model. Recall requests can be submitted via a link on Future Motion’s website.

The CPSC’s recall notice highlighted four reported deaths linked to Onewheels between 2019 and 2021, along with significant injuries like traumatic brain injuries, concussions, paralysis, upper and lower body fractures, and ligament damage. The four fatalities were attributed to head trauma, with evidence indicating that in at least three of these cases, the riders were not wearing helmets.

Both Future Motion and the CPSC strongly advocate the use of protective gear while riding, including helmets and knee pads.

According to legal documents filed by Future Motion in September, the company is currently facing 31 lawsuits in the United States from individuals alleging that they fell due to the Onewheel stopping or shutting off unexpectedly. The filings noted that no cases related to the electric skateboards have yet been adjudicated in court.

The recall encompasses all models of Onewheel electric skateboards, including the original Onewheel, Onewheel+, Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel Pint, Onewheel Pint X, and Onewheel GT models.

It’s important to note that electric-powered devices like e-skateboards and e-scooters are legal for use on private property, but their use on public roads, sidewalks, and cycle lanes with privately owned devices is typically prohibited.


Mastering Snowboard Halfpipe: Winter Sports Skills & Techniques for Students

Mastering Snowboard Halfpipe: Winter Sports Skills & Techniques for Students

Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport that has garnered immense popularity. Among its most exciting events is the halfpipe, a U-shaped snow structure where riders perform acrobatic maneuvers in mid-air.

Teaching students about snowboarding halfpipe is an excellent way to introduce them to this thrilling sport. Here are some key tips to guide your teaching approach:

Master the Basics: Before diving into technical aspects, ensure students grasp the fundamentals of snowboarding. Teach them how to balance, control speed, turn, and stop. Emphasize proper snowboarding gear for safety.

Introduce the Halfpipe: Once the basics are mastered, introduce students to the halfpipe—a U-shaped structure formed by two walls. Let them explore, understanding the wall incline and approaches.

Teach Jumps and Tricks: When students are comfortable on the halfpipe, progress to jumps and tricks. Start with basic tricks like ollies, 180s, and grabs, gradually advancing to 540s, 720s, and flips. Encourage practice and safety awareness.

Prioritize Safety: Stress the importance of safety. Ensure students wear helmets, wrist guards, and knee pads. Establish behavioral guidelines for the halfpipe, such as line etiquette and no horseplay.

Encourage Practice: Like any skill, practice is crucial. Allow students ample time to gain confidence on the halfpipe. Encourage persistence and gradual progression as their skills improve.


Prediction and Betting Odds for Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots

Prediction and Betting Odds for Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots

the Dallas Cowboys aim to return to the victory column as they host the New England Patriots at AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys, with a 2-1 record, suffered an unexpected defeat at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday. Meanwhile, the Patriots, standing at 1-2, managed to break a two-game losing streak with a less-than-stellar win over the struggling New York Jets.

Predictions for the Dallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots Game

Prediction 1: Dak Prescott to Exceed 233.5 Passing Yards @ -110 (1.91) Prediction 2: Ezekiel Elliott to Surpass 27.5 Rushing Yards @ -110 (1.91)

Dallas Cowboys vs: New England Patriots Odds

Dallas Cowboys vs: New England Patriots – Can the Patriots Pull off an Upset?

Dallas Cowboys: Recent Performance, News, and Injuries

New England Patriots: Recent Performance, News, and Injuries

Dallas Cowboys vs: New England Patriots Head-to-Head Record

Key Match Details

The Dallas Cowboys enter the game as 6.5-point favorites with a total points over/under set at 43.5. Initially, Dallas was favored by -7, but the line has adjusted slightly in anticipation of this pivotal matchup for both teams.

Prediction 1: Dak Prescott to Surpass 233.5 Passing Yards @ -110 (1.91)

Dak Prescott has impressively exceeded the 233.5 passing yards mark in his last two outings. However, he faces intense pressure this Sunday to secure a victory, especially in front of a somewhat disgruntled home crowd. It’s worth noting that New England’s defense has limited opposing quarterbacks to 170 yards or fewer on two occasions this season. Additionally, rookie cornerback Christian Gonzalez has effectively contained top-notch wide receivers like A.J. Brown, Tyreek Hill, and Garrett Wilson in the initial three weeks. Nevertheless, the Cowboys might encounter difficulties establishing their ground game against the Patriots. In such a scenario, Prescott is likely to connect with Brandin Cooks on several deep passes, ultimately surpassing the 233.5-yard mark in a hard-fought triumph.

Prediction 2: Ezekiel Elliott to Accumulate Over 27.5 Rushing Yards @ -110 (1.91)

Ezekiel Elliott returns to face his former team after a noteworthy performance against the formidable run defense of the New York Jets last week. Zeke has already surpassed the 27.5 rushing yards benchmark twice this season and achieved this target in 14 out of 15 games last year. The Cowboys’ defense has been permitting over 131 rushing yards per game, and New England is expected to emphasize the running game to counter Micah Parsons and the third-ranked sack-hungry defense. Elliott undoubtedly relishes the opportunity to make a statement against his former team, and under the guidance of Bill Belichick, he is likely to receive ample carries, comfortably surpassing the 27.5-yard threshold.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots Odds

Based on the moneyline odds, the Cowboys are favored at -275 (1.36), indicating a 74.0% implied probability of winning, while the Patriots stand as underdogs at +225 (3.25), with a 30.3% chance to secure an upset victory.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots – Can the Patriots Upset the Odds?

The Cowboys, currently ranked 22nd in passing, have faced some struggles, while the Patriots appear poised to exploit the Cowboys’ vulnerability against the run. This matchup could potentially be decided in the closing moments, especially if Mac Jones can protect the football.

Dallas Cowboys Form News and Injuries

The Cowboys’ offensive line is dealing with injuries, with one starter sidelined and two others playing at less than full strength. Notably, no Dallas receiver has managed to score a touchdown thus far in the season. Tony Pollard had a standout performance last Sunday with his first 100-yard game and has been averaging 24 carries per game over the previous two weeks. Concerningly, the Cowboys were exposed to a 222-yard rushing onslaught by the Cardinals.

Dallas Cowboys Injury Report

  • T Tyron Smith (Knee) – Out
  • G Zack Martin (Ankle) – Questionable
  • C Tyler Biadasz (Hamstring) – Questionable
  • TE Peyton Hendershot (Ankle) – Questionable

New England Patriots Form News and Injuries

The Patriots’ defensive front is grappling with injuries, with Daniel Ekuale placed on injured reserve, and both Christian Barmore and Davon Godchaux being limited in practice this week due to lingering injuries. Offensively, the Patriots rank 26th in scoring, averaging just 17.3 points per game. The Patriots have faced struggles in their last 11 regular-season road games, having lost seven of them.

New England Patriots Injury Report

  • DL Christian Barmore (Knee) – Questionable
  • CB Shaun Wade (Shoulder) – Questionable
  • DL Davon Godchaux (Ankle) – Questionable
  • DB Jonathan Jones (Ankle) – Questionable
  • OL Cole Strange (Knee) – Questionable

Dallas Cowboys vs. New England Patriots Head-to-Head Record

The Cowboys hold the historical series lead at 8-6 but have faced setbacks in six of the last seven meetings:

  • 2021: Cowboys won 35-29 in New England
  • 2019: Patriots won 13-9 in New England
  • 2015: Patriots won 30-6 in Dallas
  • 2011: Patriots won 20-16 in New England
  • 2007: Patriots won 48-27 in Dallas

Key Match Details

  • Date & Time: Sunday, October 1, 2023, 04:25 p.m. ET
  • Venue: AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas
  • Where to Watch the Match in the UK: FuboTV or Other Live Stream Platforms


Linda Sharp: A trailblazing female surfer amidst a sea of men

Linda Sharp: A trailblazing female surfer amidst a sea of men

Linda Sharp: A Surfing Pioneer Who Rode the Waves of Change

Byline: Rowenna Hoskin

Source: BBC News

In 1967, Linda Sharp embarked on a lifelong adventure when she caught the surfing bug at the tender age of 15. Back then, she was a trailblazer, the first and only woman who dared to conquer the waves year-round in Wales.

Linda’s surfing journey began on the shores of Aberavon in Neath Port Talbot, where she honed her skills and competed vigorously for over two decades, securing European, British, and Welsh titles along the way.

At the outset, Linda faced the harsh reality of limited equipment. She had no wetsuit, so she improvised, donning a rugby shirt, cut-off jeans, plimsolls, and rubber gloves to brave the elements. In competitions, she often found herself pitted against men, emerging victorious in the women’s Welsh championship almost by default.

“I grew up as one of the boys,” Linda reminisced, “then quickly learned that I could paddle faster than most of them. I could surf as well as any of them in the water.”

Linda’s surfing odyssey commenced when she borrowed a surfboard from one of her lifeguard colleagues. “I gave it a try, caught my first wave, and stood up,” she recalled. “I brought it back to the beach, paddled back out, and caught another wave until they insisted, ‘Give me my board back.'”

Determined to have a board of her own, Linda made a significant sacrifice. She sold her beloved bicycle to finance her passion, setting the stage for a remarkable journey that would forever change the landscape of women’s surfing.

Her inaugural surfboard came at a cost of roughly £18, the sum she managed to fetch by selling her bicycle. The board measured more than 9 feet (2.7 meters), and she undertook a half-hour trek to the beach, balancing it atop her head until her resourceful father devised makeshift wheels for easier transport.

It wasn’t until the Christmas of 1968 that Linda ventured into the water with a wetsuit. However, the wetsuits available at the time differed significantly from those found in stores today. The only options on the market were scuba diving wetsuits, notorious for their distinctive “beaver tail” flap. Linda, who now celebrates her 70th birthday, vividly remembers these early wetsuits, equipped with a front zipper, tails, and two small protruding knobs on the front that had a tendency to dig in. They were worn over leggings resembling tights, and “everyone would leave that tail thing open, and if you had a bad wipeout, your trousers would just fly off.”

Beyond the challenge of enduring frigid waters, surfers of that era grappled with another peril: the sea was polluted with raw sewage and industrial waste. Linda’s home beach was situated at the confluence of the rivers Tawe, Afan, and Neath.

“The pollution levels were terrible, and I grew up in it,” she recounted. While “many of the boys fell ill,” she was fortunate to escape with nothing more than the occasional sore throat.

“Some people contracted severe skin conditions and the like,” she remarked. “The stagnant water could spell trouble, especially if you had an open wound. Just one surfing session could lead to infection.”

Linda disclosed that a significant portion of competitors in the 1980s British Masters surfing competition, held at Aberavon, suffered from serious health issues due to the polluted waters.

Linda embarked on a global surfing adventure, venturing to destinations such as Sri Lanka in 1988. However, her journey was not without its challenges, as she confronted both pollution and cold water during her exploits.

Remarkably, Linda did not engage in competitive surfing until 1975, a development that occurred almost serendipitously. It was a stroke of fate that brought her back home one summer when the Welsh national surfing championships were being held at her local beach. Up until that point, she had been pursuing her studies at Nonington College of Physical Education in Kent, consistently missing out on competitions.

“There was no way I wasn’t going to participate,” Linda asserted. “I was the sole female entrant, so my victory was somewhat by default. Nevertheless, I insisted on competing against the male surfers, stating, ‘I’m not earning a title without hitting the waves.'”

“I managed to reach the semi-finals,” she recounted, “but they disqualified me, asserting, ‘You can’t compete in the semi-finals; we’re selecting the team for the European championships.'”

Amusingly, Linda recalled the subsequent turn of events, saying, “They substituted the disqualified men, all the guys I had bested, into the competition. However, it didn’t bother me because they were all my friends.

In 1980, Linda made her debut on the world stage, competing in the global championship in France while sporting her personally embroidered Second Skin gear. This pivotal championship marked the commencement of a thriving surfing career, as Linda proceeded to claim numerous Welsh, British, and European titles.

Reflecting on her many Welsh titles, Linda acknowledged that most of them were secured by default, as she often found herself as the sole female participant in these competitions. Undeterred, she consistently opted to surf against male competitors, emphasizing that it wasn’t about the gender divide.

“I would have been thrilled to see more female surfers,” she noted, “and I did my utmost to promote the sport among women, but regrettably, most women just weren’t interested. It wasn’t considered a trendy pursuit at the time.”

The scarcity of female competitors also translated into a lack of wetsuits tailored for women, a disparity that persisted until the 1980s, despite men having access to more modern wetsuit designs for years. In the absence of suitable options, women like Linda either crafted their own wetsuits or settled for purchasing men’s wetsuits, illustrating the resilience and determination that characterized the early era of female surfers.

Now at the age of 70, Linda’s surfing days have come to an end due to her two hip replacements. Nevertheless, her affinity for the sea remains undiminished.

Following her triumph in securing her first European title, Linda received an invitation to participate in the Women’s International Surfing Association (WISA) championship held in Malibu, California, in 1976. This event had been established the year prior with the goal of addressing gender disparities in surfing, featuring participants from Australia, Japan, and the United States.

Linda cherished the camaraderie she experienced while bonding with fellow female surfers and relished the time spent riding waves with them. However, when it came to the actual competition, she found it to be a bit overwhelming and did not derive much enjoyment from it.

Nonetheless, a strong sense of solidarity persisted among the women involved in the event. After the competition concluded, Linda received an invitation from WISA to become a part of the international women’s surfing community. Regrettably, due to financial constraints, she was unable to accept the offer at the time.

Linda made her mark on the global stage by competing in the 1980 World Championships in France. Reflecting on that time, she remarked, “I didn’t have the financial means to fully pursue it. It was often the case that it was predominantly wealthy Americans involved in the sport, a trend that unfortunately continues.”

Linda, who worked as a physical education (PE) teacher, managed to find time for surfing whenever her schedule allowed until 1996 when she welcomed her daughter, Angharad, into the world. Subsequently, the family relocated from Port Talbot to Porthcawl in the same year, where Linda and her husband operated a surf shop.

Regrettably, Linda’s battle with arthritis and her hip replacements have prevented her from returning to the sport that once consumed her. Nevertheless, the waves have undeniably taken her on an unforgettable journey.

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Australia's surfers outshine rivals with cutting-edge rock-infused board technology.

Australia’s surfers outshine rivals with cutting-edge rock-infused board technology.

Australia’s surfboard industry is revolutionizing the sport with an innovative technology that transforms rocks into top-notch surfboards. Here are the key highlights:

  • Eco-Friendly Basalt Cloth Surfboards: These environmentally conscious surfboards, made from basalt cloth, are showcasing impressive performance benefits.
  • Strength and Durability: This cutting-edge technology boasts superior strength compared to fiberglass and is less prone to snapping than carbon boards.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Basalt production minimizes volatile organic compounds and pollution, making it a greener alternative to traditional fiberglass.

Steve Hann, a Sunshine Coast surfboard shaper, commended the industry’s shift towards more eco-friendly options that also excel in performance. Basalt’s durability means longer-lasting surfboards, reducing the environmental footprint.

Hann shared his positive experience using basalt boards during challenging surf conditions, highlighting their resilience. He emphasized the importance of leaving a cleaner planet for future generations.

The surf community is divided between those prioritizing sustainability and those sticking to conventional boards. Hann expressed gratitude for the innovation brought forth by John Dowse and Colan, which keeps backyard shapers on the forefront of technological advancements.

John Dowse, representing Sanded Australia, the company behind basalt fiber cloth, extolled the environmental benefits of basalt production. He explained that the process involves melting the rock, extruding it into fine strands, and weaving it into fabric, all done locally in Australia.

Dowse revealed extensive testing results, demonstrating the superior durability of basalt over regular fiberglass. Sanded Australia has developed a hybrid fabric, combining basalt with recycled water bottle material, which enhances impact resistance.

To achieve wider acceptance of basalt cloth surfboards, Dowse believes that more elite surfers need to embrace this innovation. He noted that the adoption of basalt options by major manufacturer Firewire indicates a promising future for eco-friendly surfboards in the industry. As pro surfers get on board with the trend, it is expected to gain even more momentum.


Bishop's Stortford Resident Joins Record-Breaking Team in Support of Snowsport UK

Bishop’s Stortford Resident Joins Record-Breaking Team in Support of Snowsport UK

A resident from Bishop’s Stortford played a pivotal role in a remarkable achievement as part of an eight-member team that shattered a world record on Monday. Duncan White, a software developer, contributed his skills to the team’s quest to surpass the milestone of skiing the farthest distance using seated equipment.

Their ambitious endeavor unfolded on the 180-meter long slope, which happens to be the longest indoor real snow slope in the UK. The team’s objective was to ski a total of 44 kilometers within an eight-hour timeframe, equating to an impressive average of 38 runs per hour.

This extraordinary record-breaking accomplishment took place at the Chill Factore in Manchester on Monday, September 25th. The primary goal of this feat was to generate vital funds for Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK), a charity that enables individuals like Duncan to pursue their passion for skiing.

After an accidental fall at the age of 20, Duncan experienced a devastating complete spinal cord injury. Consequently, he now utilizes a wheelchair for his daily mobility needs. However, Duncan’s enduring passion for skiing, which was a significant part of his life before the accident, led him to explore sit skiing shortly after his unfortunate injury.