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As Taylor Swift shows support for Travis Kelce and the Chiefs, certain Eagles fans express a sense of 'betrayal.

As Taylor Swift shows support for Travis Kelce and the Chiefs, certain Eagles fans express a sense of ‘betrayal.

PHILADELPHIA — Taylor Swift is now associating “Karma” with the guy on the (Kansas City) Chiefs, causing a stir among certain Philadelphia Eagles fans as the Chiefs host the Eagles in a rematch of Super Bowl 57. This matchup is not only a test of football prowess but also a spotlight on the pop star’s recent allegiances, drawing attention from Eagles fans who feel a sense of ‘betrayal.’

“We all love a love story,” expressed Allie Brown, 35, from Langhorne, Pennsylvania. “And that’s great and all. But if you’re an Eagles fan, you are until the day that you die. I feel betrayed.”

Swift, a Reading, Pennsylvania native, has rapidly become a part of “Chiefs Kingdom” due to her relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce over the past two months. However, during her “Eras Tour” stop in Philadelphia earlier this year, Swift explicitly declared that the Eagles were the lyrical reference in question for one of her tracks.

“I’m from Philly,” she announced to the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles’ home. “Of course it’s the team.”

Eagles fans, including those who consider themselves “Swifties,” are grappling with how Swift can now show her support for Kelce and the hometown squad.

“I’ve loved Taylor Swift my whole life,” said Mia Guerrera, 23, from Ventnor, New Jersey. “I think that when you get in a relationship, you got to support your boyfriend 100%, but it is a little bit of a betrayal.

Guerrera emphasized that there are no negative feelings toward Swift, attributing the situation to unfortunate circumstances.

“I kind of respect it,” she expressed. “I get it. Also, ‘Go Birds.’”

Swift kicked off the South American leg of her tour this month and altered the lyrics of “Karma” to acknowledge Kelce, who attended the concert in Argentina. Adding to the intrigue, Swift’s father, Scott Swift, momentarily set aside his Eagles allegiance by donning a Chiefs-branded lanyard at the show. While rumors of Swift making an appearance at Arrowhead Stadium for Monday’s game dwindled after her concert in Brazil was postponed due to excessive heat, one Eagles fan had a playful request for Swift’s potential attire.

“I would expect her to have a Donna Kelce jersey,” Guerrera suggested, “half and half.”

Jason Kelce, the Eagles center and Travis’ older brother, hinted on their “New Heights” podcast over the summer that Swift’s rejection of Travis’ friendship bracelet with his phone number may stem from lingering resentment over the Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs.

“I think she should go to the Chiefs games wearing a Kelce jersey,” proposed Sarah Pao, from Atlantic City, New Jersey. “But a Jason jersey, not a Travis one.”

Swift joins the ranks of numerous famous Eagles fans, including President Joe Biden, Kevin Hart, Bradley Cooper, Miles Teller, Will Smith, and Sylvester Stallone.

“I personally think that she should be an Eagles fan – because ‘Go Birds,’” Pao remarked. “It’s kind of fake of her. But I love her at the same time.”

The timing of Swift’s public declaration during her May concert, where fans displayed as much enthusiasm as at an Eagles game, became a point of contention.

“In her concert, she straight up told us that she was an Eagles fan,” Brown noted. “So I feel like you’re a ride or die forever.”

However, there’s a caveat, as is often the case with such relationships.

“I do love Travis Kelce,” added Brown. “Everybody loves him. He’s so adorable.

“I’m all about the brotherly love. But if you’re an Eagles fan, you’re an Eagles fan. It’s cheating.”

Travis Kelce’s strong bond with the Eagles and the city endeared him to Philadelphia fans, making it even more surprising for them to see one of their own aligning with him.

“I loved Travis Kelce first,” affirmed Courtney Redcross, 25, from West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Redcross, not a Swift enthusiast, holds a firm stance on loyalty as an Eagles fan with no inclination to extend goodwill to Swift.

“It’s great that she’s saying publicly she’s an Eagles fan, but we don’t care,” asserted Redcross. “You need to show your support. You need to be at the tailgates, mingling with people. Not at Chiefs games. And the fact that she’s wearing Chiefs attire? It’s disgusting.

“It’s disheartening that she’s from here and going to Chiefs games.”

Eryn Albright, a 22-year-old from Philadelphia, acknowledges that dating a professional athlete entails supporting their team.

“You can’t blame her,” Albright remarked to USA TODAY. “I feel like when she comes home, she’s still an Eagles fan.”

Brown expresses the hope that Swift finds her “happy ending” with Kelce.

“I hope (Kelce) can give it to her,” she added.

However, Pao contends that not everyone deserves a happy ending, especially when you’re a devoted Birds fan.

“Not when you’re a Birds fan,” declared Pao.

This article was originally published on USA TODAY: Taylor Swift cheering for Travis Kelce’s Chiefs riles Eagles fans


NFL has handed a four-game suspension to Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson

NFL has handed a four-game suspension to Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson

NFL has issued a four-game suspension without pay to Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson following his hit on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs during Sunday night’s game. The suspension, announced on Monday, is

based on “repeated violations of playing rules intended to protect the health and safety of players.” This marks Jackson’s second suspension of the season for illegal hits to opponents’ heads, and he intends to appeal the decision, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

During the first possession of the Broncos’ 21-20 victory, Jackson delivered a hit to Dobbs by lowering his helmet and making forcible contact with the quarterback’s facemask. The impact resulted in a forced turnover, leading to a field goal for the Broncos. Despite the nature of the hit, officials did not penalize Jackson during the game.

The NFL announced the suspension along with a letter from Jon Runyan, the vice president of football operations, addressing Jackson’s actions. The letter emphasized that the league will not tolerate flagrant illegal acts jeopardizing player safety and stressed the importance of enforcing rules that prohibit the use of the helmet for forcible contact.

In October, Jackson received a four-game suspension after his second ejection of the season in a game against the Green Bay Packers. The league later reduced this suspension to two games upon appeal. Jackson’s return to play in Sunday’s

game against the Vikings marked his first game back after the initial suspension. Unfortunately, the illegal hit occurred just three snaps into his return. In the previous suspension, Jackson had been ejected for lowering his head and diving toward Green Bay tight end Luke Musgrave, resulting in a violent snapback of Musgrave’s head.

Earlier in the season, Jackson faced ejection for a hit during Week 2 that resulted in a concussion for Washington Commanders tight end Logan Thomas. In this incident, Jackson launched himself towards Thomas with the crown of his helmet in an attempt to dislodge the ball. While the NFL imposed a $19,669 fine for this hit, there was no suspension.

In Week 1, Jackson was penalized for unnecessary roughness due to a helmet-to-helmet hit that caused a concussion for Las Vegas Raiders receiver Jakobi Meyers. This particular hit led to a $14,819 fine. Cumulatively, Jackson has incurred fines totaling $89,670 this season for four illegal hits.


Kareem Jackson, returning from a 2-game suspension for illegal hits, avoids penalty for another questionable hit.

Kareem Jackson, returning from a 2-game suspension for illegal hits, avoids penalty for another questionable hit.

Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson, undeterred by his recent two-game suspension, maintained his aggressive playing style in Sunday night’s 21-20 victory against the Minnesota Vikings.

During the Vikings’ first drive, Jackson delivered a hit with the crown of his helmet to Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs, resulting in a fumble that the Broncos recovered. Despite the forceful impact, Dobbs briefly went to the medical tent but returned for the next series without missing a play.

NBC rules analyst Terry McAulay, a former NFL referee, pointed out that the hit should have been penalized. He emphasized, “He lowers his head and makes forcible contact to the opponent. You see, his head is down. This should have been a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness.”

Although the hit went unflagged on the field, Jackson, already under scrutiny for multiple offenses, may face closer examination from the NFL this week.

This season, Jackson has incurred a two-game suspension and $89,670 in fines for four illegal hits. Despite expressing a willingness to aim lower in the past week, Jackson indicated he wouldn’t completely alter his game.

“As an instinctive player, I’m going to always be in those situations because my preparation and instincts will put me in those situations,” stated Jackson, according to the Associated Press.

Sunday’s game quickly put Jackson in a similar situation, with his hit leading to a crucial turnover.


Week 13 College Football Schedule, Predictions, Previews, Scores, Lines

Week 13: College Football Schedule, Predictions, Previews, Scores, Lines

Predictions for ACC Week 13 Games:

Friday, November 24

Miami vs. Boston College – 12:00 ABC Prediction: Miami -8.5, Over 48.5

Saturday, November 25

Kentucky vs. Louisville – 12:00 ABC Prediction: Louisville -7, Over 50.5

Pitt vs. Duke – 12:00 ACC Network Prediction: Duke -6, Over 42.5

Wake Forest vs. Syracuse – 2:00 CW Network Prediction: Syracuse -2.5, Over 44.5

Virginia Tech vs. Virginia – 3:30 ACC Network Prediction: Virginia Tech -2.5, Over 52.5

Florida State vs. Florida – 7:00 ESPN Prediction: Florida State -6.5, Over 51.5

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech – 7:30 ABC Prediction: Georgia -23, Over 60.5

North Carolina vs. NC State – 8:00 ACC Network Prediction: North Carolina -2, Over 55.5

Clemson vs. South Carolina – 7:30 SEC Network Prediction: Clemson -7, Over 52.5

Current Record: Straight Up: 74-28 Against the Spread: 55-45-2 Point Total: 71-27-3

Predictions for American Athletic Conference Week 13 Matchups:

Memphis vs. Temple – 12:00 ESPN2 Prediction: Memphis -11.5, Over 65.5

UTSA vs. Tulane – 3:30 ABC Prediction: Tulane -3, Over 52.5

Saturday, November 25

Navy vs. SMU – 12:00 ESPN2 Prediction: SMU -20, Over 45.5

Florida Atlantic vs. Rice – 1:00 ESPN+ Prediction: Rice -5, Over 48.5

Tulsa vs. East Carolina – 2:00 ESPN+ Prediction: East Carolina -3, Over 44.5

UAB vs. North Texas – 2:00 ESPN+ Prediction: North Texas -3, Over 72.5

Charlotte vs. USF – 7:30 ESPNU Prediction: USF -5.5, Over 56.6

Current Record: Straight Up: 81-23 Against the Spread: 51-49-3 Point Total: 62-42

Predictions for Big 12 Week 13 Schedule:

TCU vs. Oklahoma – 12:00 FOX Prediction: Oklahoma -11, Over 63.5

Texas Tech vs. Texas – 7:30 ABC Prediction: Texas -13.5, Over 53.5

Saturday, November 25

Houston vs. UCF – 12:00 FS1 Prediction: UCF -13.5, Over 61.5

BYU vs. Oklahoma State – 3:30 ABC Prediction: Oklahoma State -17.5, Over 56.5

West Virginia vs. Baylor – 7:00 FS1 Prediction: West Virginia -6.5, Over 57.5

Kansas vs. Cincinnati – 7:30 ESPN2 Prediction: Kansas -6, Over 57.5

Iowa State vs. Kansas State – 8:00 FOX Prediction: Kansas State -11.5, Over 48.5

Current Record: Straight Up: 72-23 Against the Spread: 47-47-1 Point Total: 51-44

Predictions for Week 13 in the Big Ten Schedule:

Iowa vs. Nebraska – 12:00 CBS Prediction: Iowa -1, Over 26.5

Penn State vs. Michigan State – 7:30 NBC Prediction: Penn State -20, Over 41.5

Saturday, November 25

Ohio State vs. Michigan – 12:00 FOX Prediction: Michigan -4, Over 47.5

Indiana vs. Purdue – 12:00 BTN Prediction: Purdue -2.5, Over 49.5

Northwestern vs. Illinois – 3:30 BTN Prediction: Illinois -5.5, Over 47.5

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota – 3:30 FS1 Prediction: Wisconsin -1.5, Over 41.5

Maryland vs. Rutgers – 3:30 BTN Prediction: Maryland -2, Over 45.5

Current Record: Straight Up: 85-14 Against the Spread: 56-38-5 Point Total: 60-38-1

Chargers standout Joey Bosa departs the field in tears, carted off due to foot injury against the Packers.

Chargers standout Joey Bosa departs the field in tears, carted off due to foot injury against the Packers.

Los Angeles Chargers star pass rusher Joey Bosa had to be carted off the field on Sunday due to a foot injury, a devastating turn of events that occurred less than five minutes into the team’s 23-20 loss against the Green Bay Packers.

Credit By:

Bosa appeared to sustain the injury during a routine play while rushing the quarterback. Limping off the field, he was visibly in pain.

Heartbreaking scenes unfolded as Joey Bosa, in tears, was carted off the field.

— Mr Matthew CFB (@MrMatthew_CFB) November 19, 2023

Examined on the sideline, Bosa was eventually carted to the locker room, his departure from the field marked by tears.

Initially listed as questionable for a return due to the foot injury, Bosa’s status was later downgraded to out.

Having signed a five-year, $135 million extension with the Chargers in 2020, Bosa, when healthy, stands as one of the premier pass rushers in football. Unfortunately, his availability has been hampered by injuries, as he played in 16 games in 2021 but was limited to just five in 2022 due to a groin injury.


Browns ink ex-Ravens Super Bowl QB; role TBD

Browns ink ex-Ravens Super Bowl QB; role TBD”

The Cleveland Browns made an anticipated move official by signing ex-Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl champion quarterback Joe Flacco to their Practice Squad on Monday, Nov. 20. The conclusive report came from ESPN’s Adam Schefter late Sunday, confirming the agreement after Flacco’s workout with the team last Friday initially ended without a deal. However, as widely expected, both sides eventually reached an agreement on the signing.

Acquiring Flacco is viewed as a subtle addition primarily aimed at offering seasoned guidance to aid rookie quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Mary Kay Cabot from highlights Flacco’s role as a mentor to the rookie, supporting him from the sidelines. Cabot specifies that Flacco is set to join the Practice Squad on Monday in this mentoring capacity, while also being ready to step in if required on the field.

Following Deshaun Watson’s unfortunate season-ending shoulder fracture in Week 10, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski favored Thompson-Robinson over P.J. Walker for their showdown with the Steelers in the divisional matchup on Sunday.

Thompson-Robinson’s leadership guided the team to a hard-fought 13–10 victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it became evident that the Browns needed a reliable QB3 who could potentially step in should Thompson-Robinson struggle.

Reports surfaced on Sunday highlighting concerns about the young quarterback’s limited downfield passing game, intensifying the importance of signing Flacco for the Browns. This move seems crucial, particularly if Thompson-Robinson’s progress hits a roadblock or if the Browns advance to the postseason, requiring an experienced veteran at the helm.

Flacco, who started four games for the New York Jets last season, boasts nine victories as a starter at Cleveland Browns Stadium. His familiarity with the AFC North, stemming from his tenure with the Baltimore Ravens, could be a valuable asset in this new chapter.

While Flacco adapts to the Browns’ offensive system, Thompson-Robinson is anticipated to maintain his starting position. The team’s primary focus remains on the rookie’s development, although Flacco might assume the Browns’ starting role for the remainder of the season, including both regular and post-season games.

A former Baltimore Raven for 11 seasons, Flacco earned Super Bowl MVP honors in 2012 before moving on to the Denver Broncos and New York Jets.

Watching Flacco don the Browns jersey will certainly be an unusual sight. His impressive career statistics speak volumes, boasting a 61.6% completion rate, 42,320 yards, 232 touchdowns, and 147 interceptions, making his addition a welcomed prospect for the team.

Courtland Sutton secures the decisive touchdown for the Broncos, putting an end to the Vikings' 5-game winning streak.

Courtland Sutton secures the decisive touchdown for the Broncos, putting an end to the Vikings’ 5-game winning streak.

DENVER (AP) — Courtland Sutton’s impressive 15-yard touchdown reception with 1:03 left propelled the Denver Broncos to a 21-20 triumph over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night, snapping the NFL’s lengthiest winning streak at five games.

The Broncos (5-5) now boast the league’s longest active winning streak at four.

Sutton outjumped cornerback Mekhi Blackmon, who was eyeing an interception of Russell Wilson’s high throw. A failed 2-point conversion attempt kept the Vikings within a point, requiring a field goal to secure victory.

Denver’s defense, responsible for three more takeaways, totaling a dozen over the last three games, prevented the Vikings from crossing their own side of the field.

Denver forced Joshua Dobbs into an intentional grounding penalty, leading to a fourth-and-25 situation before Dobbs threw an incomplete pass from the Vikings’ 21 with 16 seconds remaining.

Dobbs threw for 221 yards and a touchdown, also running for another, but suffered his first loss with the Vikings since being acquired in an emergency trade with Arizona.

Wilson completed 27 of 35 passes for 259 yards without an interception for Denver.

The Broncos initiated their go-ahead drive from their 25 with 3:17 remaining after Greg Joseph’s field goal made it 20-15. The kick concluded a 7-minute, 20-second Vikings drive featuring a fake punt from their own 30.

In other notable NFL matchups:


DETROIT (AP) — David Montgomery’s 1-yard touchdown run with 29 seconds left against his former team propelled Detroit to a comeback victory over Chicago.

Despite four turnovers, including three interceptions from Jared Goff, the NFC North-leading Lions (8-2) rallied from a 12-point deficit in the last 3:06. Detroit now holds its best record through 10 games since 1962, positioning the franchise for a potential division title for the first time in three decades.

The Bears (3-8) missed opportunities to secure consecutive wins for the first time in almost two years.

Rams 17, Seahawks 16

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (AP) — Lucas Havrisik’s 22-yard field goal with 1:31 remaining secured a narrow victory for the Los Angeles Rams over the Seattle Seahawks, who missed a 55-yard attempt with 3 seconds left when Jason Myers failed to convert.

Matthew Stafford returned from injury, passing for 190 yards and leading two fourth-quarter scoring drives, helping the Rams (4-6) break their three-game losing streak with a 21-20 win over the Seahawks (6-4). The victory marked the Rams’ second triumph over the Seahawks this season. The game saw a dramatic last-minute drive by Geno Smith, but Seattle ran out of time, and Jason Myers missed a crucial field goal attempt.

Bills Dominate Jets with a 32-6 Victory

Josh Allen threw three touchdown passes, and Buffalo (6-5) scored on six of its first eight possessions, securing a dominant 32-6 win over the Jets (4-6). With offensive coordinator Joe Brady taking over from the fired Ken Dorsey, the Bills ended a two-game skid and surpassed 25 points for the first time in seven weeks.

Browns Win Thriller Against Steelers, 13-10

Dustin Hopkins kicked a 34-yard field goal with 2 seconds left after rookie quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson completed four straight passes, securing a 13-10 victory for the Browns (7-3) over the Steelers (6-4). In his second NFL start, Thompson-Robinson rallied the Browns, securing wins against the Ravens and Steelers in consecutive weeks.

Cowboys Cruise Past Panthers, 33-10

DaRon Bland tied an NFL record with his fourth pick-six of the season as the Cowboys (7-3) trounced the Panthers (1-9) with a 33-10 victory. Dak Prescott threw for 189 yards and two touchdowns, while the defense showcased its dominance, sacking the Panthers’ quarterback seven times.

49ers Beat Buccaneers 27-14

Brock Purdy threw three touchdown passes, including a 76-yard strike to Brandon Aiyuk, as the 49ers (7-3) secured a 27-14 victory over the Buccaneers (4-6). Purdy’s stellar performance included a perfect passer rating, and the 49ers posted their second consecutive lopsided win.

Dolphins Hold Off Raiders, Win 20-13

Jalen Ramsey had two crucial interceptions, including one in the end zone with 22 seconds left, helping the Dolphins (7-3) overcome three turnovers and beat the Raiders (5-6) 20-13. Tua Tagovailoa threw for 325 yards with two touchdowns and an interception, securing the Dolphins’ sixth win of the season.

Texans Topple Cardinals 21-16

Standout rookie C.J. Stroud threw for 336 yards and two touchdowns, leading the Texans (6-4) to a 21-16 victory over the Cardinals (2-9). Despite Stroud’s season-high three interceptions, the Texans secured their third consecutive win.

Packers Edge Chargers 23-20

Jordan Love threw for 322 yards, connecting with Romeo Doubs for a 24-yard touchdown with 2:33 left, as the Packers (4-6) secured a 23-20 win over the Chargers (4-6). Love’s impressive performance marked the first time a Packer threw for over 300 yards since Aaron Rodgers in December 2021.

Giants Defeat Commanders 31-19

Sam Howell threw three interceptions among six turnovers for Washington, leading to a 31-19 victory for the last-place Giants (3-8). Tommy DeVito picked up his first NFL win as the Giants beat Washington for the second time this season.

Jaguars Rebound with 34-14 Win Over Titans

Trevor Lawrence threw two touchdown passes to Calvin Ridley as the Jaguars (7-3) rebounded from their worst loss of the season, drubbing the Titans (3-7) 34-14. Ridley finished with seven catches for 103 yards, and Lawrence ran for two scores, securing the Jaguars’ seventh win of the season.


Acting coach Antonio Pierce infuses the Raiders with a bold and aggressive mindset.

Acting coach Antonio Pierce infuses the Raiders with a bold and aggressive mindset.

Antonio Pierce brings a proactive and daring approach to the Raiders as the interim coach, marking a departure from the conservative style seen under Josh McDaniels. This shift was evident in key plays during the recent victory against the New York Jets, reflecting Pierce’s willingness to take calculated risks.

In a crucial moment during the third quarter, the Raiders’ defensive players urged Pierce to accept a penalty instead of declining it, aiming to maintain pressure on the Jets. This strategic decision changed the field position, showcasing the team’s confidence in their defense. The Raiders subsequently capitalized on the advantageous position, highlighting the impact of Pierce’s bold approach.

Another pivotal play occurred in the fourth quarter when the Raiders, leading 16-12, decided to go for it on fourth-and-1 at their 44-yard line. Pierce’s belief in the team’s momentum and a well-designed play resulted in a successful 15-yard gain. While a subsequent fumble hindered further progress, the decision reflected Pierce’s confidence in the offense’s ability to execute under pressure.

Pierce’s aggressive mindset, rooted in gut feelings and the flow of the game, sets a tone of proactive play rather than playing defensively. These strategic moves demonstrate a departure from a risk-averse mentality, signaling a new era under Pierce’s leadership.

In addition to on-field strategies, the Raiders’ defensive end Maxx Crosby has initiated the Maxx Crosby Foundation, emphasizing charitable causes such as teen substance abuse, youth health, and animal rescue and abuse prevention. This foundation reflects Crosby’s commitment to giving back and leaving a positive legacy, aligning with his belief in the reciprocal nature of contributions to the world.

As the Raiders gear up to face the Miami Dolphins, Pierce’s go-for-it attitude and Crosby’s philanthropic efforts contribute to a dynamic and purpose-driven team culture.


Anticipated Outcomes, Selections, and Betting Odds for the NFL Week 11 Matchup

Anticipated Outcomes, Selections, and Betting Odds for the NFL Week 11 Matchup

The upcoming matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is anticipated to be an exciting clash, according to BetMGM NFL odds. For those looking to place wagers, explore the top mobile sports betting apps that offer enticing NFL betting promos in 2023, including the recently launched ESPN BET app.

Here are the key betting details:

  • Spread: 49ers (-11)
  • Moneyline: 49ers (-600); Buccaneers (+425)
  • Over/under: 41.5

If this game doesn’t capture your interest, our comprehensive guide to NFL betting odds, picks, and spreads covers Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football matchups.

For newcomers to sports betting, fret not. We provide beginner tips on how to place bets online. Additionally, USA TODAY readers can access exclusive promos and bonus codes with leading online sportsbooks and sports betting sites.

Here’s a glance at the predictions and picks from experts for NFL Week 11:

Lorenzo Reyes: 49ers 28, Buccaneers 23

The Buccaneers have been inconsistent, but their competitive edge keeps them in the game. The 49ers’ rushing defense might narrow the point gap.

Tyler Dragon: 49ers 28, Buccaneers 16

The 49ers, coming off a significant win, boast a healthy lineup. San Francisco’s defense has the potential to stifle the Buccaneers, replicating their success against the Jaguars.

Safid Deen: 49ers 34, Buccaneers 20

With the 49ers fully healthy again, their impact was evident in the recent win. Facing a Buccaneers team with some issues, San Francisco is poised for success.

Victoria Hernandez: 49ers 30, Buccaneers 23

Both teams secured dominant victories last week, but the return of key players for the 49ers makes a difference. San Francisco’s strong home record adds to their advantage.

Jordan Mendoza: 49ers 28, Buccaneers 17

San Francisco’s win against Jacksonville revitalized their playoff aspirations. While the Buccaneers have a solid defense, they’ve struggled against formidable opponents.

For a comprehensive list of USA TODAY’s NFL expert predictions, visit their site.

Stay updated on NFL future bets and explore the highest-paid NFL players in various positions. Gannett may earn revenue from sports betting operators, and terms apply. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, assistance is available.

Originally published on USA TODAY: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Francisco 49ers: Predictions, picks, odds


Injuries Impacting TNF Game: Bengals WR Tee Higgins and Ravens LT Ronnie Stanley Ruled Out

Injuries Impacting TNF Game: Bengals WR Tee Higgins and Ravens LT Ronnie Stanley Ruled Out

Thursday’s crucial clash between the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens holds significant implications for the AFC North divisional race. Described as a ‘playoff game in November’ by Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan, the matchup promises high stakes. However, neither team will be operating at full capacity.

Both the Bengals (5-4) and Ravens (7-3) aim to recover from Week 10 losses in this primetime showdown. Nevertheless, they face the challenge of dealing with various injuries. Notably, key players, including one of the Bengals’ top wide receivers, will be absent in the ‘Thursday Night Football’ contest at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

For more insights on the Bengals at Ravens matchup, including predictions, picks, and odds for NFL Week 11, stay tuned.

Here’s the latest update on key players leading into Thursday’s matchup

Bengals WR Tee Higgins is sidelined: Tee Higgins will be absent for the second consecutive game due to a hamstring injury sustained in practice last week. Missing the Bengals’ recent 30-27 loss to the Houston Texans, Higgins faces a challenging recovery for “Thursday Night Football,” as stated by head coach Zac Taylor. After not participating in any practices throughout the week, Higgins was officially ruled out on Wednesday. This marks the third game Higgins has missed this season, having also sat out in Week 5 due to a rib injury.

Despite his absence, Higgins, known for consecutive 1,000-plus receiving-yard seasons in 2021 and 2022, has accumulated 328 yards and two touchdowns in seven games this season.

Bengals DE Sam Hubbard is unavailable: Sam Hubbard will miss Thursday’s game for the second consecutive time due to an ankle injury, not having participated in practice this week. Recognized for his irreplaceable role in the defensive lineup, Hubbard’s absence has been felt, affecting communication and the team’s edge run defense. Defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo highlighted the challenge of replacing Hubbard and emphasized the need for improvement.

Bengals DE Trey Hendrickson is active: Despite an injury to his knee in the Bengals’ Week 10 loss to the Texans, Trey Hendrickson is expected to play on Thursday. Following a limited practice on Tuesday and a full participation on Wednesday, Hendrickson’s swift recovery allows him to contribute to the game. In nine games this season, Hendrickson has amassed 27 total tackles, 8.5 sacks, and forced 2 fumbles.

Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey Likely Unavailable

Pro Bowl cornerback Marlon Humphrey is facing uncertainty for Thursday’s game, as he was labeled as ‘doubtful’ in Wednesday’s injury report. Humphrey, who did not participate in any practices throughout the week, previously missed the first four games of the season due to a foot injury requiring surgery. Despite playing in six games this season, he has recorded 14 total tackles.

Ravens OT Ronnie Stanley Officially Ruled Out

Ronnie Stanley will be absent from Thursday’s matchup due to a knee injury, as indicated by his absence from practice throughout the week. This marks the fourth game Stanley has missed this season.


A Gradual Beginning Spells Misfortune for Chippewas in Ohio

A Gradual Beginning Spells Misfortune for Chippewas in Ohio

In Wednesday’s Mid-American Conference football clash, Ohio showcased its top-ranked defense within the conference, using it as an offensive asset to secure a 34-20 victory over Central Michigan at Peden Stadium in front of 14,736 spectators.

The Bobcats set the tone by returning an interception for a touchdown in the first quarter, establishing a 17-0 lead. Despite Central Michigan’s efforts, they could not fully recover, resulting in a season record of 5-6, with a conference standing of 3-4. Their last chance to secure bowl eligibility rests on the upcoming game against Toledo at Kelly/Shorts Stadium on Friday, Nov. 24, at noon.

Expressing disappointment, CMU coach Jim McElwain shouldered the responsibility, stating, “Somehow I failed them. We haven’t gotten wins we needed to get. I’m pointing at me. I failed them. I haven’t gotten us to win.”

In the first half, the Chippewas effectively moved the ball, amassing 137 rushing yards against Ohio’s defense, which had been the best in the MAC, allowing an average of 95.3 yards per game on the ground.

However, despite closing the gap to within 10 points twice, at 17-7 late in the second quarter and 24-14 early in the third, the Chippewas couldn’t sustain enough offensive momentum for a comeback.

Quarterback Jase Bauer threw for 157 yards, completing two touchdown passes to Tyson Davis (50 yards) and Chris Parker (62 yards). Marion Lukes contributed 75 rushing yards and a touchdown on 15 attempts.

In the defensive effort, cornerback Da’Raun McKinney led with nine tackles, while Caleb Spann added seven. Linebacker Kyle Moretti returned after missing three games, contributing five tackles and a credited pass breakup.

The Chippewas finished with 162 rushing yards, the second-highest total allowed by the Bobcats this season. However, their ground game was limited in the final two quarters when forced to rely more on passing in their comeback attempt.

Key offensive players included Lukes, who also made three receptions for 13 yards, totaling 88 all-purpose yards. Sam Hicks took over kickoff return duties, impressively gaining 99 yards on five returns.

Myles Bailey had a notable performance with four carries for 54 yards, including a long gain of 48. Bert Emanuel Jr., returning after missing four games with an injury, carried five times for 35 yards.


Defensive End Frank Clark Rejoins Seahawks and Anticipated to Feature Against Browns

Defensive End Frank Clark Rejoins Seahawks and Anticipated to Feature Against Browns

Frank Clark Rejoins Seattle Seahawks, Expected to Play Against Browns

In a much-anticipated reunion, the Seattle Seahawks have brought back defensive end Frank Clark, their former 2015 second-round pick. Coach Pete Carroll confirmed on Wednesday that Clark would be joining the team just in time for the upcoming clash with the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

The move comes as Seattle grapples with the loss of edge rusher Uchenna Nwosu, who sustained a season-ending pectoral injury. Clark’s familiarity with the Seahawks’ defensive strategies made him an ideal candidate to fill the void. His return signals the Seahawks’ determination to not only contend for a playoff spot this season but also challenge the San Francisco 49ers’ hold on the NFC West. With a record of 4-2, the Seahawks trail the 49ers by just one game.

“Frank grew up with us,” Carroll told the media. “It’s great to see him return to our team and contribute. He has had a successful run elsewhere, including winning a world championship, and we hope he can bring that winning spirit here as well. It’s a positive development for us.”

Carroll credited general manager John Schneider for swiftly sealing the deal. Clark had his most productive years with the Seahawks from 2016 to 2018, recording 10, nine, and 14 sacks in consecutive seasons.

Following his departure from Seattle, Clark thrived with the Kansas City Chiefs, playing a pivotal role in their Super Bowl triumphs and earning three Pro Bowl selections. While his regular-season performance was not as exceptional as his time with the Seahawks, Clark built a reputation for delivering in the postseason, tallying 13.5 sacks in 17 playoff games, ranking him third all-time.

The Seahawks are counting on the 30-year-old to bring back his trademark energy and playmaking ability in his second stint with the team.

“He’s known for his tenacity and explosive plays, bringing a contagious energy to the team,” Carroll said. “We remember the positives he brought before and we look forward to seeing him make an impact once again.


Raiders’ O-Line Poses ‘Mysterious’ Challenge Amid Run-Blocking Struggles

The Cardinals traded up to secure Johnson at No. 6, just ahead of the Raiders’ pick. However, Las Vegas chose not to address their offensive line in the remaining eight draft selections, a decision that’s now affecting their season negatively. The Raiders enter the upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Detroit Lions with a 3-4 record, with one of the primary issues being their inability to run the ball.

They currently rank last in the league with just three yards per carry, and much of the blame falls on their deteriorating offensive line’s run-blocking performance. Raiders’ coach Josh McDaniels acknowledged the loss of control at the line of scrimmage multiple times in a postgame press conference following a 30-12 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

This season’s problem is a stark contrast to last year when the Raiders had a strong ground game, led by star running back Josh Jacobs. In the previous season, Jacobs averaged 4.9 yards per carry and 97 rushing yards per game. However, this year, Jacobs has struggled to reach these numbers.

Jacobs also admitted to some rust after sitting out of training camp due to a contract dispute, resulting in a career-low Pro Football Focus grade. He currently ranks 39th out of 50 qualified running backs.

Despite his efforts, Jacobs hasn’t been able to find running room, ranking 19th in the NFL in yards before contact, a significant drop from his second-place ranking the previous year.

Offensive coordinator Michael Lombardi expressed his anticipation of a breakout game but questioned whether the offensive line is capable of achieving it. The offensive line’s decline may be an example of the “Plexiglass Principle,” where a significant improvement in one season often leads to a regression the following season.

The Raiders surprised with their offensive line performance last year, and retaining the same starters this season seemed reasonable, at least on performance grounds. However, it appears that last year’s success was an exception, not the rule. Bringing in young talent might have been necessary to maintain their performance level.

The Raiders’ offensive line has dropped from No. 10 in last year’s PFF offensive line rankings to No. 16 this season. While this might not sound terrible, their pass-blocking performance is far better than their run-blocking, with left tackle Kolton Miller excelling as one of PFF’s top-graded pass blockers.

The offensive line’s decline has led to their struggles in adjusted line yards and power-success rate, two metrics used to evaluate run-blocking performance. Las Vegas faces the challenge of running the football, especially during the upcoming game in the dome in Detroit.

It’s important to note that Johnson, despite his high draft profile, hasn’t performed exceptionally well this season for the Cardinals. Right tackle has been a revolving door for the Raiders, with Jermaine Eluemunor and Thayer Munford frequently rotating. Munford’s progression and the performance of second-year player Dylan Parham are reasons for optimism, but the Raiders still have a long way to go.

Last season’s strength has turned into a weakness this year, adding to the mysteries of the NFL.

Melik Brown, Eastside High School's Coach of the Week

Melik Brown, Eastside High School’s Coach of the Week

Melik Brown’s life has come full circle. He attended Eastside High School in Camden, New Jersey, and now he’s the head football coach at the same school. Football has been a constant presence in his life, creating numerous opportunities.

In high school at Woodrow Wilson, Brown played as a defensive back and center, leading the team to its first-ever sectional state championship in 2002. His football journey continued when he joined the University of North Carolina as a four-year starter at outside linebacker and defensive end.

After graduating in 2005, Brown spent nearly a decade in the Canadian Football League and Arena Football League, with a notable stint at the Philadelphia Soul from 2011 to 2013. During his time with the Soul, he started coaching at Eastside and later at Camden High School, where he served as the defensive coordinator. His motivation was to give back to his community.

Between 2012 and 2017, Brown coached three NFL prospects – Sean Chandler (Panthers), Brad Hawkins (Free agent), and Cesar Ruiz (Saints). Eventually, he left Camden High School to establish the Beast Up Academy, focusing on training offensive and defensive linemen, with his first trainee, Jaryd Jones-Smith, now playing for the Washington Commanders.

In 2018, Brown was hired by his brother, Preston, the head coach at Eastside, with a singular goal: winning a championship. They achieved that in 2018 and 2019 before Preston moved on to become the Director of Player Personnel at Temple University.

In 2022, after multiple offers, Melik Brown accepted the head coaching position at his alma mater. He cherished the opportunity to impact young athletes on and off the field, fostering their development and becoming an integral part of their lives.

His Eastside Tigers team had a successful season, finishing 5-3 and advancing to the NJSIAA Tournament, Quarterfinal Round, South Jersey, Group 3, where they will host Highland.

Education is a vital aspect of Brown’s life. Since 2007, he has been involved in education, holding roles such as assistant principal and assistant head of school. Currently, he serves as the Dean of Climate and Culture at Eastside, where he’s passionate about shaping young minds and ensuring they receive a quality education.

From attending an honors college to pursuing a career in education, academics have always been at the forefront for Brown. He emphasizes the importance of academic eligibility for his players and strives to set them up for success, whether in college, the workforce, or on the football field.

Brown’s motto, “No excuses, only results,” resonates with his players and students. He believes in hard work, holding himself and others accountable, and consistently delivering results.

Brown’s leadership as both a coach and educator earned him a nomination for High School Coach of the Decade at the first Coach’s Formal. While he finished as the runner-up, the nomination underlined the significant impact he has had on his players and students.

With a decade of dedication to high school football and education, Melik Brown is recognized as the Eagles Coach of the Week. The school will receive a $2,000 grant, and Brown is now a candidate for the Eagles High School Coach of the Year. – Authored by Owen Boyle


Bills vs. Buccaneers Week 8 Injury Updates

Bills vs. Buccaneers Week 8 Injury Updates

The Buffalo Bills (4-3) face a crucial injury report with seven players ahead of their Thursday, October 26 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-3) at 8:15 PM in Highmark Stadium.

Buffalo enters this contest following a 29-25 loss to the New England Patriots in their latest game.

The Buccaneers’ most recent match concluded with a 16-13 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

Buffalo Bills Injury Report Today:

  • Terrel Bernard (LB) – Knee – Full Participation In Practice
  • Baylon Spector (LB) – Hamstring – Out
  • Von Miller (LB) – NIR – Rest – Limited Participation In Practice
  • Dawson Knox (TE) – Wrist – Out
  • Ed Oliver (DT) – Toe – Limited Participation In Practice
  • Jordan Phillips (DT) – Back – Limited Participation In Practice
  • Quintin Morris (TE) – Ankle – Out

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Injury Report Today:

  • Chase Edmonds (RB) – Knee – Full Participation In Practice
  • Baker Mayfield (QB) – Knee – Questionable
  • Chris Godwin (WR) – Neck – Questionable
  • Matt Feiler (OL) – Knee – Out
  • Vita Vea (DL) – Groin – Questionable
  • Kaevon Merriweather (S) – Ankle – Out

Game Info:

  • When: Thursday, October 26, 2023, at 8:15 PM ET
  • Where: Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, New York
  • TV Info: Amazon Prime Video
  • Live Stream: Watch this game on Fubo
  • Tickets: Buy Tickets for This Game at Ticketmaster!

Bills Season Insights:

  • Total Defense: 14th (329.6 yards allowed per game)
  • Offensive Yards: Fifth-best (369.7 total yards per game)
  • Scoring Offense: Third-best (28.3 points per game)
  • Scoring Defense: Fifth-best (16.9 points allowed per game)
  • Passing Yards (Offense): Sixth in the NFL (256.9 yards per game)
  • Passing Yards (Defense): 10th (201.3 yards allowed per game)
  • Rushing Yards (Offense): 14th (112.9 yards per game)
  • Rushing Yards (Defense): 23rd (128.3 yards allowed per game)
  • Turnover Margin: 10th in the league (+3)

Buccaneers Season Insights:

  • Offensive Yards: 23rd (297.7 total yards per game)
  • Total Yards Allowed: 20th (342.5 total yards per game)
  • Scoring Offense: 26th (17.2 points per game)
  • Scoring Defense: Sixth (17.3 points allowed per game)
  • Passing Yards (Offense): 15th (219.8 yards per game)
  • Passing Yards (Defense): 27th (246.7 yards allowed per game)
  • Rushing Yards (Offense): Fourth-worst (77.8 yards per game)
  • Rushing Yards (Defense): 10th (95.8 yards allowed per game)
  • Turnover Margin: Best in the NFL (+7)

Bills vs. Buccaneers Betting Info:

  • Spread Favorite: Bills (-9)
  • Moneyline: Bills (-450), Buccaneers (+350)
  • Total: 43 points


Pac-12's Top Teams Aiming to Break CFP Dry Spell

Pac-12’s Top Teams Aiming to Break CFP Dry Spell

Utah safety Sione Vaki, celebrating his touchdown with Landen King, is chasing a playoff spot in a competitive Pac-12 season.

The Pac-12 faces a tough challenge as it enters its final season in the current format. Next year, 10 Pac-12 schools will disperse across three other Power Five conferences. However, before this transition, the conference is striving to end a six-year College Football Playoff drought. To achieve this, the Pac-12 must confront its own competitive depth.

Thanks to strong out-of-conference performances, the Pac-12 boasts four teams with either zero or one loss, matching only the SEC in this regard. The key difference is that in the Pac-12, these top teams are still set to face each other, starting with the clash between No. 8 Oregon (6-1) and No. 13 Utah (6-1) this Saturday.

The Utes are also scheduled to go up against No. 5 Washington (7-0) in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the Ducks and Huskies have already faced off, and both are slated to play against No. 11 Oregon State (6-1) later in November. Oregon State handed Utah its sole loss.

Additionally, No. 24 Southern California will have consecutive matches against the Huskies and Ducks in early November, even though the Trojans (6-2) are currently considered less likely to contend.

Ideally, the Pac-12, like any other conference, hopes for a conference title game that is likely to send its winner to the playoff. Realistically, this requires two teams with no more than one loss each, a challenging task when the best teams must navigate a challenging path to reach the championship game.

Balance and depth make for an exciting regular season, but ultimately, it’s the powerhouse teams that stand out and secure a spot in the playoff.

Key Matchup: No. 8 Oregon at No. 13 Utah

Utah’s Kyle Whittingham has made a strong case for Pac-12 and national coach of the year, keeping the two-time conference champions in contention despite injuries and a developing offense. The Utes were formidable against USC last week, and it’s clear that Utah won’t relinquish its Pac-12 crown easily. The Ducks will be a formidable opponent, but it’s apparent that they will have to fight hard for victory.

Prediction: Oregon 28-20

Other Highlighted Games:

  • No. 1 Georgia vs. Florida: Georgia is favored in this match-up, having won five of the last six games at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

Prediction: Georgia 41-20

  • No. 3 Ohio State at Wisconsin: This game is significant for both teams, especially for Wisconsin as they aim to win the final version of the Big Ten West before the conference realignment in 2024.

Prediction: Ohio State 31-14

  • No. 20 Duke at No. 18 Louisville: This game is crucial for both teams’ chances in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Prediction: Louisville 21-18

  • No. 6 Oklahoma at Kansas: Oklahoma aims to maintain its winning streak against Kansas, who are hoping for the return of their starting quarterback.

Prediction: Oklahoma 49-34

The weekend features several other intriguing match-ups between ranked teams and FBS opponents, offering college football fans an exciting slate of games.

Bo Nix, Oregon’s quarterback, crosses the goal line for a touchdown in the opening half of an NCAA college football clash on October 21, 2023, in Eugene, Oregon. (Photo Credit: Andy Nelson/AP)

Canadian Women's Rugby Team Aims to Break Losing Streak Against Top-Ranked England

Canadian Women’s Rugby Team Aims to Break Losing Streak Against Top-Ranked England

The Canadian women’s rugby team, currently ranked fourth, has encountered a challenging 11-game losing streak against the top-ranked England team, including three defeats within the past year.

In the most recent encounters, Canada faced losses of 50-24 and 29-12 against the Red Roses in September, in matches held at Exeter and London, respectively. These results have extended England’s dominating record against the Canadian team to 31 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw.

Despite this, Canada’s coach Kevin Rouet remains optimistic about his team’s potential to secure a victory against the fully professional English side in the upcoming match scheduled for Friday at the WXV tournament in New Zealand.

Rouet highlighted the team’s strong offensive performance in the first game and a resilient defensive effort in the second game, even in the face of a red card to flanker Gabrielle Senft. He expressed confidence in the team’s capability to defeat England, provided they deliver a well-rounded performance on both offense and defense.

Rouet emphasized the impact of the team’s four weeks of intensive training together, anticipating a significant improvement in their performance against England.

The last time Canada secured a victory against the Red Roses was back in July 2016 in Salt Lake City, with a final score of 52-17. Since then, England has maintained an impressive record of 73 wins and 5 losses, with defeats suffered at the hands of New Zealand and France.

The WXV competition, structured as a new three-tier annual tournament, places the Canadian team in the elite WXV 1 division. While WXV 2 and 3 conclude this weekend in South Africa and Dubai, respectively, the top tier features leading teams from the Women’s Six Nations and the Pacific Four Series. Canada earned its qualification by finishing as the runner-up to New Zealand in the Pacific Four Series, where Australia secured the third-place position.

In the recent match against Wales, Canada achieved an impressive 42-22 victory, with team captain Sophie de Goede contributing 17 points through one try and six conversions. Meanwhile, England initiated the tournament with a solid 42-7 triumph over Australia, successfully utilizing its lineout as a platform for four of its six tries.

The tournament also witnessed a remarkable upset, as France defeated New Zealand with a narrow 18-17 victory, avenging their previous one-point loss in last year’s World Cup semifinal. This win put an end to the Black Ferns’ 16-game winning streak.

Upcoming matches at the WXV include New Zealand versus Wales and France versus Australia, both scheduled to take place in Dunedin on Saturday.

The Canadian women’s rugby team, determined to break its losing streak against top-ranked England, is gearing up for a pivotal clash on Friday that could potentially propel the host Black Ferns to reclaim the world’s top spot for the first time since November 2020. A victory for Canada hinges on England’s defeat by more than 15 points against Canada and a successful outcome for New Zealand in their match against Wales.

The anticipated game is scheduled to take place at the renowned Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin, a cutting-edge sports facility that opened in 2011 as the world’s first fully enclosed natural turf stadium. Following their encounter with England, the Canadian team is set to face France in Auckland on November 3.

Expressing the team’s collective determination, Canadian team captain Sophie de Goede emphasized the eagerness to secure a win against the Red Roses. The team’s focused and intense approach reflects their strong resolve to emerge victorious.

Notably, the Canadian team had achieved a commendable fourth-place finish at the previous year’s World Cup, encountering formidable challenges in matches against England and France. Despite these setbacks, the team has been dedicated to refining its strategies and performance, ready to confront England once again.

The upcoming game has also prompted several adjustments to the starting lineups for both teams, with Canada’s coach Kevin Rouet implementing three changes and England’s interim coach Louis Deacon introducing nine alterations to his squad.

Rouet highlighted the significance of a strong defensive strategy to counter England’s effective lineout and maul, while emphasizing the importance of refining the team’s mauling tactics for optimal performance.

The Canadian team’s lineup for the upcoming game showcases a skilled and determined roster, featuring athletes from various parts of Canada and beyond, each contributing their expertise and commitment to the team’s success.

As the stage is set for this critical encounter, fans eagerly anticipate a thrilling display of skill and determination from both teams, each striving to make their mark in the prestigious WXV tournament in New Zealand.

Follow @NeilMDavidson for further updates and insights on this exciting rugby tournament.

This comprehensive report by The Canadian Press was initially published on October 25, 2023.

Neil Davidson, The Canadian Press


Previewing Ohio State vs. Wisconsin: Game Prediction

Previewing Ohio State vs. Wisconsin: Game Prediction

Ohio State and Wisconsin are set to face off on Saturday, October 28th at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin. This highly anticipated matchup promises an exciting battle on the gridiron. Let’s take a closer look at the game.

Game Details

  • Date: Saturday, October 28
  • Game Time: 7:30 ET
  • Venue: Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, WI
  • How To Watch: NBC

Team Records

  • Ohio State: 7-0
  • Wisconsin: 5-2

Why Ohio State Will Win Ohio State’s defense has been nothing short of impressive this season. Currently ranked 5th in the nation in total defense, third in scoring defense, and second in pass efficiency defense, the Buckeyes are a formidable force. Their secondary, in particular, appears to have an abundance of talent. Wisconsin’s offense, on the other hand, has been struggling to find its rhythm, making it a prime target for Ohio State’s formidable defense.

Quarterback Kyle McCord has held his own, thanks in no small part to the exceptional wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. Ohio State’s offense has been in sync, while Wisconsin’s defense has faced challenges from more potent opponents this season.

Why Wisconsin Will Win Wisconsin has a chance to exploit Ohio State’s vulnerability in the running game. The Buckeyes have faced some issues due to injuries, and they might be forced to rely on their passing game. Despite Ohio State’s strong offensive line, it hasn’t been able to establish dominance on the ground. While Wisconsin’s defense might not match the standards of previous seasons, it still has the potential to hold its ground against the run.

The key for Wisconsin will be to establish a strong ground game and control the clock, wearing down Ohio State’s front four. When Wisconsin has run the ball 35 times or more in their victories, they’ve had success. However, they’ve struggled to achieve this in their losses.

Who Will Win Wisconsin’s aspirations in the Big Ten West are still alive, but a win in this game is crucial. While the Badgers may have a chance, the Ohio State defense is expected to make a significant impact. The battle will be fierce in the early stages, but Ohio State is predicted to pull ahead by halftime. Wisconsin’s offense may find it challenging to make significant headway in the second half.

Prediction and Line Ohio State is favored to win this matchup, with a predicted score of 34-10. The line favors Ohio State by 14.5 points, with the over/under set at 45.5.

This game promises to be an exciting clash between two Big Ten powerhouses. Don’t miss out on the action this Saturday.

Chiefs' Bolton Has Surgery for Fractured Wrist

Chiefs’ Bolton Has Surgery for Fractured Wrist

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Nick Bolton underwent wrist surgery in Los Angeles this week, leaving his playing status uncertain. Head coach Andy Reid revealed that it remains unclear whether Bolton will end up on injured reserve or how long his absence will be.

Fortunately, the surgery did not require the insertion of any metal support, which could expedite Bolton’s return to the field. The young linebacker had already missed three games this season due to an ankle injury.

Reid expressed optimism about Bolton’s recovery, saying, “That was a positive going forward with him. We just have to kind of check and see going forward.”

Bolton, a second-round pick in the 2021 draft, has emerged as one of the league’s premier playmaking linebackers, boasting 180 tackles, two sacks, and two interceptions in the previous season. His injury occurred during the Chiefs’ 31-17 victory over the Chargers while making a tackle.

In Bolton’s absence, former Chargers linebacker Drue Tranquill has stepped up impressively. Tranquill, signed almost as an afterthought in free agency, has showcased his intelligence, experience, and athleticism. He has effectively taken over as the leader of the Chiefs’ defense, accumulating 36 tackles in the first seven weeks of the season and contributing with sacks in the last two games.

To further bolster the Chiefs’ defense, pass rusher Charles Omenihu has returned from his six-game suspension. Omenihu’s presence adds flexibility to the defense, giving defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo more options to apply pressure.

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones is confident about the future, saying, “I think our best game is ahead of us. We’re building chemistry across the defensive line, and having Charles in there, everyone being able to move around, I think it’s a plus for our D-line.”

In unrelated news, Reid discussed the situation of wide receiver Justyn Ross, who was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and criminal damage to property. Ross, 23, was released on $2,500 bond and is due back in court on December 4. Ross has had a limited role with the defending Super Bowl champions this season, with just three catches for 34 yards in their first seven games. General manager Brett Veach and law enforcement officials are monitoring the situation.

Reid commented, “All situations are different, obviously. The law enforcement part of it, you listen to what the real details went on, and then you keep open communication.” He added, “Other than that, I really don’t have any information for you other than what we have gathered.

NFL Trade Deadline 2023: Player Trade Cut-off Date?

NFL Trade Deadline 2023: Player Trade Cut-off Date?

As we reach the midway point of the 2023 NFL season, teams are taking stock of their standings in their respective divisions and strategizing for the second half of the year. The NFL trade deadline serves a crucial purpose during this time. While typical player trades often occur during the off-season to allow players to acclimate to new playbooks and build chemistry with their new teammates, the league grants a one-week window during the season for teams to address their immediate needs.

This mid-season trade deadline becomes a lifeline for teams, now seven weeks into the season, grappling with injuries that have left them with gaps to fill across the field. It offers them a chance to acquire the right pieces to fortify their rosters and finish the season on a strong note. The NFL trade deadline for 2023 is set to conclude on October 31st at 4:00 PM ET.

For many players, their fate hangs in the balance as the trade deadline approaches. Notable names like Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans, Zach Ertz of the Arizona Cardinals, and DeAndre Hopkins find themselves in uncharacteristic slumps, often due to the systems they are currently playing in. This deadline will determine whether they can turn their seasons around and make a positive impact down the stretch.
The upcoming NFL trade window commences on March 13

marking the final chance for teams and players to adjust their rosters. Once the current deadline passes at 4 PM on Halloween, teams must maintain their current roster until the start of the next official league year on March 13, 2024.

Typically, NFL teams shy away from mid-season changes to maintain team chemistry and morale. However, in 2022, a surprising trend emerged, with 12 trades happening on the mid-season deadline day, marking a three-decade high.

The headline trade involved the Philadelphia Eagles acquiring safety Kevin Byard from the Tennessee Titans in exchange for Terrell Edmunds and 2024 fifth and sixth-round picks. These mid-season moves will likely shape the fate of teams, determining their playoff and Super Bowl aspirations.