World Basketball Championship 2023: Africa Does Better Than 2019

South Sudan has made history in the 2023 World Basketball Championship by becoming the best African nation and securing a direct qualification ticket for the Olympic Games[1]. The team, led by Luol Deng, finished 17th in the world, winning three of their five matches[1]. This is a significant improvement from the 2019 championship, where no African team made it past the first round[3].

South Sudan’s success is a testament to the growth of basketball in Africa. The continent has been making strides in recent years, with more African players making it to the NBA and more African teams qualifying for international tournaments[3]. In addition to South Sudan, Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, and Cameroon will participate in the Olympic qualifying tournament, where the last four countries to qualify for Paris 2024 will emerge[1].

South Sudan’s journey to the World Basketball Championship has been remarkable. In its first participation in the Africa qualifiers, the nation of about 11 million people managed to secure a spot in the tournament[2]. The team’s success is more than just basketball; it is a source of pride for the country and a symbol of hope for its people[2].

South Sudan’s potential has not gone unnoticed. The team will be eagerly awaited in Paris in 2024, given the potential of its players[1]. The country has a young team with talented players, and with the right support and resources, it could become a force to be reckoned with in the world of basketball[2].

The success of South Sudan and other African teams in the 2023 World Basketball Championship is a sign of the continent’s growth in the sport. With more resources and support, African basketball has the potential to continue to grow and produce more world-class players and teams[3].

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