Russell Westbrook, The 'Triple Double King,' has earned a significant fortune in the NBA.


Russell Westbrook, The ‘Triple Double King,’ has earned a significant fortune in the NBA.

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Russell Westbrook, a basketball icon, boasts a Hall of Fame-worthy career marked by outstanding versatility. Recognized as one of the NBA’s premier players, he clinched the 2017 MVP award for consistently delivering elite-level performances. Such prowess and a myriad of individual honors naturally command top-dollar contracts, contributing to Westbrook’s substantial wealth since entering the league.

During his 11-year tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Westbrook accumulated an impressive $166.9 million in contractual earnings, according to Spotrac. Subsequently, his one-year stint with the Houston Rockets added $37.3 million, followed by a lucrative chapter with the Washington Wizards, where he boosted his earnings by another $40 million. The Los Angeles Lakers witnessed Westbrook’s contribution, adding $75.3 million to his financial portfolio, while brief spells with the Utah Jazz and LA Clippers in the last season earned him $15.9 million.

In total, Westbrook has amassed $336.4 million over his illustrious 15-year NBA career, a figure set to reach $344.2 million after fulfilling his upcoming contract with the LA Clippers. At 34 years old, Westbrook is unlikely to secure another lucrative deal. Instead, he may opt for a veteran minimum or mid-level exception contract to cap off his career.

Remarkably, Westbrook’s substantial career earnings afford him the flexibility to accept a reduced salary at this juncture, enhancing his prospects of chasing the elusive championship ring that eluded him during his prime years.


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