Portland State football 91-point wine: By the numbers, touchdowns and highlights

Portland State Makes College Football Headlines with 91-0 Victory: A Closer Look at the Dominating Win

Portland State’s Historic Win in Numbers 105: Portland State previously set the FCS scoring record with a 105-0 win in 1980 over Delaware State. 19: The Vikings’ offense executed 19 touchdown drives, using less than 19 minutes of game time. 13: Portland State scored a total of 13 touchdowns and successfully completed 13 extra-point kicks during the game, coming just two short of the FCS record. Three: Portland State currently maintains a modest +3 point differential for the season, mainly due to their season-opening 81-7 loss against Oregon. Zero: Portland State’s schedule has yet to include an FCS opponent, facing non-NCAA or NAIA team North American following initial losses to FBS teams Oregon and Wyoming.

A Breakdown of Every Touchdown in Portland State’s Remarkable Victory Touchdown 1 — The Opening Salvo — PSU takes the lead at 7-0 Quincy Craig’s 57-yard kickoff return set the stage for a swift six-play, 30-yard drive lasting only 3 minutes and 21 seconds. Running back Jobi Malary capped it off with a touchdown.

Touchdown 2 — Malary Strikes Again — PSU extends the lead to 14-0 Malary made it back to the end zone in less than five minutes, this time with a 10-yard rushing touchdown.

Touchdown 3 — Another Running Back Finds the End Zone — PSU Dominates at 21-0 After his impressive kickoff return, Quincy Craig got his own moment to shine with an eight-yard touchdown run, further solidifying the Viking’s lead with 1:55 left in the opening quarter.

Touchdown 4 — Second Quarter Surge Begins — PSU Widens the Gap to 28-0 Only five seconds into the second quarter, Andrew Van Buren joined the touchdown parade, marking the third different running back from Portland State to score.

Touchdown 5 — Craig Records His Second Touchdown — PSU Maintains Control at 35-0 Quincy Craig had a remarkable day, securing the longest offensive touchdown of the game with a 31-yard rushing score

Touchdown 6 — Fumble Turns Into Quick Points — PSU Continues Dominance at 42-0 Capitalizing on a North American fumble, running back Christian Grubb dashed in for a two-yard touchdown, becoming the fourth different Viking running back to hit paydirt.

Touchdown 7 — The Passing Game Shines — PSU Expands Lead to 49-0 Portland State quarterback Dante Chachere displayed his passing prowess, connecting with wide receiver Jermaine Braddock for a 16-yard touchdown, shortly after the Viking’s defense secured an interception.

Touchdown 8 — The Fifth Score of the Second Quarter — PSU Leads by 56-0 Chachere linked up with Semaj Bolin for an eight-yard score, propelling the Vikings beyond the 50-point mark.

Touchdown 9 — Chachere’s Third Strike — PSU Leads by 63-0 With 2:07 remaining in the second quarter, Chachere fired his third touchdown of the game, his second to Jermaine Braddock. Portland State posted an astounding 42 points in the second quarter alone.

Touchdown 10 — Second Half Continues the Onslaught — PSU Leads at 70-0 Following a three-and-out forced by the Portland State defense to commence the second half, it took the Vikings just four plays and a mere 59 seconds to score again. Quarterback Logan Gonzalez connected with wide receiver Eric Denham for a 30-yard passing touchdown.

Touchdown 11 — The Last Offensive Surge — PSU Dominates at 77-0 Freshman running back Delon Thompson powered through for a seven-yard touchdown, marking the final offensive touchdown for Portland State.

Touchdown 12 — The Defense Joins the Scoring Frenzy — PSU Extends Lead to 84-0 Cornerback Day Day Bright etched his name on Portland State’s remarkable scoring day with a 21-yard interception return for a touchdown.

Touchdown 13 — Punt Return Magic — PSU Leads at 91-0 Christian Grubb, a transfer from UCLA, electrified the field with a 60-yard punt return, securing the first special teams touchdown of the game. This would be the Vikings’ last score, coming with just 2:04 remaining in the third quarter.


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