NCAA Lifts Suspension on JRU's JL Delos Santos, Resumes Athletic Eligibility


NCAA Lifts Suspension on JRU’s JL Delos Santos, Resumes Athletic Eligibility

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The NCAA Announces No Suspension for JL Delos Santos Following Review

In a recent development, the NCAA has declared that JL Delos Santos will not face a one-game suspension. This decision comes after a post-game analysis revealed that he did not commit an unsportsmanlike foul late in the Jose Rizal University-De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde match last Friday.

Delos Santos was ejected from the game with just 2:14 remaining in overtime due to his second unsportsmanlike foul, which was the result of a deliberate elbow strike on Benilde’s Mark Sangco. Earlier in the game, he had already received an unsportsmanlike infraction at the 9:08 mark of the second quarter for elbowing Michael Mara.

League commissioner Tonichi Pujante issued a statement clarifying the situation, stating, “It was determined that JRU player JL Delos Santos’s elbow did not make contact with CSB player Mark Sangco, and therefore, it did not warrant an unsportsmanlike foul.”

Under league regulations, an ejection automatically triggers a one-game suspension in the subsequent game.

Pujante also announced the suspension of the three referees who officiated the JRU-Benilde game, citing their “failure to exercise sound judgment, inefficient use of the Instant Replay System (IRS) review, as well as their failure to assert themselves as game officials.” These referees will be suspended from September 30 to October 14.


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