Rookie of the Year NBA Star Takes College Football Path, Not Following Coach Prime's Lead



Rookie of the Year NBA Star Takes College Football Path, Not Following Coach Prime’s Lead

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As the NFL season kicks off, football enthusiasts nationwide are buzzing with excitement. However, collegiate football has stolen the spotlight, capturing the attention of fans and even superstar LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers’ forward has been vocal in his support for Coach Prime Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes, tweeting his encouragement. Now, a rising star is taking his passion for college football to new heights.

Recently, Coach Sanders, known for his signature cowboy hat and stylish shades, has been making waves with both his fashion and controversial statements. LeBron James has been a staunch supporter of the 56-year-old NFL legend, expressing his love for the sport through tweets. This enthusiasm had a ripple effect, as the 20-year-old Orlando Magic sensation, who once hailed James as a ‘superhero,’ decided to join the college football hype.

During the highly anticipated Colorado in-state clash between the Buffs and the Colorado State Rams, LeBron James tweeted multiple times to bolster the Buffs and continued to do so after the game. Meanwhile, the Magic’s Paolo Banchero lent his cheers, but not to Deion Sanders’ Buffaloes. Banchero opted to support his own college team, the Duke Blue Devils.

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Although he followed in the footsteps of his ‘superhero’ James by joining the college football frenzy, Banchero took his enthusiasm to another level. During the Saturday night game between the Devils and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football team, he made a memorable appearance on the sidelines, capturing the moment on his Instagram stories as he passionately cheered on the Devils’ players during halftime.


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