Nuggets forward Aaron Gordon over LeBron James was a questionable call and should have been disallowed.



Nuggets forward Aaron Gordon over LeBron James was a questionable call and should have been disallowed.

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Following the ring ceremony commemorating last year’s championship in Denver, the Nuggets secured a 119-107 victory over the Lakers, marked by a stunning dunk by Aaron Gordon on a lob from Jamal Murray during their season opener on Tuesday night.

However, upon closer examination, it became evident that the dunk should not have been counted. In the third quarter at Ball Arena in Denver, Murray’s lob found Gordon, who threw down the dunk over LeBron James, with Gordon’s hand appearing to make contact with the rim before the ball went in. This action constitutes a violation, as a player is not allowed to use the rim to lift or assist in scoring.

Despite James attempting to draw attention to the infraction, officials missed the violation, allowing play to continue uninterrupted.

Reflecting on the play, Murray admitted, “It was a bad pass. It was a really bad pass. I was thinking about putting it on myself at the time it was moving up.”

Nevertheless, the missed call did not significantly impact the game’s outcome. The Nuggets maintained their lead even as the Lakers attempted a comeback in the fourth quarter. Nikola Jokić’s triple-double performance with 29 points, 13

rebounds, and 11 assists, along with Murray’s 21 points and six assists, contributed to the Nuggets’ victory. Gordon also made his mark with 15 points and seven rebounds. The Nuggets have now secured six consecutive wins over the Lakers, including their four-game sweep in the Western Conference finals last season.

Here is the data in table format:

N. Jokic291311136:16
J. Murray2126134:15
A. Gordon1575134:59

In the Lakers’ defeat, James contributed 21 points and eight rebounds. Last season, the team faced a challenging start, losing five consecutive games and ten of their first twelve. Taurean Prince provided an additional 18 points, while Anthony Davis recorded 17 points (all in the first half) and eight rebounds.

The Nuggets are scheduled to play against the Grizzlies in Memphis on Friday, while the Lakers will host the Phoenix Suns on Thursday. Notably, this will mark James’ first regular-season match against Kevin Durant since Christmas Day in 2018.


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