NBA's Points of Emphasis to Alter Officiating of Kevin Durant's Signature Move This Season



NBA’s Points of Emphasis to Alter Officiating of Kevin Durant’s Signature Move This Season

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NBA superstar Kevin Durant has been known for his ability to draw fouls with the “rip through” move. In previous seasons, the NBA has made efforts to eliminate non-basketball actions that deceive referees into making foul calls. These efforts have improved the game’s flow and viewer experience.

One rule change from a decade ago affected the officiating of the “rip through” move, which Durant and many other players incorporated into their games. The NBA ruled that such fouls would no longer result in two free throws but would be considered non-shooting fouls.

However, entering the current season, the league has once again targeted the “rip through” move. Now, a “rip through” that is not a genuine shot attempt will be deemed a no-call, a significant change from previous seasons. NBA head of referee development and training, Monty McCutchen, explained this new addition to non-basketball moves, focusing on the offensive player’s ball movement away from the basket.

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This rule change may have an impact, especially in penalty situations where savvy players use the move to earn free throws. For example, Chris Paul, the newest Golden State Warrior, is known for using this technique effectively. Ruling some “rip throughs” as no-calls could affect the scoring production of star players and even game results.

While Durant’s free throw attempts per game had dropped previously when the rule was changed in 2011, he still relied on the move last season. It remains to be seen how this change in NBA officiating will impact his scoring average and that of other players who employ the “rip through” move.


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