NBA Suspends Player for Alleged Indecent Behavior Towards Sports Psychologist



NBA Suspends Player for Alleged Indecent Behavior Towards Sports Psychologist

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) has issued a four-game suspension without pay to former San Antonio Spurs player Joshua Primo for what it deems “conduct detrimental to the league.” This decision follows a thorough league investigation that concluded Primo engaged in inappropriate and offensive behavior by exposing himself to women.

According to the NBA’s official statement, their investigation included consultations with relevant experts and determined that Primo’s actions were indeed inappropriate and offensive. While Primo contends that his actions were unintentional, the league did not find evidence of any additional sexual misconduct beyond these brief exposures. Nonetheless, such behavior falls short of the league’s standards and necessitates disciplinary action.

In a parallel development, the Bexar County (TX) Sheriff’s Office reported that its criminal investigations division filed a case against Primo for indecent exposure, which is currently under review by the district attorney’s office.

The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office has confirmed that the case remains under review.

The sports psychologist involved in the incident previously filed a lawsuit against the Spurs in November 2022, alleging that the organization’s leadership failed to address her numerous complaints about Primo’s improper sexual conduct. The lawsuit was subsequently settled in November, as per her attorney’s statement.

Joshua Primo has not participated in NBA games since his release by the Spurs.


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