Clippers Want James Harden More Than Malcolm Brogdon



Clippers’ Priority: Acquiring James Harden Over Malcolm Brogdon – A Bold Move for NBA Success.

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The Los Angeles Clippers are actively pursuing a trade for James Harden, but they are treading carefully in negotiations with the Philadelphia 76ers. Their approach stems from the perceived lack of leverage on the 76ers’ side, which has led to a potential sticking point in the trade discussions, primarily related to the inclusion of Terance Mann.

Before the NBA draft, the Clippers had an opportunity to acquire Malcolm Brogdon but opted out due to concerns about his injury history. Subsequently, the Boston Celtics traded Brogdon to the Portland Trail Blazers, making him presumably available. However, the Clippers’ preference remains firmly fixed on acquiring James Harden.

Zach Lowe commented on the Clippers’ desire for Harden, saying, “The Clippers want Harden. It’s a genuine pursuit, and they prioritize Harden over Malcolm Brogdon. This signifies their significant interest in Harden, possibly evidenced by offering an unprotected pick or another compelling trade package. It reflects a hint of anxiety that their current roster may not be strong enough to secure an NBA championship. This is somewhat disheartening because their initial plan, involving the acquisition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, was intended to eliminate the need for major roster upheaval while those star players were on the team. Instead, they find themselves in a situation where they must consider making substantial changes to push the team over the championship hump.”


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