Austin Reaves Takes Stock Of LA's Standing Out West



Austin Reaves Assessing LA’s Position in the Competitive Western Conference

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As the Los Angeles Lakers gear up for the upcoming season, anticipation is running high. With most of their core players returning from last year’s squad, which made it to the Western Conference Finals, and some key roster upgrades, the Lakers have their sights set on a successful year.

Having fallen short in their postseason clash against the Denver Nuggets, the Lakers enter this season fueled by a desire for redemption, carrying a chip on their shoulder that could make other teams in the league uneasy.

A pivotal part of their offseason strategy involved securing the services of young guard Austin Reaves on a new four-year contract. Reaves’ impressive growth last season played a crucial role in the Lakers’ progress, making him a vital asset for the team’s future.

The Lakers’ roster composition positions them as one of the NBA’s top contenders. Austin Reaves recently shared the team’s outlook when it comes to their competition in the competitive Western Conference, saying, “We feel like we can compete with anybody. We just have to handle our business. We know what we need to be successful; it’s on us to go do it.”

If the Lakers can maintain their health, they are poised to present a formidable challenge once again. Their previous season demonstrated their potential when they surrounded their star players, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, with a competent supporting cast.

The Lakers boast a deep roster, offering them the flexibility needed to contend with any opponent. The lack of depth was a weakness exposed in their series against the Nuggets in the playoffs, leading to fatigue down the stretch of games. However, this year, things are expected to be different, and there is a palpable sense of excitement surrounding the team. If all goes according to plan, the Lakers could very well find themselves hoisting the championship trophy at the end of the season.


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