3 Months Post LeBron Rumors, 25YO Miles Bridges Hits New Hurdle on NBA Comeback Path



3 Months Post LeBron Rumors, 25YO Miles Bridges Hits New Hurdle on NBA Comeback Path

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Miles Bridges’ once-promising NBA journey has hit a turbulent patch. The 25-year-old forward enjoyed a stellar start with the Charlotte Hornets. He was seen as a long-term partner for LaMelo Ball until his world came crashing down. Bridges faced domestic violence and child abuse charges last summer, causing him to miss the entire 2022-23 season.

After pleading no contest to these charges, LeBron James and his team expressed interest in adding Bridges to their roster. Nevertheless, Bridges chose to remain with the Charlotte Hornets, inking a one-year, $7.9 million deal in July. Just three months later, new setbacks threaten his NBA comeback.

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Bridges now faces additional legal trouble, with a criminal summons and arrest warrant for violating a 10-year criminal protective order stemming from the prior charges. The warrant, issued after he damaged his then-girlfriend’s windshield in January, remains unserved, further complicating Bridges’ situation.

This recent development adds to Bridges’ woes, including his suspension from the NBA, which will cause him to miss the first ten Hornets games this season. Despite interest from the Los Angeles Lakers, Bridges opted to stay loyal to his current team.

Once a rising star, Bridges had an outstanding 2021-22 season, averaging career highs of 20.2 points and 7 rebounds. His partnership with LaMelo Ball showcased exceptional chemistry, blending Bridges’ athleticism with Ball’s extraordinary passing skills. However, personal issues have cast a shadow over Bridges’ NBA reputation, and what seemed like a lucrative future now hangs in the balance.




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