eFIBA Season 2 Unveiled 61 Nations Competing and Inaugural In-Person World Finals


eFIBA Season 2 Unveiled: 61 Nations Competing and Inaugural In-Person World Finals

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MIES (Switzerland) – ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), a prominent esports and video game entertainment company, has partnered with the International Basketball Federation to unveil the 61 participating nations in the upcoming second season of eFIBA, FIBA’s official NBA 2K24 tournament.

Starting on October 3, National Federations from seven regional areas will compete in the Pro-Am game mode, aiming to secure a spot in the inaugural in-person eFIBA World Finals at DreamHack Winter and a share of the €50,000 prize pool.

“After a successful inaugural season and eFIBA’s successful participation in The Olympic Esports Series, we are prepared to make the upcoming eFIBA Season 2 a landmark international event,” said Frank Leenders, FIBA Media and Marketing Services Director General. “eFIBA allows us to reach new basketball enthusiasts and build a global community of players and fans who share a passion for the game.”

eFIBA Season 2 is expanding its scope, more than doubling the number of participating federations and expanding its competition schedule. The event will feature online Regional Qualifiers from October 3 to November 2, followed by Regional Finals from November 7 to 9 across seven regions: South East Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe.

“The significant growth of participating National Federations and the incredible feedback we have received from players and the community shows that eFIBA is on the right track to become a great offering to the NBA2K community,” said Roger Lodewick, President, Sports Games at ESL FACEIT Group. “Together with FIBA, we have crafted a bold and innovative sporting concept that serves the esports community and connects with basketball fans. We are thrilled to tip off the second season.”

Each Regional Final will determine the winning nation, with the top two from Europe also earning a place in the eFIBA Season 2 World Finals 2023. The World Finals will take place live at the immersive gaming lifestyle festival, DreamHack Winter, from November 25-26 in Elmia, Jonkoping, Sweden.

The eFIBA Season 2 schedule includes Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, and Finals, spanning from October 3 to November 8.

In addition to the esports competition, eFIBA will actively collaborate with creators from the NBA2K community and provide co-streaming opportunities for community streamers during eFIBA events. This season will bring unprecedented access to gameplay feeds, overlays, player interviews, and more.

eFIBA Season 2 matches and events will be streamed on eFIBA’s and FIBA’s Twitch and YouTube channels, providing fans with live coverage.

Attendees of DreamHack Winter will also have the chance to watch the international NBA 2K24 competition, as tickets to the festival grant access to the event. Ticket information is available on the official DreamHack Winter website.

For more information about eFIBA, follow the official channels on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

About FIBA FIBA (fiba.basketball) is the world governing body for basketball, consisting of 212 National Basketball Federations globally. Recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FIBA serves as the leading authority in basketball.

For additional information about FIBA, visit fiba.basketball or follow FIBA on social media: facebook.com/fiba, twitter.com/fiba, instagram.com/fiba, and youtube.com/fiba.

About eFIBA eFIBA, a subsidiary of FIBA (International Basketball Federation), is the official organizer of NBA 2K competitions for national teams. Together with the ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), the leading esports and video game entertainment company, eFIBA hosts a variety of annual tournaments, including the Continental Finals and World Finals, to bring teams of national federations onto the virtual court. It serves as a premier destination for basketball and esports fans, offering an exciting fusion of both worlds. Bringing together NBA 2K players and fans from all corners of the world, eFIBA provides an innovative platform for showcasing skills and passion for the game. For more further information about eFIBA, visit the official channels on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

About ESL FACEIT Group ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) is a leading esports and video game entertainment company dedicated to creating worlds beyond gameplay where players and fans become community. EFG is built on a legacy of world-renowned brands including ESL, FACEIT, DreamHack, and DreamHack Sports Games, providing innovative ecosystems for global communities of players, fans, and creators around the games they love. Working alongside leading partners, brands, and global IPs, EFG operates an unmatched portfolio of live events, digital platforms, and developer tools that reach and engage millions of gamers worldwide. For more information visit www.eslfaceitgroup.com.

About DreamHack Sports Games DreamHack Sports Games (DHSG) creates a world where traditional sports meets esports. Having established itself as a leading Sports Games esports brand, DHSG organizes competitive esports leagues and tournaments together with traditional sports organizers, creating high-impact events and media products for some of the world’s biggest sports IP rights holders. DreamHack Sports Games is part of ESL FACEIT Group, the leading esports and video game entertainment company.




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