2025 Five-Star Plus+ PF Koa Peat Embarks on Official Visit to Texas


2025 Five-Star Plus+ PF Koa Peat Embarks on Official Visit to Texas

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As the fall visit season is well underway and October approaches.

the Texas Longhorns hosted a prominent prospect from the class of 2025 in Austin over the weekend. Koa Peat, a Five-Star Plus+ power forward hailing from Gilbert, Arizona, stood tall at 6 feet 7 inches and weighed 200 pounds. According to the On3 Industry Ranking, he holds the impressive ranking of the third overall prospect in the 2025 cycle. This ranking is a weighted average that combines assessments from all four major recruiting media companies.

In the race to secure Peat’s commitment, the Texas Longhorns are currently leading the pack, as per the On3 Recruiting Prediction Machine (RPM). They hold a slight advantage over Michigan, the only other program that has had the privilege of hosting him for an official visit thus far.

Peat boasts offers from prestigious institutions such as Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, and Arizona. His sophomore season saw him earn the title of Arizona State Gatorade Player of the Year—an accolade that speaks to his exceptional talent on the court. Additionally, he carries the legacy of being the son of former NFL star Todd Peat.

A noteworthy point of interest is Peat’s On3 NIL Valuation, which stands at an impressive $285,000. The On3 NIL Valuation is a respected index within the industry, projecting the annual value of high school and college athletes. It’s important to clarify that this valuation does not track the value of specific NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals an athlete may have completed; rather, it signifies an athlete’s estimated value at a particular moment in time.

Scouting Report on Koa Peat

Koa Peat possesses an impressive natural physique, characterized by a robust frame, long arms, and broad shoulders. On the court, Peat exudes confidence, whether in the half-court or full-court setting. He excels as a rebounder and exhibits the ability to initiate fast breaks during transitions. Notably, his extended stature holds promise on the defensive end, particularly in off-ball guarding situations.

During the summer, Peat displayed a tendency to rely on jump shots. When driving toward the basket, he faces challenges in executing varied moves off the dribble, often moving in straight lines with somewhat rigid hips. Nevertheless, his jump shot mechanics, particularly the release, exhibit a clean and consistent form, suggesting potential for him to evolve into a credible shooting threat. Worth noting is Peat’s youth, born in 2007, and his familial ties to the NFL, with both his father and brother having played in the league.

Peat’s rebounding prowess is evident in his active pursuit of rebounds within his designated area, securing possessions with determination. His ability to orchestrate fast breaks demonstrates a keen sense of balance and impressive floor vision. However, there remains room for improvement in his jump shot, which has shown streakiness across various levels of play. Despite this, Peat excels at finishing plays around the basket, exhibiting sound footwork and an admirable ability to convert through physical contact. His overall production on the court is undeniably compelling.

5-Star SG Tre Johnson Connects with Arch Manning during Texas Official Visit

Tre Johnson, a highly regarded five-star shooting guard hailing from Dallas’s Link Academy, embarked on his official visit to the University of Texas this past week. During his stay in Austin, he had the opportunity to meet with Longhorns’ freshman quarterback sensation, Arch Manning.

Johnson’s visit to the Texas campus commenced on Sunday and extended until noon on Tuesday. The young talent is not just any ordinary recruit; he boasts the coveted Five-Star Plus+ status and holds the impressive national ranking of No. 4. Furthermore, he clinches the coveted title of the No. 1 shooting guard in the 2024 recruiting cycle, as determined by the On3 Industry Ranking—a comprehensive metric that amalgamates assessments from all four major recruiting media outlets.

On the gridiron front, Arch Manning stands as a prominent figure. He previously held the prestigious title of the No. 1 overall football prospect in the 2023 recruiting cycle. Additionally, Arch Manning currently commands an On3 NIL Valuation of a staggering $2.9 million—a testament to his immense value in the world of college sports.

Johnson Reflects on His Relationship with the Longhorns

Tre Johnson recently shared insights into his connection with the Texas Longhorns, shedding light on his rapport with head coach Rodney Terry. According to Johnson, his relationship with Coach Terry dates back to earlier years when Coach Terry served as his father’s assistant coach during his tenure at Baylor. This lo

ngstanding association has contributed to their strong bond, and Johnson expressed his enthusiasm for Coach Terry’s promotion to head coach, highlighting his coaching style that allows guards to flourish and utilizes larger guards in the post. Johnson was particularly impressed with the work ethic of the players during his visit, noting their dedication to spending countless hours in the gym, which is accessible 24/7.

On3 National Basketball Recruiting Analyst Jamie Shaw also weighed in on Johnson’s skills and potential in May, emphasizing his natural scoring ability. Standing tall at 6 feet 5 inches, Johnson possesses the versatility to execute shots over defenders, and his exceptional ability to create space sets him apart.

Shaw praised Johnson’s impeccable balance and footwork, though he acknowledged the need for further strength development and shot selection refinement. Johnson’s consistent jump shot mechanics, with a repeatable form and release, have been instrumental in his impressive scoring performance, averaging 24.0 points while shooting 40.7% from beyond the arc during his time in Phoenix.

In terms of his market value, Johnson currently boasts an On3 NIL Valuation of $537,000. The On3 NIL Valuation is a renowned industry index that projects the annual value of high school and college athletes. It’s important to note that this valuation does not track the specific value of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals an athlete may have secured to date; rather, it signifies the athlete’s estimated value at a specific point in time.

Texas Secures First Commitment for the 2024 Class

Texas has wasted no time in securing its first commitment for the 2024 recruiting cycle. Cam Scott, a highly regarded four-star shooting guard hailing from Lexington, South Carolina, has already made his pledge to the Longhorns. Scott’s impressive talent and potential have earned him a ranking of No. 28 overall in the 2024 class.

In explaining his decision, Scott expressed his belief that Texas is the ideal place for his personal and athletic growth. He cited the welcoming environment that allows him to make and learn from mistakes, all within an organization he has complete trust in. This commitment reflects his confidence in Texas as the platform for his future development and success.

Five-Star Plus+ SG Tre Johnson Returns to Texas for Another Official Visit

Tre Johnson, the highly touted shooting guard who holds the top-ranking position in the class of 2024, is set to embark on his second official visit to the University of Texas. This visit is scheduled to take place from Sunday, August 27th, through Tuesday, August 29th, as per sources informed by On3.

This marks Johnson’s second official visit to Austin, with the first one occurring during the tenure of Chris Beard as head coach. However, this time around, he will be meeting with Rodney Terry and the Longhorns coaching staff. Johnson, regarded as the No. 1 ranked player in the state of Texas, has a list of six schools under consideration, including Arkansas, Kentucky, Kansas, Baylor, Alabama, and, notably, Texas.

Originally from Dallas, Johnson has already completed official visits to Baylor, Texas, Kansas, and Kentucky. He has an upcoming visit scheduled at Alabama on September 15th. Additionally, Johnson recently made the decision to transfer to Link Academy in Branson, Missouri, for his senior season, signaling his commitment to honing his skills and pursuing excellence.

In the On3 Industry Rankings, Tre Johnson holds the esteemed title of the No. 4 overall prospect in the 2024 recruiting cycle. These rankings are meticulously calculated, employing a weighted average that draws from assessments provided by all four major recruiting media outlets.

Scouting Report on Tre Johnson

Tre Johnson boasts a promising physical profile, with ample room for additional muscle development. His natural length, combined with above-average explosiveness and quickness, sets him apart as a prospect. However, Johnson’s standout attribute is his shooting prowess. He is a reliable marksman with an impressive range,

capable of sinking shots both off the catch and the dribble. His shooting form exhibits remarkable balance, featuring a consistent release across various shooting situations. Johnson’s exceptional footwork further enhances his scoring capabilities. Whether operating in the mid-post or on the perimeter, he displays the ability to navigate the half-court effectively, often needing just two or three dribbles to create scoring opportunities. His offensive approach adheres to the principle of “less is more,” emphasizing efficiency.

In addition to his scoring abilities, Johnson exudes composure and confidence when the ball is in his hands. His dimensions and basketball IQ hint at the potential to become a dependable defender, with an innate understanding of positioning. Notably, Johnson’s father’s history of signing with Baylor out of high school and achieving a 1,000-point scoring milestone throughout college underlines the family’s basketball pedigree.

Offering further insights, On3’s Jamie Shaw extols Tre Johnson as one of the most natural scorers in his class. His impressive height of 6 feet 5 inches enables him to release shots over defenders with ease. What truly sets him apart is his knack for creating separation from defenders, thanks to his excellent balance and exceptional footwork.

While he has demonstrated remarkable proficiency in his jump shot, Johnson’s ongoing development includes strengthening his physical attributes and honing the ability to discern between attainable shots and optimal shot selection. During his time in Phoenix, he showcased his scoring ability by averaging an impressive 24.0 points, shooting at an impressive 40.7% from beyond the three-point line.





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