Twins rookie sensation Royce Lewis remains unfazed by his historic personal milestone after Game 1 setback.


Twins rookie sensation Royce Lewis remains unfazed by his historic personal milestone after Game 1 setback.

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In the first game of the ALDS against the Houston Astros, Royce Lewis embodied the unwavering spirit that the Minnesota Twins have exemplified all season. The rookie played a pivotal role in the Twins’ late-game resurgence, orchestrating a remarkable comeback against the reigning champions.

The Astros, led by standout performances from Jose Altuve and Yordan Alvarez, surged ahead with a five-run lead by the fifth inning. Even the experienced Justin Verlander managed to stifle the Twins’ scoring opportunities time and again.

However, the tide turned in the seventh inning when Jorge Polanco launched a three-run homer. Then, it was Royce Lewis’s turn at the plate, and he delivered a back-to-back home run, marking his third in this postseason. His powerful connection with Hector Neris’ 93 mph fastball sent the ball soaring into the right field, hushing Minute Maid Park.

This remarkable feat of hitting three postseason home runs consecutively established Lewis as the first rookie to achieve such a milestone in their initial three postseason games. He now stands just one homer shy of matching the Twins’ postseason record held by Kirby Puckett, who hit four in 1991.

Yet, Lewis remains steadfast in his conviction that personal achievements hold little weight in October baseball. His primary focus is on clinching the ultimate victory for his team. As he expressed to reporters after the game, “It’s all about winning it for the team.

I approach it differently. My focus is on securing a World Series victory alongside this team. Royce Lewis and the Minnesota Twins face an uphill battle. Starting a series by losing the initial game on the road is undeniably challenging. Historically, Game 1 victors advance 71% of the time, having won 108 out of the past 145 series. In the Division Series with its 2-2-1 format, teams that clinch the first game at home have emerged victorious 36 out of 50 times.

These statistics certainly don’t favor the Twins, who now aim to stage a comeback against an Astros pitching lineup that showed signs of weakness in the latter part of the regular season.

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