There is a Shared Interest Between the Cubs and Pete Alonso



There is a Shared Interest Between the Cubs and Pete Alonso

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Regardless of whether the Mets secure Yamamoto during free agency, they will face a significant decision regarding Pete Alonso this upcoming winter.

The powerful first baseman is approaching the final year under the team’s control, and all signs seem to point to the Cubs if the Mets decide to make him available. The Cubs have previously attempted to acquire him, and both Levine and Rogers have received information indicating that Alonso remains a target for the team.

Rogers went as far as suggesting, ‘I think that he is as interested in joining us as we are in having him.’

However, to counter the growing excitement, Heyman has contested the idea that Alonso is set on becoming a Cub. Not long ago, David Stearns, the Mets’ new president of baseball operations, affirmed his expectation that Alonso would continue as the team’s starting first baseman next season.

Despite this, the future remains uncertain. The Mets might be eyeing 2025 or 2026 for their next contention run, while Alonso’s new agent, Scott Boras, isn’t known for facilitating contract extensions. Additionally, with Cody Bellinger soon entering the open market, the Cubs’ apparent gap at first base becomes even more prominent.


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