2023 MLB Playoffs: Which Team Boasts MLB's Highest Payroll?



2023 MLB Playoffs: Which Team Boasts MLB’s Highest Payroll?

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The MLB Playoffs for 2023 are in full swing, with 12 teams vying for baseball glory. Among them are some surprising returnees like the Minnesota Twins, Miami Marlins, Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers, and Arizona Diamondbacks, who aim to upset the established order, including teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Houston Astros.

But who are the big spenders in this elite group? Which teams have mastered the art of ‘moneyball’? Let’s break it down from lowest to highest payroll in the 2023 postseason.

12th Highest Spend: Baltimore Orioles at $71,061,047

The Orioles make a comeback after seven years, boasting the lowest payroll in the playoffs. They clinched the AL East with just over $71 million, finishing with a .623 record.

11th Highest Spend: Tampa Bay Rays at $79,354,272

The Rays continue their playoff streak since 2019, proving that budget can yield results. They secured 99 wins and a .611 record, finishing second in the AL East.

10th Highest Spend: Miami Marlins at $101,435,809

Florida celebrates two postseason teams as the Marlins return after a two-year absence. They ended third in the NL East with an 84-win, .522 record.

9th Highest Spend: Arizona Diamondbacks at $117,407,651

The Diamondbacks, once World Series champions, aim for postseason success after years of drought. They finished second in the NL West with 84 wins and a .519 record.

8th Highest Spend: Milwaukee Brewers at $124,838,345

The Brewers have been a postseason regular, securing the NL Central title thrice since 2018. In 2023, they bounced back with 92 wins and a .568 record.

7th Highest Spend: Minnesota Twins at $155,504,540

The Twins aim to win their first World Series since 1991. They clinched the AL Central with 87 wins and a .537 record, despite a below-average payroll.

6th Highest Spend: Atlanta Braves at $206,239,131

The Braves, known for their power hitters, seek to defend their 2021 title. They topped the NL East with 104 wins, the most in MLB.

5th Highest Spend: Toronto Blue Jays at $213,630,885

The Blue Jays, gunning for their first World Series since ’93, qualified via the wild card. They finished third in the AL East with 89 wins and a .549 record.

4th Highest Spend: Houston Astros at $236,707,748

The defending champions eye another title. They secured the AL West with 90 wins and a .556 record in a highly competitive season.

3rd Highest Spend: Los Angeles Dodgers at $238,778,296

The Dodgers boast a super-team lineup but aim for more titles. With 100 wins and a .617 record, they’re strong contenders for the World Series.

2nd Highest Spend: Philadelphia Phillies at $245,119,295

Led by Bryce Harper, the Phillies seek redemption after reaching the 2022 World Series. They won 90 games and finished second in the NL East.

1st Highest Spend: Texas Rangers at $247,332,754

The Rangers made a significant investment, leading the AL West. They finished with 90 wins and a .556 record but narrowly missed out on the division title.

Surprisingly, three teams outspent the Rangers, including the San Diego Padres, New York Yankees, and New York Mets, none of whom made the playoffs despite their hefty budgets.




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