2023 MLB Playoffs: Protocol for Postponed or Cancelled Playoff Games



2023 MLB Playoffs: Protocol for Postponed or Cancelled Playoff Games

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When MLB Games Are Affected by Weather or Schedule Changes

When weather conditions or scheduling changes impact an MLB game, SeatGeek, the official fan-to-fan marketplace for MLB tickets, has a solution for ticket holders. Your tickets typically remain valid for the rescheduled date, ensuring you can still attend the game as planned.

However, if a game is canceled without a rescheduled date, SeatGeek follows Club and MLB Policies, as well as state laws. They will inform you promptly via email, detailing your available options under SeatGeek’s Buyer Guarantee.

In such cases, you don’t need to contact SeatGeek’s customer experience team proactively; they will reach out to assist you.

If you can’t attend the rescheduled date, you have the option to sell your ticket on the SeatGeek Marketplace to potentially recover your funds, with instructions provided by SeatGeek.

Keep in mind that your ticket is valid for the rescheduled or resumed event, as determined by MLB.

Regarding refunds for playoff tickets, no refunds or credits are issued if you don’t use your ticket on the rescheduled date. Additionally, if a game isn’t completed or is rescheduled, the ticket grants entry to the next scheduled game at the stadium, regardless of the previously announced schedule.

This flexibility ensures that ticket holders can still enjoy their baseball experience even when unexpected changes occur. The official MLB website provides further details on ticket usage in such cases.




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