Norfolk Education Awards The Recipient of the Commitment to Sport Award Announced


Norfolk Education Awards: The Recipient of the Commitment to Sport Award Announced

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The Nest, a community hub located in Horsford and affiliated with the Community Sports Foundation, has been declared this year’s recipient of the Prestigious Commitment to Sport Award, generously sponsored by The Centre of Excellence for Sport, Outdoor Leadership, and Uniformed Services at Easton College, as part of the Norfolk Education Awards.

Situated on a sprawling 22-acre property, The Nest boasts an impressive array of sports facilities, including a well-lit 3G pitch and top-notch grass football fields. Its diverse offerings cater to a wide spectrum of individuals, encompassing kids’ football courses, walking football, group fitness classes, and free running groups that prioritize mental well-being. Beyond its role as a sports facility, The Nest takes immense pride in fostering a vibrant community spirit, supporting and enriching the broader sporting community throughout Norfolk.

The panel of judges was highly impressed by The Nest’s unwavering dedication to providing sports activities for all age groups, citing strong evidence of its commitment to community engagement. The judges also underscored the pivotal role played by The Nest’s free activities centered around mental health, recognizing their growing importance in today’s society.

Reflecting on this significant achievement, Stevie Bramble, Director of Education & Programs at The Nest, expressed profound gratitude, remarking, “It means a lot for The Nest in terms of how far we’ve come in the last four to five years as a venue that started off as a derelict piece of grass. It’s really a reward for all the partners that have helped us get there.

Whether it’s those that have donated financially or those that have undertaken incredible feats like climbing mountains and running 10k races to raise funds for our development. The Nest is a venue, of course, but the magic that happens is because of the people that work with the young people that we’re engaging with.”

For additional information regarding the Norfolk Education Awards, please visit the official website. To explore more about this year’s distinguished winners, kindly follow this link.

About the Sponsor: Easton College is set to launch a groundbreaking Centre of Excellence for Sport, Outdoor Leadership, and Uniformed Services in 2024, building upon the college’s established reputation, outstanding facilities, and collaborative partnerships in these domains. The college offers a curriculum that strongly emphasizes equipping students for successful careers in the sports industry, catering to aspiring professional athletes and those interested in coaching, sports therapy, as well as various roles within sports management and administration.

The forthcoming Centre of Excellence aims to inspire success, challenge minds, and secure futures by harnessing superb facilities, sharing expertise, and cultivating robust relationships with employers in the sports, outdoor activity, and uniformed services sectors.


  1. Athletics Norfolk Athletics Norfolk engages in strategic collaborations with key partners to advance the realm of athletics, including track and field, road running, cross country, and disability athletics. The organization works closely with schools and delivers supplementary programs at venues across the county, such as the Quadkids athletics initiative. Additionally, they organize county championships, school championships, and open meetings throughout the year. The judges commended Athletics Norfolk for hosting open meetings that encourage aspiring athletes to explore various events, in addition to their specialized work with schools and championships.
  2. Wymondham High Academy Wymondham High Academy has established a sports department that champions inclusivity, equality, and aspirational concepts. The academy encourages students at all skill levels to engage in a diverse range of activities. Furthermore, they invite professional athletes to provide inspiration and coaching to students, a program that has proved immensely popular in fostering a deep-rooted passion for sports. The judges noted Wymondham High Academy’s commitment to involving students of all abilities in various activities, also highlighting the wealth of extracurricular options offered to students.
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