Noah Lyles Challenges Drake's Team USA Remarks and Stands Firm


Noah Lyles Challenges Drake’s Team USA Remarks and Stands Firm

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American Track and Field Sensation Noah Lyles Takes on NBA’s “World Champions” Title, Calls Out Drake

Noah Lyles, the prominent U.S. track and field athlete, recently raised eyebrows among NBA stars by questioning the term “world champions” used by NBA champions. After Team USA’s 113-111 loss to Germany in the FIBA World Cup semifinals, Lyles aimed a playful dig at the acclaimed rapper and songwriter, Drake, regarding this topic.

In a candid conversation with GQ, Lyles wondered why Drake, a music icon, inserted himself into the discussion, suggesting he should “go back home.” Lyles commented, “Drake, what are you doing here? Go back home. This is an NBA conversation. But I couldn’t go on TikTok for more than three seconds because it would just be like, me. And I’m like, Can I see something else? I don’t want to see me. I go to Twitter to see other things.”

Lyles’s remarks in GQ followed Drake’s earlier mention of the sprinter, where Drake stated that Lyles “thought this speech was gonna be so hard in the mirror the night before…now the whole league doesn’t rate u,” as reported by TMZ Sports.

Before Lyles’s interview, it seemed that the 26-year-old athlete was standing firm on his position, as he liked two memes on social media that took a playful jab at Team USA. To add to Team USA’s disappointment, Canada defeated them in the bronze medal game, marking the second consecutive FIBA World Cup without a medal for the American team.

It remains to be seen whether Drake will respond to Lyles’s latest remarks, adding intrigue to this ongoing exchange.


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