McNeese Student-Athletes Embark on a Visit to Lake Charles Charter Academy


McNeese Student-Athletes Embark on a Visit to Lake Charles Charter Academy

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“Recently, a group of McNeese student-athletes paid a visit to the students of Lake Charles Charter Academy. During their visit, they read books that revolved around LCCA’s fundamental principles of Leadership, Character, Commitment, and Achievement, all the while engaging in lively discussions and answering questions from the children.”
“We were delighted to host the visit from McNeese athletes,” stated Kathie Istre, Principal of LCCA. “Our students were brimming with excitement as they met with the athletes, asking a multitude of questions about their experiences. The MSU athletes shared insights about the dual life of being a student-athlete in college and underscored the significance of education.”

“This collaboration holds significance as it aids our students in establishing ambitious aspirations and envisioning their future.”

“Student-athletes from McNeese representing football, basketball, softball, and track & field programs thoroughly enjoyed their interaction with children spanning from Pre-K to the fifth grade.

“It was truly rewarding to engage with these kids,” expressed McNeese quarterback Nate Glantz. “Being able to bring a smile to a child’s face and, hopefully, make a positive impact is what defines the essence of being a college student-athlete.”

“They left a lasting, positive impression,” stated Kayla Hebert, a third-grade teacher. “They infused a positive spirit into our learning environment, and the kids relished the opportunity to get to know them. Having a positive role model is of immense importance to our students. The teachers were appreciative of the maturity and the impact these athletes had within our school.”

Beyond reading books, the student-athletes addressed the children on topics like leadership, cultivating good habits, and the significance of being a team player.

“These are life lessons our kids can carry with them,” added Hebert.

“I’m extremely pleased that we were able to facilitate this and have our student-athletes contribute to our community in this manner,” voiced Heath Schroyer, McNeese Director of Athletics. “The children in our community are the future. Our athletic department remains committed to investing in both our future and community.

“From the very beginning, I’ve emphasized that our student-athletes and our department will embrace Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana, and this is yet another testament to that commitment. We’re just getting started.”

Schroyer took a moment to acknowledge the contributions of Megan Soileau, Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Services, LCCA Principal Kathie Istre, and third-grade teacher Kayla Hebert.

“These three women are dedicated educators who transformed this idea into reality.”


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