What are the responsibilities of an NFL running back?


What are the responsibilities of an NFL running back?

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DAZN Provides Insight into the Role of a Running Back in the NFL.

The position of running back (RB) is physically demanding, yet it plays a crucial role in the pursuit of greatness for an NFL team.

Running with the ball may appear as a simple skill, but a running back serves multiple purposes, requiring versatility from those who fill this role.

DAZN offers a comprehensive guide to understanding the various aspects of a running back’s role in an NFL team.

What Constitutes a Running Back in the NFL?

In the NFL, a running back is an offensive player capable of both running with the ball and receiving passes from the quarterback.

Depending on the play’s design and field position, a running back may also go by the names of halfback, tailback, or fullback.

What Are the Duties of a Running Back?

A running back’s responsibilities can fluctuate depending on the play’s design.

Passing Plays

During passing plays, a running back aims to position themselves for a pass from the quarterback. They may also serve as blockers to provide the quarterback with additional time to make a pass.

Running Plays

In running plays, the running back receives the ball from the quarterback via a handoff and endeavors to advance down the field, striving to gain as many yards as possible.





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