Travis Kelce unexpectedly appears in an 'SNL' sketch centered around Taylor Swift.


Travis Kelce unexpectedly appears in an ‘SNL’ sketch centered around Taylor Swift.

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The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce fervor has even reached Saturday Night Live,

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with NBC airing the first episode in five months following a hiatus due to the Writers Guild of America strike. The cast and writers took the opportunity to catch up

on recent events, and in the first sketch parodying “Fox NFL Sunday,” the crew of football commentators, including Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, and Howie Long, all revealed their inner Swiftie as they discussed the rumored relationship between Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce.Amidst lively banter about whether the two are dating or just friends, the parody sketch highlighted the excitement around the duo’s appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games, with nods to Swift’s interactions with Mama Kelce and Deadpool. The sketch humorously emphasized the significance of their meetups, with references to Swift’s songs adding to the amusement.

Even host Pete Davidson joined in the fun, portraying a sideline reporter at the Jets/Eagles game sporting a pink Swift cowboy hat, expressing his disappointment at Swift’s absence. However, when the show’s host, Curt Menefee, sought someone to discuss actual football instead of Taylor Swift, the spotlight turned to Kelce, who previously graced the “SNL” stage as a host back in February after securing his second Super Bowl victory

Did Kelce respond to the swirling rumors about his alleged connection with Swift? No, he simply made an appearance in the “SNL” studio and cheerfully agreed with Thompson’s desire to discuss football, replying with a casual “Yes, please!.

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Why are ‘SNL’ actors permitted to continue working during the SAG-AFTRA strike? Hollywood actors have been actively participating in the strike since the summer, yet performers like Davidson and the “SNL” cast are back on NBC. The reason lies in the intricacies of the contracts between the studios and the union. Essentially, the work carried out on “SNL” falls under a different contract from the one currently under strike. Thus, the “SNL” cast is obligated to resume work, previously hindered only by the WGA strike, which concluded this month.

In a statement, SAG-AFTRA clarified, “The program is a SAG-AFTRA non-dramatic production under a separate agreement that is not subject to the union’s strike order. The majority of our members who are regular cast on Saturday Night Live had contractual obligations to the show prior to the strike. Many are under option agreements that require them to return to the show if the producers exercise their option, which the producers have done.”

Negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the major studios came to an impasse last week, prolonging the strike with no clear resolution in sight.


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