Three-time Super Bowl champion applauds Deion Sanders' Buffs for their resilience after a challenging loss to No. 9 USC.


Three-time Super Bowl champion applauds Deion Sanders’ Buffs for their resilience after a challenging loss to No. 9 USC.

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Fans are captivated by Deion Sanders and his resilient Colorado Buffaloes, staging a remarkable second-half comeback against the USC Trojans in Week 5. What seemed like a potential blowout turned into the week’s most buzzworthy game.

Among these fans is a close friend of Coach Prime, a three-time Super Bowl champion who offered heartfelt praise for Sanders’ Buffs following their challenging loss to USC. This endorsement is bound to boost Colorado’s confidence as they prepare to face future opponents.

Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin had plenty to say about his friend Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes. Despite a narrow defeat in Week 5 against the No. 9 USC Trojans, Irvin observed significant growth in the team. He marveled at the transformation of these young players into men, particularly during the second half of the game at Folsom Field.

“I watched those guys for the last six quarters, those young men that went in and played against Oregon and then against USC,” Irvin commented. “I watched them step up in this big world where these are top 10 teams, and everybody doesn’t think you belong here. And for a matter of fact, for a while, I don’t think they thought they belonged there. For six quarters, they didn’t think they belonged there. That last half, they grew up. That Colorado team grew up.

Even Deion Sanders lauded his team’s performance on the field. Despite suffering their second consecutive loss, the Buffaloes appear to be on an upward trajectory.

The Prime Time comeback story unfolds further. Heading into Week 4, Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes knew they faced daunting tests against two top-10 teams. Following a lopsided defeat against the Oregon Ducks and a lackluster first half against the Trojans, it appeared that their Cinderella story had ended. However, the Buffs rallied from a 14-34 deficit to finish the game 41-48.

Remarkably, Colorado held the lead in the second half, 27-14, reigniting their Cinderella story. If Colorado secures victory against the Arizona State Sun Devils in their next game, the narrative of their growth will continue to unfold.


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