Super Bowl Champ Jeff Hostetler Supports Suicide Prevention


Super Bowl Champ Jeff Hostetler Supports Suicide Prevention

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Former NFL Star Jeff Hostetler Champions Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Jeff Hostetler, former NFL quarterback and West Virginia University Sports Hall of Fame inductee, recently discussed his mental health initiative on the Sports Spectrum Podcast.

Hostetler is the driving force behind the QB United initiative, a collective of NFL quarterbacks coming together to maximize their charitable impact and save lives.

In the podcast, Hostetler shared his appreciation for fellow NFL players, both on and off the field. He recognized the incredible talent and community work done by his peers and felt a calling to unite them for a greater cause.

The QB United initiative, according to Hostetler, aims to address critical issues affecting our nation and the world. After careful consideration, they chose suicide prevention as their cause due to the alarming frequency of suicide-related incidents in the news.

Statistics show that someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds, making it a devastating and urgent issue. QB United believes that by rallying together, they can make a meaningful impact and bring about positive change.

The QB United promotional video features prominent quarterbacks such as Dan Marino, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Dak Prescott, and many others. They encourage people to seek immediate help by calling 988 or visiting the QB United website to save lives.

The initiative has already reached over 100 million people with their #worldsuicidepreventionday video, emphasizing the message that everyone matters, and their lives are worth living.

Jeff Hostetler, known for his two-time Super Bowl champion status and his pivotal role in the New York Giants’ 1990 Super Bowl victory, is committed to using his platform to champion mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


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