Mike McCarthy Must Embrace Dak Prescott, Cowboys' True Identity


Mike McCarthy Must Embrace Dak Prescott, Cowboys’ True Identity

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Good NFL coaches adapt to their available talent. Failing coaches try to force a certain style of play because they previously experienced success with a specific approach.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, a Super Bowl winner, is now a born-again play-caller. He’s embraced a new direction after the team’s struggles, leading to the dismissal of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

Monday’s 20-17 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium provided a glimpse of what the Cowboys should be under McCarthy’s current leadership. It starts with letting quarterback Dak Prescott be a distributor.

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However, McCarthy had other plans dating back to the spring, openly stating his desire for a more run-oriented approach. The key is for McCarthy to understand and maximize the talent available.

The Cowboys don’t have an elite running game. Instead, they have two talented wide receivers and a franchise quarterback in Dak Prescott. In Monday’s game, Prescott connected well with CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks, demonstrating the potential of this offensive strategy.

Setbacks happen, and the Cowboys need to acknowledge their identity. They can win by riding Prescott’s arm, utilizing their skill positions, building early leads, and capitalizing on their defensive strength.

Credit by: bleacherreport.com

Despite some tough losses, the Cowboys are still in the hunt in the NFC East. Prescott’s accountability should be seen as a positive, and the team should focus on executing their strengths.




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