Cowboys' Wheelchair Team Earns Super Bowl Spot

North Texas Wheelchair Football Team Secures Super Bowl Eligibility

In a remarkable feat early in the NFL season, the Dallas Cowboys Wheelchair team, one of 11 squads in the USA Wheelchair Football League, clinched a spot in the upcoming Super Bowl. Comprising injured veterans and amputees, these athletes defy the limitations of their wheelchairs to excel on the football field.

Head coach Danny Peltier, who himself was born with a disability, emphasizes that the wheelchair does not define these players; rather, they transcend their disabilities through their determination and skill. Peltier, grateful for the opportunity to lead this team, acknowledges the personal significance of their journey.

The game itself mirrors traditional football with 7-on-7 matchups, complete with pads and helmets. Although tackling involves tagging above the waist to ensure safety, the intensity of the game sometimes results in players being knocked out of their chairs. Peltier describes it as a quintessential Texas football experience.

For the players, the sport offers more than just competition. It serves as a lifeline, particularly for those who have recently experienced life-changing injuries. It demonstrates that life is far from over after such events, ushering in a new chapter of determination and resilience.

During a recent tournament in Buffalo, NY, the Cowboys showcased their prowess by defeating all five opposing teams, including the reigning champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. This remarkable performance secured their spot in the Super Bowl, which will take place in February following the NFL’s Super Bowl.

The Dallas Cowboys Wheelchair team primarily receives sponsorship from RISE Adaptive Sports, enabling them to continue their inspirational journey in wheelchair football.


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