Travis Kelce's Surprise 'SNL' Cameo in Taylor Swift Sketch



Travis Kelce’s Surprise ‘SNL’ Cameo in Taylor Swift Sketch

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NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” returned after a five-month hiatus due to the Writers Guild of America strike, and it didn’t waste any time diving into pop culture. The main topic? Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s rumored connection, particularly their appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games.

In a hilarious parody of “Fox NFL Sunday,” the cast portrayed football commentators like Terry Bradshaw (played by Molly Kearney), Michael Strahan (Devon Walker), and Howie Long (Mikey Day), who all happen to be ardent Swift fans. They passionately debated whether Swift and Chiefs player Kelce were dating or just friends.

“She’s in the luxury box with Mama Kelce, sipping cocktails with Deadpool? It’s official,” exclaimed Kearney’s Bradshaw. “This is a way bigger deal than the Super Bowl! It’s very ‘Delicate,'” added Walker’s Strahan.

Host Pete Davidson made an appearance as a sideline reporter at a Jets/Eagles game, donning a pink Swift cowboy hat and expressing disappointment that the pop superstar didn’t attend the game.

When Kenan Thompson’s character, host Curt Menefee, attempted to steer the conversation back to football, the camera cut to Kelce, who had previously hosted “SNL” in February after winning his second Super Bowl. Did Kelce address the rumors about him and Swift? Nope, he simply appeared in the “SNL” studio and enthusiastically agreed to talk about football.

But why were “SNL” actors working amid the SAG-AFTRA strike that had affected Hollywood actors for months? The answer lies in the intricate details of the contracts between the studios and the union. “SNL” operates under a separate agreement, making it exempt from the union’s strike order. Most of the regular cast members had contractual obligations to the show prior to the strike and were bound to return once the producers exercised their option, which they did.

Negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and major studios had reached an impasse, leaving the strike with no clear resolution in sight.


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